Minnesota State Fair
My earliest memories of the State Fair were when I was very young. I was taken there by my Uncle Ralph and we would watch the dirt track car races and then leave. If I was lucky we would go into a sideshow and see the amazing freaks of nature. I don't remember doing any rides, but I can still hear the sound of the cars and if the track was muddy, the clunks of dirt that were shot into the crowd as the cars went past.
Sept 2, 1961 with Newstroms - Details
Aug 31, 1964 with Kincy, Chris and Laurie
Sept 2, 1964 with Kincy, Terri and Debbie Jamieson - Tunnel of Love wasn't
Sept 4, 1966 with Night Owls - Tunnel of Love wasn't
Aug 27, 1969 with Gail - Ran into Terri and date
Aug 24, 1975 with Gail and Chris (photos below)
Aug 26, 1980 with family - Details
Aug 31, 1982 kids, mom and Chris - Details
Aug 23, 1997 with mom, Bob, Angi and Chris (photos below)
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Aug 24, 1975 with Chris and Gail

Gail and Chris


from double

ferris wheel

Chris in action
The Prize
Tues Aug 26, 1980
Went through an old train with history of fair displays. Listened to Blue Rock (band has a girl fiddler) with an audience of mostly farmers who tittered when they sang "Son of a Bitch". Interesting craft booths - wheat weaving. Beautiful oak furniture stall, Carter coins. Walked around The Midway and decided to do the Fun House ($4.80) which was tame, but the kids liked it. David tried his skill at "drag a line" and he got a coin purse. Rain reduced our choices of kiddie rides - they did get onto a car ride. Food house where we tried: Mandu wanton (like an egg roll), Indian fry bread, Folalfel, Egyptian pocket bread. 4H displays, Audubon, David didn't want to leave the model train displays. Childrens Farmyard had chicks on a ferris wheel. Finished off looking at cows, pigs, and horses.
Sat Aug 24, 1997 - 80°F
Took a bus, where our first stop was to get a foot long hotdog for Chris. Then we went to the Poultry building so mom could admire the chickens. We split up and gathered again at noon at the Beer Garden. Went to the Grandstand to look at the fine arts. Bought a copper raccoon for mom and collage magnets. Gail and I did the double ferris wheel for old times sake and a hockey pirates spook ride, just for fun. Pronto pups, chili dogs, chocolate cream puffs. Bought a ring for Ne. Poor mom injured her foot and it was a big drama getting her to the bus at 3PM.