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1959 Su - After Mass we went to the church fair - Angie and Chris went on the rides and I watched a softball game. They got Axel's photo and I got his autograph. Played baseball with Angi, Chris and Jerry. Mama got a new car [ed. - a '53 Pontiac Chieftan flat 8]. We went to see "Say One For Me".
1960 Billy and I fixed up his garage for Angie, Karen, Joan, Janice, Chris and Carol's show. I did the Golden & Hughes "An Easy Job on the Farm" vaudeville routine. I drew a map of the farm.
1961 High = 77°F. Mom took pictures of me in my Babe Ruth uniform. Threw apples at some guys who were bothering Chris. Bill and I stood Angi and Signe in whiffle ball then we read comics in the garage attic and were joined there by Terri and Judy. Steve slept over and I taught him solitaire.
1962 Th - High = 74°. Night Owls: The four of us celebrated completion of the tree house by sleeping overnight in it.
1963 Steve and I went to Lake Nokomis. Worked Twins game. Hotdog vendors began wearing styrene safari hats.
1965 Postcard from Kincy.
1966 Steve and I had to lose Kincy so we could get supplies for his surprize party. Managed to shake him when I did a sharp turn off into the stadium, and then a few times around the cloverleafs. Bought shoes ($14.99), camera ($11.77), gift for Chris (77¢), file cabinet ($1.44)[ed - had it until 2011], streamers (30¢), extension cord (52¢) and a gift for Kincy (50¢). "Neil Sedaka Sings His Greatest Hits" ($3.59) and Beatles' "Yesterday and Today" ($2.79) albums. and The Yardbirds' "Over, Under, Sideways, Down" and Crispian St. Peters' "Pied Piper" for 77¢ each.
1968 Went to Daniels and played pool with Kincy. Freak shot jammed two balls into top of pocket.
1969 Golf tournament at Honeywell's course at HoneyRec (now Brackets Crossing). Foursome with Les, Darrell and Dan. Bob let me use some old clubs. Fellow asked me what my hanidcap was and I said I didn't know, so he said choose one, so I made up one. The course is very hilly with great ravines and some very long holes. I did alright and had 105. Did well on short hole where the tee and green were on opposite sides of a gorge and I parred the last hole which was over 500 yards.
1971 Bonnie left today on the morning bus. She gave me her frisbee. Mere quit after McDougall blew a gasket when he found out that RSMS girls had stayed overnight in Bau house after the dance. Big backlog of work in library. 4B played with magnets. Rehearsal and we did rather well on first two acts.
1972 Suva with Murphs. Dentist for cleaning and checkup. Met Roger and Bev Clark at the Peiking. Murph's and taped his new Buddy Holly album while we played pool.
1973 4E girls call Smithers "Hitler" because of the facial resemblence. Dug up the garden. My very first portrait: Richard Nixon.
1974 Mufti day. I took photos of my 5th form maths class. David Benson's war game display won 3rd place at MATHEX. Our team (Ian Bold, Peter Ramsbottom, Lynette Passau and Mark Bell) came in 4th in the Maths competition. Started logs with 4Mathsf. David Cooper and I had a game of hearts at lunch.
1975 Southdale with Joyce tagging along. Loved the greeting cards - so clever. Bought a Billboard and some nostalgia books at J B Dalton. Visit Josephsons - Jerry gave me a complete tour of house, inside and out with details on plumbing etc... Over to Mom's. Got some beer and wine and went to Bill Breth's, who we discovered was only a couple blocks away from where my mom had lived up until July. Billy Jr and David had a good time.
Mary + Jerry
1976 Tim and Bruce's Mathex display got an accomendation. Simon gave me a lift in his new Rover.
1977 Ride from school to Y with John T. Jr Girls lost championship game 15 - 3 to Hillary 2, mainly because star player, Joanne Rawhiti, sprained ankle at the beginning and sat it out. Sr A Boys just beat Mangere 26 - 24 in a highly disputed game. Sr B lost to Papakura 19 - 15. Ngaire gave me a lift home.
1978 W - Michael W, Tracy M and John Forest took down the small speakers from B-Block. Doug over for a visit.
1980 Sa - Finished reading Couples. Removed spruce branches that were near powerlines. Bought 4 albums at 60¢ each.
1981 Su - Mom joined us to see Empire Strikes Back at Cottage Grove Theater. Then we showed her the house on Ironwood. Bought Lundholm's O27 train set for $10. Played gin rummy with mom.
1982 M - Lori told me that John only talked to her for 5 mins while the other supervisors interviewed her for an hour. Al Morgan started and I handed him over to Faust. Brought wagon from Carter Ford to Dick to check. Bought it for $4850+tax.
1983 T - Wandersees brought us their aquarium and gear. Bob gave David a haircut. Chatted with Lundholms until late.
1985 Another day at Wiri - in the morning we heard from BusinessWorld and everyone else agreed with my assessment of Russell Hart. Powercorp - all nine of them - came and put on a very good show. Derek Harries upset about training charges. Stayed until 6PM. It was take-aways and rummy with the kids.
1987 Helped Anil pick up a dinette set in Manurewa using Reg's trailer. Left kids at Anil's as house next door was being demolished and they searched out firewood. Area behind has been levelled for 3 state houses. Stayed for a cup of tea and cake. Anil made a neat house for Leah out of the foam from computer boxes. Ne and I worked on her robot.
1988 Powercorp review meeting where Neil gave us a glimpse of the Departmental Computing survey. Left at 5PM when Bob Lawton demanded Framework. Ne happy with the 86½ she got on family tree project.
1989 Interviewed Eddie Cave (West Indian), Wendy Lawrence (Kiwi secretary) and Stuart Mainwaring (Aussie).
1991 F - Heavy rain and leaking in the livingroom, so I was up in the attic to find the source and onto the roof when rain let up to try to seal it. Gail brought home school computer, a BBC. Made a tent in the livingroom out of tarp. Got decked out in my hippy clothes, a lei and granny glasses; put on a Hindi tape and sat cross-legged holding a flower and an incense stick waiting for the Aldies. Birthday party for our dogs. Made them Tux cakes and a card. Boys brought their sleeping bags along and set themselves up in the tent. Had Golden Dreams. After a curry meal we played Rock Trivial Pursuit.
1992 Up to watch the Dream Team win gold at Barcelona. Rained all day - 4 weeks in a row. Ian showed up with our coffee scoop. Finished Religions of Man by Huston Smith.
1994 Finished reading Within Whicker's World.
1996 F - TP at Bert's where we defrosted his fridge (door wouldn't close).
1997 Sa - Day 33 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 Su - Called Dad. Began taking down pool fence sections. Upwords with Gail and Ne.
1999 M - Onto the steep 45° roof and put mesh into the back dormer gutters.
2000 W - Went to De Villiers to console Roché only to find Shirley had returned.
2001 Washed Doug's car. He called from Fiji to say that he can't make it tonight. Letter from Fab with negatives of her trip to southern Bolivia with a group of foreigners. My 17" monitor returned with a new tube. Talked to Trish (kitchen being refurbished) and Titania (doing a translation about Gnutella).
2002 Went for a walk with Dad then we went (listening to his Dean Martin CD) to fill spare tire and go to Northtown CUB where I got the supplies I need in Minnesota, including Waffle Crisp. Over to meet his buddy of 50 years, John Mann, and John's wife, Pearl. John calls dad "Calhoun" (because of situation when they sealed a church roof in No Mpls). Went to a VFW (where my father is a life-time member) for all you can eat fish fry - smokey bar but I survived. Called Joyce who informed me that she sold her house the day I left. Gave dad an email lesson and he did his first chat with Ne.
2003 Couple years back I searched for an old Edison cylinder "An Easy Job on the Farm" (see 1960 above) with no luck - tried today and found it on CD so I ordered it. The Internet is so amazing! Even more amazing I won at Lotto. Mini Whites over for pie and coffee and when they left we played bridge with Susi and Ian while sipping a fiesty '99 Jacob's Creek Shiraz and a lovely Corban's '02 Cabernet Sauvignon. Susi and I ruled winning two rubbers.
2004 Michael's after a long break and more maths drills.
2005 email to Leland with my Giant Tinker Toys idea. MacFadyen's to get them back onto Hotmail, then Brundell's to put his latest trip shows onto CD and finally Bell's to hook the computer back up. John McDougall has died. email from Woody who is now living in the second house on his property and sneaking into the main one when Taina is away.
2006 Brent replaced a filling ($169). Emery's then Barrys' to look at the mouse problem.
2007 Got Cherry going on ripping and editting music tracks. Oxenhams - Laurie was there. Elaine's to meet her brother, Jim. Gail brought along a meal and I brought a Montana '05 Merlot that seemed pretty blah. So I wasn't too upset when I knocked my glass over.
2008 Went to the game with my homies. Jrs lost, but the big boys stopped Broncos 16-12. Much hype over the return of McKinnon from his serious knee injury. I was cruising into the Kingseat intersection when a jerk pulled out in front of me and I had to slam the brakes to come up right on his tail. So I decided to stay there for the rest of the way, not passing when the chances came. email from Steph with photos.
Flo & Max
2009 Su - Went to Warriors v Titans: jrs won 52 - 4 and big boys lost 10 - 30. Made a birthday card for Ann.
2011 T - Called Dad - first thing he wanted was for me to update my website with his German action stories. Turns out he was doing the building by building fighting off snipers (read). He seems to be doing okay on his 89th birthday. Dropped off a trunk (inorganic pickup) at Emery's and got newspapers. Bank (turns out Val is from Mount and her mother lives there). Senad showed up out of the blue. He is doing PhD in Sydney and over to see folks. Made a card for Christian W. Played Dominion.
2012 Th - Planted guava and did yardwork. Won cribbage games. Ne over for Dominion. Gail and I had our anniversary meal at Dine@fourth with a bottle of Lindauer Brut Cuvee. Chef/owner apologized for running out of cheescake.
2013 F - 3B where I emptied the shed, cleaned it and removed rotting shelves. Bob came and told us that our overflow pipe has a steady flow, so I called the plumber who replaced a washer.
2014 Sa - Fish n chips with Ne and then a couple games of Carcassonne. Watched Harry.
2015 Su - Card for Christian W. Over to Kim's where we play tested "Birmingham Brass" with Clayton. Then they came over and we played "King Of Tokyo" with Gail. After a jambalaya meal we played Istanbul (each learning correct rules), Versailles and Form D sprint race.
2016 T - Took a very long route to get to Tauranga Mitre10 (gate caster wheel - never used) and first time to Greerton's new library. On way back I had Uzabuses coming and going with school kids. Bayfair to get £50 for Clayton. Countdown for groceries where I got Star Wars Cosmic Shells. Lost cribbage game.
2018 Th - Watched The Cobbler.
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