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1954 Walked Mom to Deaconess Hospital and then sat in the lobby as my brother, Chris, was born at 1:44AM the 9th.
1960 Drew a picture of Grandma. Mom brought me to bowling where I had 137, 105, 108 and 121 after league. Watched Peter Pan.
1961 High = 30°F. No school - Immaculate Conception. Went to 7AM Mass and walked home with Schindler and Baden. Painted wood in basement and put up curtains. Bill and I lost to Rogers 12-10 and in "horse". Babysat at Breths (made $1) - Bill beat me 605 - 225 in 500.
Jim Baden
1962 Sa - High = 21°F. Watched "Ali Baba and His 40 Thieves" and "Saps at Sea".
1963 Su - 5" snow. Watched Vikings 10 - Colts 41. Painted windows trim. Talked to Steve.
1965 Watched "Green Acres" episode Lisa Has a Cow.
1966 Bought Good Thing by Paul Revere and the Raiders and Coming On Strong by Brenda Lee for 77¢ each and Paul Anka's 21 Golden Hits album for $2.79.Watched F Troop episode Return of Wrongo Starr.
1969 Hawaii: Details in Peace Corps Journal.
1970 Peter left for Qomea, so David and I rearranged furniture as I will be moving back in. He is making a rope ladder for the bed that he moved up above his desk. Card with note from Gail.
1971 Prize giving. Wheeler (PC head man) and wife came up for Prize Giving. I sat with them in the chapel. Joe Gibson (Head of Ed) gave a nice speech to the point. Dux - Taniela B, Prox - Joeli T, Drama - Loruama, Cadet Baton - Mesake L, Jakeway Trophy - Seru M. MacDougalls where Joe told us about his trip to Europe that featured many exciting and funny tales. Met the Commissioner Central, Filipe Bole. Magiti and sat with Whites who were drunk from Murph's. Singh yelled out "speech" at a most inopportune time. Very moving with several speeches. Talked to Gukilau about attending university in the States. I had Ghetto chained in the kitchen and Tipou got through the screen door and got to her. Turns out that Tipou is Taru's dog.
1972 Whites came over at noon and I took some family shots. Then came again in the evening and we made a tape to Woody.
1973 Mike made breakfast for us and an interested sparrow. Drove to Rotongaio Lakeside Motor Camp (Loafer's Paradise) and decided to camp there. Bought smoked glasses, fruit, a book and a miniature croquette set. Set up and had lunch and played croquette on the beach. After a nap, Gail and I walked along the shore to "The Point" about 1.5 miles. We ran into some Maori netting whitebait. Kathy whipped up chili for supper. Mike hooked up his radio to the wire fence for great reception. He showed me that you could also hear it through a screwdriver held to the fence wire. Played 500 under Coleman light until 10:30PM. Heard the possums during the night.

1976 Certificates were handed out at assembly. At morning interval we had cake and sandwiches, speeches and gifts for the departing teachers. Oversaw the cleaning of C-block halls. Got Christmas cards from Margaret Baker, Patricia Fuge, Delwyn Hamilton and Julie Garrick (who also gave me a handkerchief). Prizegiving. Bloody hot day and I wore my suit for the first time this year. Patrick Walsh, an ex-All Black, was guest speaker. Mrs Quigley told me that I had straightened out and had gotten down to the children's level at last. Greenhill brought over last of his stuff for storage. Gail went to Tupperware party at Liz's. Te threw a wobbly over the fridge and getting a drink.

ex Patricia
1977 Th - Wore my suit. Last session of textbooks with 4T/4U girls. 3S boys gave me a sign: "The only guy in the place who knows what he's doing" with a fellow sitting on a toilet. Jacquie Lodwig gave me a card and a bottle of wine. Cards from Nadine, Patricia and Yvonne Vercoe. Lovely feed at interval and many "going away" speeches. Then certificate awards. Cleaned lockers in C-Block. Then signing yearbooks. Jr Prizegiving: Precious McKenzie was the guest speaker. He gave Patricia F a kiss to the audience's delight. Brian Alvis and I held hands during the procession out. Chats with Mrs Park, Catherine, Mrs Fuge, Mrs Devcich and Rosalie's sister. Coffee with Maureen Pendergast.

ex Patricia
1978 F - Last day of classes. (Cards from 4H girls, Marcelle Keown and Denise B). Certificates awarded at assembly. Had 6 girls working on textbooks Pd 2 and 3. Prizegiving after lunch. Pat Booth, journalist, was guest speaker. Talked with Ngaire, Mrs Pickford and Mrs May. Williamsons back from Australia and Frances dropped by to say hello. Benson's for the evening.
1980 M - First day at Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists (PSD). John Eliason spent an hour telling me how things go. Doug Siems introduced me to everyone in the unit. Weibel pointed out a structure fault in my Phase 2 so I had to fix it for him. Free lunch for me and my sponsor and we picked up enough desserts to give to the unit. Began SPF exercises. Tim gave me my first assignment - fix up a program and to check the daily runs. Sandy brought me desk items. Watched "M*A*S*H" episode Father's Day.
1981 T - Dorothy caught speeding to work - 54 in a 40mph zone. Her first time and she was upset. Paul beat me in gin. Gail gave me curry in roti for lunch and I gave one to Lesser.
1983 Th - CISC course in morning given by Weible. Kids set up the Christmas tree in rec room and decorated it. Scraped snow from roof.
1984 Sa - Christmas cards from Hoffsis and Bill & Shirley. Oakdale Outlet Center and had a look. Got a sundae glass for Dick. Menard's where I got a plastic gas can. At C.O.M.B. Got a harmonica for for Ne, a dice cup for Dick and Bureaucracy, adventure game for the Apple IIc. Put plastic on outside of the ranch slider. Looked at slides. Latest craze = flavored popcorn.
1985 Su - Chris called in the middle of the night - Gail talked to him. Victoria Park Market which turned out to be a great place. Picked up Goofy soap, bubble bath and party hats. We got a shirt with "Patience Tester" for Sophie. Found a neat store with spices galore. Drove across the bridge to get to Lake Pupuke where we ate lunch and watched sail boaters and windsurfers. Over to other beach for 91FM swim competition. Gail sunbathed, but it was me who got a burn. 991 ping pong balls were released from a helicopter into the lake - too far out for our kids. Mazzah gave out the prizes, then Prime Minister Langey gave out swim trophies. Aldies' for Trish and my birthdays. Played pool, gave me Talking Heads' "Little Creatures" LP. After baba cake we looked for Halley's comet.
1987 Had my first "freeze" confrontation with Dennis Preston. Met with Kevin Tansey to discuss training needs - let Ian sit in to see how it goes. Birthday card from Bette and Frank. First Christmas box from mom.
1988 Four letters from Mom - one for each of us and a Christmas card to go with each. David's last day at school and he brought home an excellent report card.
1989 Stewart, who I hired in July, was in for induction. Picked up Ne who is back from week camping at Raglan. Chat with Mary B who is off to Sydney to help her mother (hip op), so our traditional Christmas gathering is cancelled. Christmas card from Lees. Pat Benatar's Best Shots album came ($15.59). Hooked up the VCRS so now we can tape two channels and watch a third.
1990 Card from mom. Set up Christmas tree. Auckland with Mike and Alex. Stopped at a publishing house - met Alan Dick, Radio Pacific sportscaster who puts Mike's articles into magazines. Quills (on Kyber Pass) for 9 bottles of wine for $138 and then Glengarry for four more at $56. Ne and I zipped to KFC to find they were out of hot wings. James Mitchell and Sue arrived with an excellent Corbans '89 Cab Sav. After a tour of yard I did some pork on the barbeque. Ne made scalloped potatoes for the first time. Ne went to a boy's birthday party at 7:30PM and came home at 9PM when they began to drink, smoke, do drugs and get promiscuous. David showed the guests "Crime Wave" video game. I showed them my cereal box collection. James thought he had me when I said I can find anything in any of my collections within minutes. He wanted a cigarette ad which featured a shark. I came up with a Camel ad which had a photo of a shark on the reverse page. And that was sufficient to amaze him.
1992 Brought Nicola and Ne to Manukau. K-Mart and got Space Crusade boardgame for Te.
1993 Ne had spaghetti on toast for breakfast and it was an eye-opener for Dad. Went to Wai-o-Tapu and joined a crowd at Lady Knox Geyser. Ranger poured soap into it and the reduced surface tension builds to an eruption (video). A long time walking through craters and on lakes (video). Dad doesn't believe these things can exist and finds it hard to accept that these things happen. Georgie Pie for lunch. Souvenir shopping. Soak in the spa. Kingsgate at 6:30PM. 80% of gathering were Japanese tourist groups. We sat with odds, bods and sods. Met a fellow from Oregon who had spent a year in Brisbane. Italian couple - he an engineer for Fiat and had been in China teaching Italian. Dad ordered a Steinlager Blue thinking it would be that color. Food was buffet and Dad loaded up way too much before he got to the meat, used the wrong utensils, dropped things but managed to eat. Had pavlova for dessert. Floor show was entertaining (photo - video). When rain came there was a leak hitting Ne. Motel at 10PM and played dominoes.


1994 All day in B1 getting Macs ready for staff to take home over summer break. Stayed until 4:30PM helping Corrine Koefed print her resumé. Letter and card from Jim F. Letter and card from Lynna.
ex Lynna
1995 F - At Countdown a bottle of coke that was vertical on converyor belt was jerked off, hit the floor and exploded. [ed. - since then I put bottles horizontally]. Steven Munro on a till there and he came over, gave me a hug and said that his grandmother is going to make a full Goofy (I asked for a bust). TP here. Small turn out but fun.
1996 Su - We called Ne in Arizona. Whites over with a walking stick for my birthday - black Leki "Sierra" made in Germany. We played Guinness Book of World Records game.
1999 W - Harris put me on cholosteral pills. ecard from Wrights. Ne on catwalk for Katies.
2000 F - Pak 'n Save in Pukekohe for the first time. Hill and Stewart where Roché sold me a breadmaker (toaster thrown in). Warehouse where I got RISK for David and Game of Knowledge for Ne. Ian and Elaine over for a swim. Gave Ian thermal socks (he leaves for Scotland tonight). Stopped at Emery's - gave Chris a CD-Atlas, "Oh Deer" pooper to Roseanne, Kiwi Santa to Ann and Golf Nut to Russell. TP at Houghton's.
ex A/R/C
2001 Gail treated Trish to lunch at Wrights Watergardens Café, and lucky to do so since she hadn't booked a table. Meanwhile David A's computer is rebooting non-stop. Last Grand Prix race of the year.
2002 Whites came by for a swim with Gail then we played a rubber of bridge (Susi and I won). Spoke to Berthe. Few games of pool with Gail.
2003 Card from Benson who are back from Canadian trip. Couple hours at McKenzie's and I finished the inventory. Couple hours at Smiths' where the modem wouldn't work in the new computer. They gave me "Extremely Goofy Skateboarding" CD game for birthday/Christmas (card).
2004 email from Paul saying that Karen is bleeding in her brain and been unconscious for ten days. Brought Ne to WINZ and an appointment for independent doctor needed. Turned out that we could get in today. So cancelled Brundell and off we went. Emery's to help her do more printing. Gave Chris US$10 note for Christmas as they are off tomorrow for US then England. Had our visit with Dr. Naidoo. Picked up some gift vouchers at Farmers and a microphone at Dick Smith. Eloise called to say that Ne sold two paintings.
2005 Laps. Called Peter A, back from England and Hungary, and doing well with his video work.
2006 Gail went to Giselle ballet with Joan. Papakura Art Gallery to install a UPS. Russell and Ann's canopy roof now up at back of house. Wendy's where we ate Christmas burgers, then Mike's for TP.
2007 We gave up on Doom. Watched Pulp Fiction.
2008 Pukekohe to buy 7 bags of salt. Card from Tom Wandersee. Lucky to avoid being skunked at cribbage.
2009 T - Thames with David. Seventy minutes to get to the Kopu bridge (work on new one has begun). We had time to kill, so we went through Goldfields where David bought a pair of shorts. Checked into the Coastal Lodge and our older cottage. After lunch we headed north to Coromandel and just got to the Driving Creek Train in time to have a ride to a lookout building, The Eyeful Tower (diagram of track). Altogether about an hour going up and down. From there we drove along the gravel backroad to Kennedy Bay. But we stopped by Lucas Lookout and drove part way up the service road (scraping the bottom more than a few times) that led to a trig. Gail managed to hike up the remainder of the road to the relay towers. David and I spent an hour or so along a mucky trail to another lookout, but I couldn't make it, so we turned back and to the car. Hour long drive to Thames. Taught David cribbage.

2010 W - Up at 5:30AM to get cuzzies to the airport at 7:15AM. Card and letter from Tom W. Card from Bev (called her - off to Perth). Tried out the repaired ride-on in the back paddock. Finally fixed the large table umbrella. Vacuumed the pool until hose got clogged. Began removing arbor vitae by back door. Called Irene - father in sad shape after massive meds for shingles.
2011 Th - Crackers and an easy to drink Seifried '10 SavBlanc before going to Le Café Taste of Asia with Ne and Colleen. Watched Undercovers.
2012 Sa - Trish left via bus. Beat the boys at Petanque while Gail lost to Anna. Card from Pauline.
2013 Su - Watched Whites.
2014 M - email from Kelley. Card and letter to Russel. Cards for Yri and Sanders. Crashed. email from Kathy. email and photo from Bev.
2015 T - Cards for Heather and Streasick. Calendar of the Big Island from Jane. Watched "Zen" episode Ratking.
2016 Th - Watched Middle Men.
2017 F - email to Monique and sent a card. Card and note from Fran. Women liking 88 Pacific Way, but easment issue with roof overhang. So I spoke to agent and then Tess, lawyer, and got more info about it. 3B after supper for a couple hours of weeding. Edging almost done. Watched Tusk.
2018 Sa - Card for Leland. Terraforming Mars, chicken nuggets with 6 fries, then Ludwig. Colored a Goofy page.
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