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1957 Postcard from Dad - family is in South Dakota. I was staying at the farm.
1959 Billy, Paul, Chris, Angie, Jerry, Janice and I played army. Mama took us to McDonald's. I listened to WDGY.
1961 High = 71°F. Su - Steve and I continued our 5000 rummy game. Drew portraits of Twins players Bill Tuttle (OF), Earl Battey (C) and Zoilo Versalles (SS). Danny Hughes moved today. Chris and John W wasted no time making friends with the 3 blonde girls that moved in.
1962 M - High = 87°F. Watched Ben Casey, Pete and Gladys and "The Lucy-Desi Hour".
1968 We (Honeywell Records) lose to Lou's team 11 - 4.
1969 Went to State Fair with Gail. I got up enough courage to go onto the double ferris wheel. We hit the livestock and sat in on a sheep contest. Saw Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis and Porter Wagoner [ed - with unknown Dolly Parton] at Grand Stand Show. It was great, but the best part was just sitting on a bench talking to Gail. We hit it off big time. Couldn't sleep so I wrote her an 8 page letter explaining that I thought that loved her, but since she was engaged to my best friend Steve, and I was leaving the country in six weeks, I thought it best to not see her again. [ed. - see 29th].
1970 At tea we gave Arthur some pictures and Lusi an engagement present. I worked on the library. Meri brought a mat that she had woven - not fancy and I am sure that I over paid her for it. Gail sent an engagement first anniversary card.
1972 Whites in evening to plan NZ trip and play bridge. Ran into Sigston who was on patrol looking for thieves who stole from the NZ group staying at the school.
1974 Gave David his first bath.
1975 Up at 5:45AM. Alarm didn't go off at 4AM so Gail missed ride to Moorehead. Tried to play tennis in wind. Brought Gail to Madison for the 8:30PM bus for Moorehead. Watched Bill Cosby host Tonight Show (Diller).
1978 Su - Sanders came over for a coffee. Mike took a dressor apart and will sand it down for us. Gail made a paddleball set. Took a movie of the kids trying to play with it.
1979 M - Heasleys over and we made up phony QVS letter for him to use in job seeking. He is an orderly at Middlemore and starts a cleaning job tonight.
1980 W - Banking and put Kiwi card in for copying (50 for $4.63) at Scenic Hills Shopping Center.
1981 Th - Kelley called with a problem Kirstin had from school: 1,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,4... what is the millionth term (ans: 1414). Finished reading Wit and Wisdom of Archie Bunker. Watched Twins beat Tigers 4 - 3, scoring all runs in 9th (2 walks, 2 errors, 1 hit and player called safe at home in collision in which catcher DIDN'T drop the ball).
1982 F - Took 71 down to Sebeka where we went around historic society museum in an old school house. Picnic at Sauk Lake in Sauk Center. Tramped around Sibley State Park, north of Willmar Saw many frogs, grasshoppers, dragonflies and a skink. Stopped at Happy Chef and at Mom's for coffee and met Bob Holmberg. Margie called and was upset that we didn't visit. I told her exactly why - she hadn't replied. Rollie brought our mail over.
Sibley SP

1983 Sa - Dieffenbachs over for a barbeque. Paul and I took shots while cooking. Had German chocolate ice cream. Zipped over to Cottage View Drive-in and saw "Stripes" and "Easy Money".
1984 M - NZ - I begin my interviews - Letter to Gail.
1985 T - Richard Veber of Powercorp solved the FW-printer problem and restored my faith in the product. Brought "hot peas" in for Prasad and Uday to try - they loved them and told me to put lime juice on. Decided to name the dogs, with Ian's help, Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabbie) and Asti Spumante (Monty). Popcorn [ed. - an imported treat back then] and slides. $42 bill from Doug so I called and gave poor Trish an earful. Weasel (David's mouse) escaped during the night.
1987 John Bucham from Ashton-Tate stopped in with some software. Carole Johnston came for DW4 training. Varney stopped in with Philip Walters and it was crowded in that little room. I was about ready to crack. Tried to sit in on team briefing, but had to keep going back to help Carole. Had a heartsob conversation with Leo Rolfe who needs big help. Spent afternoon installing XT-22 for Annette.Stayed until 8:30PM.
1988 David and I helped Mrs Thomas repair the fence with two new posts that were put in rather shallow. Watched Taxi and Lost in Space. Letter to Woody with payment for 3.5" disks [ed. - normally $5-6 each, he sold his Vanuatu ones for $3.90 each]. Letter from mom who has had skin cancer removed from thigh.
1989 Did Mt William the hard way with the Whites. Tackled it from Irish Road on the south side. After an hour we stopped at the scenic reserve for lunch. Then up a bit for to get photos. Couldn't go to the trig as it was lambing season. Gail had stayed home and had coffee and muffins waiting for us.
1990 Went with Dick to VA hospital to get his records. Ran into Motormouth Synder who told me about his escape from German prison camps and his gold prospecting in the mountains. Got 50 pounds of cracked corn for quail. Stopped at his favorite watering hole, "The Hut", met the barmaid, Deanna, and Big Wally. Dick had a beer and I had a Wild Turkey. Tac was there having a coffee. Had a B&G Nectarosé with hot dogs for lunch (video). Gail and I went for a walk along the highway. Angi called - she's been laid off.
1991 No rain for 37 days. Bradley wandered over - Ne would hit me in the stomache and I would spit out an orange seed at him. Walked with Gail and we ran into Mary Benson (back from 16 weeks in England). Played "Dukes of Hazard" card game. Dad sent a card to Ne and a photo of Bernie in Bechyn. Watched Emmies.
1993 Hobson's and ran into Johnny Taylor. He is sponsored by a healthfood company and has been to France to run and came 2nd in Denver 50 miles race. Ronda's for TP.
1994 Gail and I walked to Video EZY (attached to Mobil station) and opened an account and got a Goofy video. Doug called and told us that David has a tumor in his head.
1995 Watched David "The Terminator" Tua" knock down a Mexican whale.
1997 W - Day 51 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 Th - Bought a vacuum cleaner at Gary Pye's 100% Electrics. While trying to setup profiles for Transistion workstation I brought the network down. Krassi couldn't help me over the phone, so I went home at 6PM. Home to find side door's lock broken again, pin keeps falling out, so I put a cotter pin in to it. Doug over for Music Mania.
1999 F - Audrey's where I installed software until 5PM. Ran into Steve Harris at Papakura Warehouse and he was embarrassed about it. TP at Ann's.
2001 Brundell stopped in with meat pies for a couple hour visit. Chris called to tell me that he is converting his videos to CD. Gray's and inventoried the computer for Dianne. Watched the Warriors build a big 1st half lead and then just hold on for a 24-24 result against Melbourne Storm. So they made the semi-finals for the first time.
2002 Up at 9AM to make the flight to Phoenix, the shuttle to Prescott and a taxi to Joyce's (she was at Mayo). email from Emery back from skiing and one from Judy who benefited greatly from the Bechyn festival - family tree-wise.
2003 Letter and photos from Air Berlin stewardess Veronica. Helen's (had to show off her Hawaiian tan) for 4 hours mucking around on the computer - had to remove a dialer. Home with a bag of kiwifruit. Set up DVD player and tested it with Space Balls.
2004 Postcard from Titania in Sydney. Bought a possum trap in Pukekohe and then onto Helen's to copy CDs. Went to TP alone and only Irene showed up at Emery's. Watched 50 First Dates and loved it (Hawaii!). postcard
2005 Gail and I went to Brundell's where we were joined by Ian and Susi for a tour of the property (with the cats). Michael, from Forenza, joined us (all perfumed up - so I had to stuff my nostrils with tp) for supper and viewing of David's photos from So Africa and Italy trip. Last minute win by the Warriors over Manly in Stacey's last game (heading off to play in France).
2006 Went to last home game and the Warriors won 42 - 16 over Roosters. Jerome Ropati was all over the place - offensively/defensively. Did a quick once over on printer for Ann.
2007 Sandspit to get the silver Echo (turned out that Gail actually thought that she had driven the blue Charade as my note reminded her) so I could bring it to Toyota in Pukekohe for a WOF. Ran into Ida and Frank. Oxenham's computer doesn't start so I brought it home.
2009 Th - Watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2010 F - Papakura extra early, as Russell was worried about traffic to the stadium. Got there at 5PM and then waited 35 minutes to be let in (game rescheduled but we didn't know). Guard wouldn't let me bring in my opened water bottle. Under 20's rolled over Broncos 42 - 12 in a physical game. Then the big boys played almost perfect footie to win 36 - 4 and are now assured of final 8 finish. Found out the lady who sits next to Russell is "Alice" (knew her hubby is Bruce). Postcard from Steph.
2011 Sa - District nurse changed my dressing. Russell called.
2012 M - Moved last batch of stones. Dominion. Watched Knight and Day.
2013 T - Yardwork here and at 3B where I replaced the rusty strip wall lights in spare bedroom. SpecSavers to have right lens checked by Tarryn. Skunked. Gail: I fixed the washing machine", Me:"What was wrong?", Gail: "When I put the dishes in..." Dominion. Finished reading Pundemonium. skunk
2014 W - Lost Pixiepit game to Anna 316-326. Kwangchow with Ne for a meal with an excellent Stoneleigh '13 Pinot Noir and an equally complex Mills Reef '12 Merlot-Cab. Had to ask what a salad had - turned out to be center of broccoli stems. Back to our place for a game of Carcassonne.
2015 Th - Bunnings to get a bit for Gail's screws (raised garden project). Mount library - 2 in - 2 out. Groceries at New World where I got a Little Kitchen pineapple. Papamoa to bank where Annette upgraded our savings account and I admired Annette's fernlike ring. Warehouse was a bust. Exchanged emails with aphantasic David.
2016 Sa - Rush for last minute decision to race today. I was lousy (my eyes) finished near last each race. Gail made us chili. Watched Double Jeopardy.
2017 Su - Easy drive to Russell's - last time to the Papakura house (concrete base poured at TeK). Missed the first game. Final home game and it was a better effort albeit "another could of - should of" against Manly. Russell pissed off that young Ata Hingano kicked the ball over the end line (strong wind at his back). $2 Westie Pies for pass holders. A car crashed into side in the Kaimai's knocking down a lot of dirt and scrub. Two fire engines, an ambulance and the police heading to it as I headed home. Photos from Jim F (Pat off food and liquid). Watched The Reader.
2018 M - Up at 11:40AM. Finished reading Hope To Die. Only a little outside work when Ne showed up. I brought Kizzie over to meet Heather and in turn met her cousin, Colleen from Te Puke. We played Fresco. Finished prepping the Yaris.
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