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1959 Billy and I went bike riding. Kincy, Dan and I followed Signe and Debbie to the Hub where I got Chris a bow and arrow set. Dan, Signe, Bill, Deb, Terri, Rene and I played "cops and robbers". Danny and I wouldn't let the girls into Signe's house. Deb, Nancy, Judy and I went to the park. Signe, Dan, Angi and I played "Blind Man's Bluff"
1960 Farm - Gary and I looked for gophers. Walked to North Redwood to get supplies at the small general store - several cars stopped to offer a ride, as it was strange to see someone walking. Set up camp across the road, chopped firewood. Grandma and grandpa came to see the site. We cooked supper. They came again - Grandma worried about us staying out overnight.
1961 High = 93°F. Darts with Jerry and Steve. Jr High with Kincy and Steve. Girls were bothering us. Steve Rogers came over. Signe thought the note we left her was from Steve, so now he is the hot one and the girls are after him. I wrote another note to her and he wrote one to Debbie and Angi got it. She went to Sig's and read all the notes. We got caught by the Roeds when we were saying good night to Signe. [ed. - talking to her through her window].
1962 F - High = 63°F. Billy, Kincy and I sleep out in the treehouse.
1963 Worked the Twins - Chisox game and made $7.50. Met Mr Thomas there. Went to Richfield for our club meeting. Bought 4 Seasons Sherry and 11 Others album.
1964 Bought Baldie Stomp by Deacons for 77¢ [ed. - worth $40]. Kincy and I brought Chris and Lori to the State Fair.
1966 Kincy and I played catch at Lake Nokomis then whiffle ball with Bill at Kin's. Went over to talk to Steve about a club reunion. Back to Daniels' to play pool and I ripped the table covering with one of my more spectacular shots.
1968 Signe and I (aka "the Odd Couple"?) saw the real The Odd Couple.
1969 Picnic at LeRoy's, where we have a massive croquet tournament.
1970 Eric's to organize the camping (boys who didn't go home for the term break are going to Nukulau Island). Some boys were there making spears for fishing. Dining hall for supper with Palmerston North teacher trainees touring NZ under a geography scheme. It was a lovely curry feed complete with roti that Mrs Naidu brought. Healsey and one girl argued about the superiority of NI vs SI. When I finally put in my few words, she said: "Hey, you're from a big island east of here". I, of course, said: "Yes, Western Samoa".
1971 Listened to Dragon Boys [ed. - from the Dragon Night Club] play at Sukuna Park. Hoffsis and I visited Bob Piper at USP to hear about his New Zealand and Australian trips. Pete might be teaching English in Japan. Supper at the LaTropicale (formerly the Himilaya). Very high prices for a traditional Hindi meal. We were the only ones there.
1973 Billiards, reading, cribbage and garden. Painted a Santa Claus. Vernon Smith, Nelson, Michael Rollo and I took on Protectors and the four of us won 49 - 44. I had 12 points and Sopar had 19.
1974 Letter from Woody and Kelera in Domincan Replublic where they are very frustrated. Over to Breeze's for instructions on feeding Kelti - rode their bike back. Watched TV (using Breeze's while they are away). Stenciled the front of the Roadrunner uniforms. Hear Te cry.
1975 Solved the fly problem at Hartmann's - getting through a combination window. Long drive to Dawson. Stopped at Fergus Falls for lunch.
1977 Helped Gil Epps put collapsing shelves in. Took some shots and talked to Brian Bullen. Lost championship basketball game 9-21 to Lancers. I was kicked twice which hobbled me and then karate chopped on my right forearm that caused a muscle to bulge and forced me out of the game. And the referees never called a foul.
1978 Finished Pocket Playboy 3. Visited Jim and Barbara Jenkins (one of them had worked with Gail) and their son James. Mrs Thorsing showed me my picture in the Counties Sport paper. Synnott, George and Karen brought me the gym keys and told me that Beckingsale had a heart attack. Gil (school handyman), Doug Reimer and I put up more speakers on the buildings. Kathy over for a cuppa. Took Be for a walk. Called Robyn B to pass on my wishes.
1979 F - Bob and Carolyn visited (had a Lincoln Rosata with them). Gail brought car in and they said there was engine oil in the clutch and brake fluid. Replaced the whole clutch for $156. I blamed them when they had previously worked on the car, but no proof.
1980 Su - Mom called to say that Angi and some guy named Jody were married last night and that they were flying to Syracuse, NY. So we drove to the airport at 10AM to farewell them (photo). Very strange. Chris and Mom were at the ceremony. Didn't even know that Jody existed. Went to mom's. Jeanie called there as they were in St Louis Park visiting Eloy's sister. Took the kids to White Castle and Circus. David loves pinball machines. Back to Mom's. Put Jody's storage boxes into the garage attic. He is storing his convertible on mom's driveway. Stopped at Eloise Butler to get spring water on way home.
1981 M - Chris and Mom brought the kids to State Fair. David went up but wouldn't go down the giant slide. Ne did - and went head first into a pillow at the bottom. She fell in Bavarian House and walked into a wall in the House of Mirrors. She got upset with Chris laughing at her. They ate supper with us.
1983 W - Finished management code testing and had Bob Spear check it out. Finished Dark December.
1984 F - Interviewed at New Zealand Steel and met Wayne Van Diepen who is an accountant there - Letter to Gail.
1985 Sa - Ian, Murray kids and I went to town. David bought marbles and Ne bought a ring (that broke when we got home). Ian got Super-balls, marbles and clickers. Murray went to a pub to watch rugby. Mitchells with a big Jimmy and a little Stuart (who was news to me) and the Breezes came by for a very enjoyable evening fueled by a very sweet Montana sautern and an OK Rototuna Kiwifruit wine. Kids, Chris and Stuart spent evening at the computer. Mitchells left early to pick Trefina up at the airport. Many good stories. Boats: Bill Birch tossing out anchor, going down with it then back up immediately. Electrical storms at sea and in mountains. Ian and Murray getting lost in a mangrove swamp. How Hargrove swam back to school leaving Murray and Peter to find that they couldn't get the boat started. Murray gave us a large batik cloth.
1986 Su - Wholesale Tree Co. - got a lime tree, ground cover and hedging. Watched "Omen II" while doing budget.
1987 Norm and I stayed on until 8PM trying to solve DW4/LJII problems. Birthday card for Ne from dad along with a letter filled with a history of all the jobs he had, army days.
1988 Aldies over for a couple hours.
1990 Southdale and the new look ultra-sleek Dayton's. Bought a seersucker baby blue suit at Juster's for $99 [ed. - Gail found them on sale in Phoenix for $10]. Bought the latest revision of Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows. Picked up the kids from Swansons (they had stayed up all night) and went to Lesser's. Looked over their yard and big garden (video). Shot out to the dome with Tom where we watched the Twins lose 6 - 11 to Tigers in what turned out to be a great game with lots of action (scorebook). Visited until midnight.

1991 Called Joyce to organize her operation and my flying over. Whites dropped off a computer on way to airport picking up Douglas and Angela. They came back in the evening for slides. Gordon Spragg lent me a VCR that plays US tapes. Met Julie S's daughter. Ne babysat for the Chapmans.
1992 Walked along Pahurehure Inlet and Prince Edward Park with Whites, Billy, Ponky and Mario. Discovered a lagoon with ducks and ducklings. Home for Belgium Grand Prix. David won. I came in 4th by playing too cautiously. Tracy stayed behind.
1993 Gail and I went to K-Mart to get a jacket for Ne. David was hired by Georgie Pie and had to go into work for the first time. He was unhappy about it and Ne was upset that she didn't get the job. Invite to Gary Kosak's wedding. Gail and I walked to the P.O. box and it was a struggle with my bum knee. Whites over for Mexican and slides. David home at 7:45PM in his uniform (he cleaned tables and trays). Whites left Tracy and took Matthew.
1994 Ran into Dave Hawkins, Papakura's mayor, at New World. Hadn't seen him since he left Rosehill in 1979. Gail and I brought a use-once camera for David. Doug who is non-stop crying; he needed a big hug. I went for a walk, cribbage and I made pork chops for supper.
1995 Up until 4AM with chest pain. David and I brought Civic to AA. Agreed to buy it if two tires replaced. Bought a cordless phone for Ne. Whites for supper. Just as we arrived Doug called to say that he had blown his engine on the motorway. Then just as Ian and I were going to leave to tow it he called and said a friend, Steve, would do it. [ed. - there was a police check on Beach Rd which they ran while Steve was arguing with the cop. Doug and Vance put the vehicles up our driveway]. Neli and kids, Pele and Faruk came by for grog and I joined in. But most of the time was spent drinking a dry St Aubyns bubbly and talking to Woody who is thinking about moving to NZ.


1996 Sa - Saw Dr Harris - cholesterol. Made an ACC claim for my elbow pains (mouse clicking). Bought a random orbital sander at Benchmark. Brought a load to Aldies and got stuck in the soggy paddock, so Doug had to push me out.
1997 Su - Day 55 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 M - Blasted roof, planted braeburn and removed a privet from pool fence. Whites over for German Grand Prix.
1999 T - Called Titania to see if she would tutor Doug's cousin's daughter in French. She is a waitress in a gay restaurant.
2000 Th - Couple hours with Berthe. Doug over for RnR TP and stayed the night.
2001 Daphne's to see the tapa dress she has made for wearable art competition and to spend 4 hours on her computer. Emery's to show Chris what he could do with sounds he records. Irene's for TP. Helped Andres (in Bolivia) with a sound card problem via chat.
2002 Went to Yarnell, AZ on 89 driving past the charred forest remains from the Indian Creek Fire of May. Went to the Shrine of St. Joseph of the Mountains that includes the the Stations of the Cross along a path that climbs up through granite boulders see photos. Joyce made the whole circuit with just a few stops. We then had lunch at the Buzzard's Roost Cafe, that cooks the meat in a giant smoker on the roadside. The bbq pork sandwich I had was delicious. Ne had a Souix City Sarsparilla to go with her chicken breast. Bit of a worry because car window wouldn't go up, so Joyce stayed under the fine mist sprayers outside the cafe to guard the car while Ne and I hit a couple antique stores. Monica's is a restored gas station, smallish and filled with Betty Boop items and Lonesome Dove which was more traditional. Cafe had clear bags filled with water pinned to the front wall - apparently they frighten flies away. Let Ne drive back until we got close to Prescott. Skunked Ne at cribbage and then we went for a stroll in Watson Woods as the sun set.

2004 Inventoried Papakura Art Gallery's new computer. Watched Kill Bill - I loved it. Trapped us a possum.
2005 Made up home page for Worriers. Brundell's for the afternoon and we had PSP lesson.
2007 email from Julie Ancel and one from Loruama, who apologizes for QVS days. Brundell and crew in Franklin paper. Brundell's for a couple hours of processing email returns. Skunked.
2008 email from David with pics from Houston. Listened to the Twins 6 - Seattle 5. Watched the Warriors game that I didn't attend (42 - 20 over Panthers).
2009 M - email from Signe who is having a knee replaced. Gail skunked me. Postcard from Stephanie. We watched The Mentalist. postcard
2010 T - Ian had to come over as soon as he got out of school to play Alhambra (level 1). Ne kind of babysat Bradley except that the parents were home?
2011 W - Ian over for Dominion. Set up first Trade Me auction for our big tent.
2012 F - Jenny, Countdown checkout, didn't believe I was old enough to have a SuperGold card. Over to Ngarimu with ladder to check insulation. Shirley came over and we made an offer for Ngarimu. Watched "Would I Lie To You?".
2013 Sa - Finished reading American Pop. Couple games of petanque with David and Ash. Picked up 5 books from the library. Very close game of Plethora. Watched Sugartown. email from Ian about THE STORY OF GOD by Robert Winston.
2014 Su - Called Dad - just a short talk as his new phone is difficult to hold. Watched the Warriors steamroll the Titans 42 - 0 (highlights).
2015 M - Up at 7:30AM. email to Laure. She replied with photos of the kids. Ne over for Bora Bora and KB. Bath. Watched Blondie Goes to College.
2016 95 minute walk. Won the cribbage game. Watched Cleverman.
2017 Th - Walked (1 hr) to surgery for a B12 ($5). Onehunga weed everywhere. Replaced the outdoor bulb which meant destroying the unit and putting in a temporary thing until I can find the right part. Planted the Delta Orange. Lots of emails about setting up teams for Formula D.
2018 F - Took the Jazz for its first road test and it was beautiful. Russell and I lucked out with rain stopping as we went into Mt Smart stadium. Big game - had to win for a chance of a home finals. They did beat Canterbury 20 - 16 (highlights. Was Simon Mannering's 300th game and since he is retiring there was a send off after the game. Somehow more Peter's Peoples got in than there were seats, so he abdicated his and went to his office. Fog all the way home slowed me down and a crash north of Waharoa had me detour through Walton. Got home at 1:48AM.
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