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1959 Began cutting my copper jewelry piece - a backward "F" [ed. - four art periods sketching designs and could only come up with that!]. Basketball drills after school.
1960 Had impromptu speeches: Bardot, Fabian and millionaire. Ate at the Pixie Diner.
1961 High = 41°F. Kincy and I beat Milo and Bill 60-22 at basketball. Opened my gifts: bowling shoes [ed. - got rid of them in 2011], gloves, 2 books and darts [ed. - got rid of them in 2011]. enlarge
1963 Report card: A's in Religion and Problems of Society and B's in Physics, Probability and English. Geddes rode home with us. Typed out applications for scholarships from the University of Minnesota and AFL-CIO union. enlarge
1967 Bought Beg, Borrow and Steal by Ohio Express for 88¢ and Money Music album for $2.98 [ed. - worth $100s in 2012]. cover
1969 Hawaii: Details in Peace Corps Journal.
1971 Card from mom. Minnesota driver's licence renewal notice had been sent to Manila. First Christmas card and a letter from Margie. 6th formers had post-exam booze up. Mesake tried to put them to bed which started a fight. He drew blood on Anare. Loruama was causing most of the trouble and he tried to hit Kacimaiwai. The keys were stolen from the office. Biology and chemistry labs broken into trying to get to anything resembling alcohol. Eric was burgled. enlarge
1972 Prizegiving in morning. Justice Moti Tikaram, Ombudsman gave an interesting talk on leisure and education. We went to Epeli's where I talked to the "Ambushman" over lunch. Saw a couple buses of boys off, then back to Kaci's where we drank beer out on the verandah until 12:30AM. Kini had a son. Non-Ac Prizes
1973 First barbeque at the flat on the thing I built from cement blocks gathered from building dumps. Difficult to get a fire going as what they sell is charred wood. enlarge
1974 Jackie, Noeline and Catherine spent the first three periods with me making Merry Christmas signs to put up around the school. Truck arrived with 94 cartons, so I had Dean Clark and Harry Creasy shift them into the Stationery Room. Bridge club meeting. Card from mom. Letter and card from Chris.
ex Chris
1975 Jim dropped us off at the Greyhound station in Tallahassee where we had grits for breakfast. Saw the Suwannee River as we crossed it. Had lunch in Ocala with a Baptist minister who preached to us as we ate. Donna Mae was at the depot in Orlando and drove us over to their place on Rocky Lake. Sean (9th grader) and Foxy (a small dog) were waiting. Sean showed us around Buena Vista Village. We joined Leroy and Donna at the Village Lounge (jazz) where we were so out of place. Leroy had a table up front and introduced us to Urbie Green, who was playing a set there, and Harvey Lang.
1977 F - Noeline Meirs was using stationery room to sell keyrings to seniors. The seniors were also turning in textbooks. 4T girls finished the inventory. 4U girls doing textbooks. Michael and Richard set up the radio station and at 10AM we broadcast The Sportsman of the Year. Brenda Wooley gave me a card and shower soap. Brought the cradle to Mike so he can put it into his display room.
1978 Sa - Huka Falls (photo of Ne and video) and Huka Village nearby. Had photos taken dressed up in old-time clothes [ed. - photos went up in smoke when mom's house burnt]. We had a silhouette of Ne cut. Went to Orakei-Korako. Jet boat over to where the hot springs and silca formations and Aladin's Cave are found. Owner/boat driver was surprized when I told him that we had been before in 1974 - probably because of accents. Back just in time to turn the car in ($172 for 3 days).
1979 Su - Auckland for McDonald's (pirate hats for kids) and then Mission Bay for my birthday. Couple of hours playing in the sand and water. Gave me my gifts there on the beach. Diary from Ne, a three color pen from David (he picked it out himself) and jade cuff links/tie pin set from Gail. Spent afternoon playing jarts, frisbee and baseball. Dressed the kids up as pirates: photo / video. Nadine and Delwyn over with a card. We dragged Martin into the house for a glass of wine in the evening. Nadine ended up reading books to the kids. I typed up a reference for Nadine who begins at BNZ tomorrow. Delwyn goes to Air NZ in Feb. Martin told us about his drag stripping, once we loosened his tongue.
1981 W - Helped Pat Marzoff with her Jackson Design for a bond program. Paul came down to get the skunk and is going to play afterall. Home to find birthday wishes from Delwyn. Hansens stayed over night and we visited Bill and Shirley. Home for a pizza. Then Bob and I listened to the Gophers 90 - Dayton 84 (Randy Breuer scored 31).
1982 Th - Record high = 63°F. Frank and Libby over for bridge.
1983 F - Brought doughnuts in for the gang. Downtown with Steiner for a meeting with Rempert, Nancy Bass and Linda Breyer about a new test system.
1984 Su - 3½" of snow overnight. Ne shovelled the driveway for $1. KMart bought jewelry boxes at $5, a baton filled with glitter for Ne and multi-colored, cherry-flavored candy canes. We played a couple games of "PigOut". enlarge
1986 T - Typed up monthly report and was able to get some stuff off my chest. Made the "Down-Under" birthday card.
1987 JV back from Steel Mills tour and is sold on micros. One had 34 of 78 IS staff in IC.
1988 Morning staff meeting in which I complained about the way things were going, so I had lunch with Peter at cafeteria and we tried to sort things out. Then we drove to Centron - stopping at Remurera to buy a $2000 antique bookcase. John Patchett ran through Centron history and why they bought Powercorp. Had a tour and I figured out that this was same building I had come to twice in 1984 to interview with Challenge Computers.
1989 Kelvin Road staff left 12 vehicles in our yard and we piled into a bus to Auckland where we caught the Quick Cat to Pakatoa Island. Sat with Jim and Jenny Phillips on way there. Took us 3 hours from Papakura. Very poor meal in crowded conditions - like being at camp. Dave, Jenny, Joy, Nancy Hawks and Mary Hall (I had taught her as a Van Tiel in 1977). Checked out the loud disco then went for a moonlight stroll. Ended up at an outdoor table and almost missed the boat at 11:30PM. Guitarist was in a rocking mood and he was loud. Joy was even louder, making it a fun ride back. Mary and husband were dirty dancing until Joy muscled in on Alistair. Gail and I moved onto the cold deck to get away from the noise. Arrived back at our place at 2AM. enlarge

1991 Ordered a 386-25 from Graeme Stebbing at TL Systems ($3516). Rented Witches of Eastwick as birthday video.
1992 On roof with metal pieces trying to stop leaks. Birthday card and video (T-day at Fishers and Viking 17 Browns 12 game) from Mom.
1993 Ne and I went to pick up Dad. He was the last one out - told his bags were on their way to Sydney. He was wide awake very curious about everything. His bags were delivered before we had finished a coffee; apparently not lost. Walked around the block with David and talked until Gail came home. Steering Wheel (for computer racing games) for David. Milk Duds for Ne. Spices for Gail and aspirin for me. He also had a Father's Day card and Christmas card from Chris. Doug came and we played Rock Fever.
1994 Bought a 4" foam mattress at Para Rubber ($50). Spent most of the day trying to figure out At Ease for Workgroups. TP at Ronda's. Ne, Tracy and Jenny Hibbert went to Boyz II Men concert.
1995 Sa - Brought a load to Aldies and took shots. Went to Cobb and Co with Trish and Doug (he downed trousers in parking lot and while we were dressed up he was wearing jandles he found at inorganic dump). Over to their place to look at latest home video. Gave Trish bike spokes thingies and a bike bell. They gave me the very same Virgin book that I had bought yesterday (see card).
1996 M - Dropped Ne off at work and then over to see Kim Klaus about Ne's flights. Kim says "yahoo" a lot. Gail and I went to Middlemore to visit Betty A, who was told that she had cancer and 6 months to live. Gave her a Goofy.
1997 T - IT audit at school. Fab came in to help.
1998 W - Card from Doug sent to "B.F.F." (Big 55) at Stoned Geek Farm. Called them and spoke to Trish.
1999 Th - Card and note from Ong. Postcard from Inez. Doug over with photos and tape of his party. He gave me a card and a Goofy cup. No game, just talked until 11PM. He slept over.
2000 Sa - Made Bad Muffin card for Trish. Ian over for a swim. David went to Waiuku College meal at Wrights Water Gardens. Chat with Berthe.
2001 email from Angi describing the frustrations and cost Mom and Bob are going through to get house rebuilt. Gail and girls went with Susi to to Patamahoe bar and grill to listen to a country western singer. Meanwhile Marcia and Doug dropped in (with Jazz), with prezzies (a Corbans 2000 Shiraz, USA Sept 11 tissues and a Priscilla Presley bio. Doug and I went for a swim in the drizzle - he claimed a new underwater record of 3.75 laps. Checked out his latest biking photos. Had a special pork meal with a great '96 Castello d'Albola Chianti, then gifts: a beautiful Goofy hand puppet and 1980's Trivial Pursuit that turned out to be mostly Australian questions, so we played "Game of Knowledge" instead. Read "The Reservoir" by O.E.Middleton. enlarge

from Dougie
2002 Dr called and said the X-rays show bone growth on neck spine C5-6 that is pinching the nerve causing the tingling in my left thumb and pointer finger. Not worth operating until pain gets worse. Swam with Ian. enlarge
by Gail
2003 Town to pay electric bill ($360). Papakura where I went to McKenzie's for the first time. Just a quick appraisal and then to see Marcia. Pete came by to fix up her pool. I went to Smiths to jump on the tramp with Cody. Gave Jaz and Eden (in a fairy costume) their birthday gifts. All three kids ended up covered with the makeup. Stayed for a meal but left before cake. Trish's to get her software (James found it hanging in the closet?). Gail and I watched West Wing. enlarge
2004 Postcard and photos from Trish. David T called to say that Gail given a job at Sandspit for one more year. email from Signe with a cure for FM. enlarge
2005 Letter and photos with birthday card from Mom. Christmas card from Breezes using a $2 stamp!!!!. Elaine over for a swim and coffee. Russell and Christopher (artsy card and a Goofy window sticker) and Emery (Goofy cup, peppermints and sour spray candy) arrived in time to see me skunk Gail. Gail off to school function at Castaways. Ann and I got Chinese for the rest of us. Just as we were finishing eating Mike (bottle of Rosé) and Charlotte surprized me with their arrival. When Ian and Susi arrived Ann, Charlie and I went into the pool. Then it was wine (Rosemount 04 Sangiovese and Baritone Cab-Shiraz 01) and talk until 9:30PM when the Papakurans left. Gail home just after that and we got up a TP game. Peppermints
2006 email from Flo with pics. Mitre 10 to get a mirror for the lower water closet and car seat covers. 29 people came during the day beginnning at 2PM. It was a sunny day, with a bit of a breeze, but we managed to squeeze everyone onto the deck. Heather and Mary from Scotland (joke book and badge), coming the furthest. Jackie and Brad, mini-Whites (colored solar lights). Kathy and Mike (wine) Biggest surprize was Berthe (gin and angel). Joan came by with Kaitlin (candy). Kjell and Louise (feijoa jam). The Wrights (Sheaffer pen/pencil). All of the trivial pursuiters. Brundell for a couple minutes. Graeme. Paul (wine in a lovely case) was in good form. Christopher had a killer card. Ann/Russell (music voucher). Bev and Colleen (Instant Kiwi) I had the "Many Lives of Malley" presentation running with "John" songs playing. Got photos of each arrival taken with me. Scored a few bottles: wine, rum, gin. I had a Sentura '04 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot for the most part. Party was over by 9:30PM. See the Cards
see photos
French Connection

TP Gang
2007 Gail and I drove to Botany to have a Christmas lunch at The Cock and Bull with the TP gang. Good serving at very reasonable price. Though they skimped on the Kaluha on the cheese cake. Emery gave me a Goofy picture frame for me birthday. Christmas card from the Easties. We checked out Tile Depot in Manukau, got a light for David's room at Lighting Direct and then more tiles at Mitre 10. Watched Rules of Engagement, 24 and The Filth and the Fury.
2008 Ne and I went shopping at New World and I found Leoni working there stacking shelves. Cards from Steph and Mom. Got skunked. Ian and Susi over for bridge. Gail thought she was saving my 3-heart bid by switching to spades. She was set, I would have made it. Word from Philippines that my SS application has been sent to Baltimore for approval.
2009 W - Te was here when I got up. He brought along a DVD of Mom's funeral, aspirin, postcard of Rolle Bolle, and Sweet and Sour Twizzlers.
2010 Th - Card from Steph and one from Berthe. Mowed back paddock until mower went up in smoke (Jim picked it up and thinks it blew the head gasket - over strained in the thick paspalum). Laps. Ian over for 4 games of Dominion.
2011 F - Won cribbage game on a nobs cut. Ne over after supper with a birthday cake and a Young Ones DVD. Gail gave me a bucket of nuts/dried fruit that had been vacuumed sealed in bags and came out as one big clump. We played Dominion each winning a game.
2012 Su - Slept until noon and Russell waited around for Gail to get home from Hospice shop before he left. B'day email from Anna. Watched Vera.
2013 M - Finished reading The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo.
2014 T - Cards for Angi and Chris. email and paintings from Steph. Downloaded and watched "Birth of The Beatles". Card from Inez - they have their first computer.
2015 W - Christmas card and note from Fran. eCard from ICW. Watched World War Z.
2016 F - Early walk along beach and 48 flights at Bayfair. Pohutakawas in bloom. Anna over for Scrabble (extra blank tiles!!!). Second Christmas card from Fran. After supper I went to 3B to do yardwork. Watched Vikings lose to best NFL team, Dallas, 17 - 15.
2017 Sa - Bumped into Beryl and Edo on my way to the beach - hour walk (2B-3S-1C) included 4 flights at Bayfair. 3B to put up vertical blinds and then 2.5 hours of yardwork including taking shower fittings apart. Bill for 2019 cruise $9000+ (3 times as on website), so Gail cancelled it.
2018 Su - email and photo from Rollie. Brass - Lancanshire: lost by one point. email greetings from Steph. Card from OSV. Colored a Goofy page.
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