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1959 Painted the fenders white and the body red of my old bike. Mama brought us to see "Don't Give Up the Ship".
1960 Let Squeaky outside for awhile, but he just wanted to crawl over me. Signe, Lynn, Angie, Bill, Chris, Kincy and I played on the Video Village game that I had made. Kincy and I sent flashlight messages at his place.
1961 High = 80°F. Grandpa, Chris and I hauled in hay from roadside. We built a fort by the treehouse complete with walls and a stone floor. Left farm at 4PM, got darts and comics in Redwood Falls and stopped at Jeanie's on the way home. She wasn't home but we bumped into her at a store and we had a Coke®. Home and went to McDonald's.
1962 F - Chris and I at the farm. Postcard from mom.
1963 Sa - Bill and I up at 9:30AM, played canasta and had breakfast. Club meeting. Kincy's to play his baseball game. I hung out with Signe who was babysitting at Breths.
1967 Lost 98¢ playing poker.
1968 Chris and I went putt-putting.
1970 Last day of teaching this term. We had a rehearsal at the school foyer.
1971 Jesoni won a camera in a raffle. Eric shifted all his gear from staff room into the new Biology lab. Postcards from Kelera and from Bonnie. postcard
1972 Emosi and Tuateira helped me with book collection. Worked in library until noon. House meeting at 2PM. I made a little speech, the boys gave Jemesa a gift. He in turn gave them Readers Digests. Staff farewelled Jemesa with a barbecue at Murphy's. I did the cooking. After chow we had a free-for-all billiard game.
1973 Brought wingtips in to be re-heeled. Everest's to buy scarves for the grandmas.
1974 Three and a half hour practice. When I got home Kathy and Trish were visiting. Trish brought Gail to play squash. Taped Radio i's party night show with Rick Melbin.
1975 Dropped David off at Mom's and went to the State Fair with Chris. Gail and I went on the double ferris wheel. Looked at cows and horses. Mexican Village, 4H, arcade and bandstand. Bought a Polish cookbook and cowboy boots for Te. Chris won a red stuffed bull at a squirtgun sideshow and gave it to David. Reached Dawson at 9PM. (see photos)
1976 Heather McGhie returned our Sears catalog and brought along her parents, the Murphys, out from England. Bussed to Foodtown where Dwayne got Te a bread and butter sandwich and water from the staff canteen. Taxi back. Put Womble mobile together. Aldies came by to look at latest batch of slides. Doug went off to squash.
1977 Papakura Town and Country Day. Bought a thermos, a jerry jug, 2 pillows and 5 albums. Chatted with Leighton Clark, Vernon Smith and Peter Bixley.
1978 Th - Gail and kids went to Kirk's Bush with play group. Finished reading Yes I Can by Sammy Davis Jr.
1979 F - Ne got 3 good ones on her bottom for cutting her hair. Put up a Tarzan rope for David (video). Bensons' for a meal and slot cars (which their boys are crazy about).
1980 Su - Mass at St Pascals, in basement, very informal, much singing, new readings. Dick and Joyce visited.
1981 M - Discovered Kelley's series are geometric and can be reduced so I spent 3 hours working out a formula for each case. Ne excited about delivering her birthday invitations. Watched Twins beat Yankees 3 - 2 on Hrbek's walkoff homer in his first major league game.
1982 T - Did Itasca State Park guided tour with about 20 others. Viewed an abandoned saw mill (1900). Told about the Quaking Aspen (Popple) once used for newsprint now run into a large "pencil sharpener" to make particle board. David brought back a bunch of jack pine cones to see if they pop when heated. Guide showed us a field of pansies, which when dried are used for model railway "trees". We found and crossed the Mississippi River headwaters. Wandered through Indian burial mounds. Had lunch on the lake and then did the museum and an old cabin which had been a store and post office. Drove around the whole park to get to the fire watch tower. On the way we stopped to look at the biggest white pine (112') and red pine (120' - 300 years old 37" diameter). Ne and I climbed to the top of the 100' tower. Was windy up there and I had to hang onto Ne. My legs cramped on me and it was a very slow walk back to the car a mile away. Gail and Te rowed out to fish. Ne played with Amber and Keri who live at the resort. Kids tried swimming but lake too cold.

1983 W - Kaui Gardens for Bernie and Fran's farewell meal. Rode back with Al who was hotrodding and blaring his new speakers. Mgmt Statements want a program with balance controls to compare stat and acct records. Te and I got our new passports. Jim Labine bought our rusted out '68 Ford LTD for $50.
1985 Sa - Reg Briggs showed us 62 Beach Road, which we thought might be the next place for us. Steve Karl over to play with David. Kids and I picked Ian up at airport. Brought along a boom box that I'll buy for David.
1988 Blair Hogg, John Dowling and I were to set up a structure for evaluating hardware and software. Blair just preached multi-tasking and I let him have it.
John D
1990 Towns brought us on a tour of Prescott: VA hospital, Thumb Butte picnic area and Goldwater Lake (video). Got flight tickets to Mpls ($960) at Prescott Travel Agency. Bought Southern Comfort Crystal (orange flavor) and a Lotto ticket. Played Pass Rummy (video). Had orange roughie for supper. Paper reports mold count - aspergillus = 29.
Thumb Butte
1991 Brought Ne to final netball game - they lost 30 - 9 to St Mary's as they only had 5 girls. Gail and I walked and ran into Todds who now have a Japanese girl staying with them.
1992 Ian brought Steven over and David and I brought him to Auckland University. He showed us around. We sat in on talks for Maths, Physics and Computer Science. Went to McDonald's for lunch and I got the Penguin Umbrella car. Checked out the Enchanted Forest at 246. Long stint in the uni bookstore. We watched karate and fencing in the gym.
1993 School holidays - afternoon jazzing up the staff room computers. Got locked in and alarm went off when I moved.
1995 Jack Gillan brought me to his place. I was explaining the computer and DOS to him and Andrew when the A: drive stopped working. Whites for supper and looked at Ian's movies and slides with Domo.
1996 Sa - Got a battery for the van and the fellow was able to figure out why car boot light doesn't go out - security button not being depressed fully. Dale and Roy stopped in.
1997 Su - Day 48 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1999 T - Sandspit: couple hours scandisking Rm 12. My new 450MHz 17" monitor computer arrived. Win 98 crashing.
2000 Th - Couple hours at Berthe's setting up Hotmail. She gave me a pack Speculaasje cookies. Doug over with pakoras that Trish made. Played RnR Scattergories.
2001 Daphne picked me up and I managed to fix her computer enough so that she could use it. When she brought me home, found Ann and Christopher here. New World - ran into Berthe there (back from Taranaki). Picked up fish 'n chips. TP at our place. Julian, Marcel and Chris played a skateboard game on David's computer while we played.
2002 Packed and waited for Chris and Celia to pick me up and bring me to Rhonda's to meet Tony, the girls Sam, Syd and Emily; Mary's mother, Alice, and to say goodbye to Howard and Mary. Mom's for a spaghetti supper and look see at photos. Watched a spaghetti western, Once Upon a Time in the West.
2003 Brundell called because he got 50 spams. Warriors game. Chris in his XXO Dickey shorts with a Adidas belt to match in size. Watched the games before the do-or-die match against Brisbane. Hohaia stretchered off in 2nd minute, a couple players sin binned and yet it was 4-4 at half. Played with extreme intensity and behind a brilliant Webb they won 22-14. Stopped in to see Trish. Admired her lawn trimming along drive. If you move slowly and don't look him in the eye Taz won't attack. Home to find Ne's birthday gift - a George Foreman grill.
2004 Over to Bell's to try to update AVG. Met the grandchildren, Nikita, Blake and Troy.
2005 WFSN where Tina and I went over data contents of her computer. Brundell's for a couple hours of more mayhem. email from Jim who is going hiking with Schiffer tomorrow.
2006 Skunked Gail. Subway (now in Waiuku) for supper.
2007 Chat with Helen, back from Hawaii. TP at Paul's with Ian. Paul served up an average Rothbury '06 CabSav Shiraz. Irene has an eye problem that causes stars on peripheral.
2010 T - Heather Misa's (Misici) for a lesson with her grandson, Garian, joining in. Wrights to let Helen tell me about her upcoming masectomy (plastic surgeon, Ashwen, apparently isn't fat) give David Old Hat New Hat, and then watch John have his blood pressure tested - you know the usual. Came away with a large tub of honey. Ian came over and we tackled level 1 in the Big Box Alhambra game.
2011 W - Not much - record urine amount before emptying the bag every two hours. Mostly I just read until Gail arrived with card and letter from Trish. Won cribbage game. Frank said that I was the best patient he had ever had. We had many good chats covering a variety of subjects.
2012 F - Pete and Audrey (Hamilton) brought Simon and Fran for a four hour visit. Saw videos of Chris' family and heard about Julie's struggles with her jobs and renting from the two while Simon tried to arm wrestle Fran into giving him a chance to speak. email from Anare with a photo of him and a few QVS boys. Alhambra (with bazaars) and homemade pizza.
2013 Sa - email from Kelley who has prostate cancer so I replied. Petanque with Ash and David. Dominion. Watched The Great Dan Patch.
2014 Su - Skunked Gail. Had the first guava from tree. Couple games of TTR-Marklin at Ne's. Watched Rooster demolish the Warriors. skunk
2015 M - Pruned. Lewis & Clark then Kingdom Builder.
2016 W - Lost cribbage game. Watched American Crime. Watched Castaways on Gilligan's Island.
2017 Th - Composted mandarin and weeded under guava. Crashed for a couple hours. Watched Wanted.
2018 F - Up at 11AM. Weeded and did under the clothesline. Warriors with Russell who bought me a steak and cheese sandwich which I couldn't eat. Peter at All Blacks game, so he missed a great game with "the boys" beating 4th place Panthers 36 - 16 (highlights). Home at 1AM (1hr52min). Watched Krypton.
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