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1956 Watched Honeymooners episode Oh My Aching Back.
1957 Watched "I Love Lucy" episode Lucy and Superman.
1959 Wrestling (Greco-Roman) in gym class. I pinned Dick Anderson who is on the school team.
1961 High = 27°F. Chris and I bowled with his set - I had 154, 152, 206 and he got a 201. We worked on his tooth and it finally came out at 1:15AM.
1964 Bought No Man is an Island by Thomas Merton for reading at Senior retreat.
1965 Watched "Munsters" episode All-Star Munster.
1967 Steve and Kincy stopped in at work - both out of it. The "We Five" stay at the Holiday Inn. I picked them up from the airport - needed to make two trips as the drummer's gear filled the station wagon. The Ultimates were playing in the Blue & Gold room. Bob Perzel came in because his car stalled.
1968 Went to ABA Minnesota Muskie basketball game in Bloomington with Dan and Wayne (beat Oakland). Darrell played in the pre-game match for Honeywell against 3M - we lost. Saw Don and Shelby, Don Rochmer and Barb Royce there.
1970 Fiji: Details in Peace Corps Journal.
1971 In the evening I went to Daya's and we had our first friendly chat.
1972 Visited Gail's grandmother in Lafayette, MN...once we got the car started in the 23°F below temp with a little help from Silliman and a garage fellow. Mrs Krohn gave us meat to bring back to the cities.
1973 Last day at QVS after three years of living in the tropics. Final bridge game at Whites (I started with a slam, then nothing) and then supper at Hargroves until midnight.
1974 Played billiards with Murph until 3PM when we took a cab to the NZRR bus depot. Pleasant trip and I liked the look of Geraldine. Heasley unexpectedly showed up at Winchester and chased the bus down, so we were let off in the middle of nowhere. Spent the night at his parents' place in Temuka where they are cooks for the NZED camp. They pay 50¢ a week for the state house. Gave us Benedictine (first for me). Murray and I went into town and got a Sepplet Moyston '69 claret to swizzle while we watched "To Light a Fire". We had electric blankets (but they had them on the top rather than under).
1975 Fiona, Lyndsey and Angela spent the evening with us.
1976 Non-stop visitors: all the Bensons (with a cot for Te), Breezes and Unger (going back to Fiji), Heather and Jamie, Kathy (to get her mop and broom), Trish (while Doug was at squash) and the Dickson girls to play with Te.
1977 Letter from Trish (aka Mrs Peel). Te went with Aldies. Gail, Ne and I went with Sanders. Lia bitched the whole way to Tairua. What a shock when we pulled up to a coastal mudflat right in town. Was a section that a friend of Doug owned. It stunk to high heaven. Set up the tents, had supper and walked to the wharf. Te thought it was good fun sleeping in a tent but he was up at 2AM with a sore tummy. I was ill with my own migraine, so I actually went for a walk at 4AM to get away from the stench.
Not my idea of camping, eh?
1978 Sa - Spent the day at Maraetai beach (Te) getting there for a picnic lunch and sand works. Had a barbeque at home for supper.
1980 M - Stopped at Thames Info Center and let kids play on our way to Kauaeranga Valley. Traditional stop at KV dairy where we discovered Pepsi. Drove through to the end of the road looking at all the camps and then went back to our favorite spot by the creek. Broke Doug's axe handle trying to chop logs for firewood. Sanders arrived at 6PM. Set up Aldies' tent in amongst the trees. Kids got in the creek and stayed there until bed time. Ne and Gail were on cots. David and I were on the ground (tent had no floor). I didn't have a sleeping bag, but it was a warm night. David kept squirming all over.
1981 W - Inch of snow overnight and kids were out sledding until 5:30PM. They ate over at Lundholm's. We set the train up in the back room and I built a bridge out of Lego. Watched Carson: tape.
1983 F - Finished Polish Prince Bobby Vinton's autobiography. Bensons sent Rosehill yearbook. Picked up kids at school and brought them to Foley. Ne got a DPT shot in her bottom and was a little indignant about it. XRay of David's head - just a bump. Went to a carwash at Hillcrest Shopping Center and we got to stay in the car ($6). Picked up White Castle for supper.
1984 Sa - Kids went rollerskating. Ne went to Amy's birthday party. Bought Schwitters kids' ice skates so Gail took kids and Swansons out for their first go at it. Schwitters also gave us their hamster. David slept over at Scott's.
1985 M - Postcard from Bob Piper. Kathy wanted to go out for lunch, so we went to lower level of Town Square where I had a bacon and cheese potatoe. Picked up my suit at Foreman and Clark. Spent an hour with Butch - I traded in my frames for lighter ones and we decided to try plastic distant lenses.
1986 T - Graeme and Andrew out to get the two Admin computers going. Alan wants them to take everything back to Powercorp and fix it there. So we setup third system in the IC. We figured out how to install the MITAC hard disk into Pension Fund computer. Put dBaseIII on Galv machine - which shakes a lot. Tape from Mom and Sunday Sports section. Quiet night without the family (at Awhitu).
1987 Ne was bitten by Mony [ed - dog in front of us. Didn't like us walking on the drive]. Played Polyeconomy.
1988 Bought the 1986 Toyota Hi Ace van for $24,000 (video). Gail brought T&K to Victoria Park Market while David and I had rear seat installed into the van at Papatoetoe. Met the others for lunch at the Market. Gail and kids went home and I brought T&K to Parnell Rose Gardens where we did some videoing: roses, lambs ears and eucalyptus. Back at 5PM to dash to Waiuku. Whites went with us to Karioitahi where it was cloudy and cool. We were the only ones there aside from one hang glider. Only Tom went in with me and the kids. It was a wicked surf - not big but plenty of action. Stayed in for about an hour - videos: Tom - Jackie. Over to Whites for "Purple Death", a wicked blackberry nip and a Lemora that tasted like petrol.
wrong side

A rose is a rose is a...
1989 Dropped Breezes' Christmas gifts off then went to Aldersons where I bought a bucket of sand from James. After a meal of soused trout we looked at slides.
1990 Up to note UK Network Chart Top 30 for 1989. David, Ne and I went to the Pukekohe race course in time for first race (Peter Jackson Series) in which Mike's car came 2nd. Gateman let Ne in as a child saving us $11. Parked right by benches. Crossed over track to pits for $5 each and met up with Mike. Found Whites, including Tracy and we all went to a spot between hairpin and chicane. After the crowds left we spent an hour collecting cans (videos).
1991 Big toe hurting so much that I was up at 3:30AM for an hour. Put a speaker into the rear of the car. Made a stuffed marrow for supper. Mike, Kathy and Sam stopped in, so I walked back with them.
1993 Letter and photo from Roxane. Gail and I went for a walk to PO Box and ran into Todds and had a lengthy discussion about camping.
1994 Postcard from cousin Steve. Played a couple games of Upwords. Gail went to Maraetai for fish 'n chips with the TP group. She was the only adult to go in for a swim. postcard
1995 Brought Ne to work, bought gutters at Plumbing World. Checked 3 lots in Takanini for cars. Gail brought Doug into hospital and brought Trish back to our place for lunch.
1997 T at Opo - Gail and I walked to the forest, up a bike trail and had lunch there. Watered plants while Gail walked to Campground to visit Claire from Kelvin Road School. Upwords and cribbage.
1998 W - Left Opoutere. email from Woody setting up education system in Micronesia.
1999 Th - Emery's to fix their computer. Bought a scanner at SAC. Doug filled a tooth. Met Debra Wildman, nurse, who's father is a plumber in Waiuku (her mother always loved our house). Ran into Rosemary Paton (Needham's nephew's wife) and we talked about Papakura and Rosehill. They are managing Valentine's. Doug over for RnR TP.
2000 F - Gail went to aquarobics with Trish in Papakura and brought Ne home. Senad and Titania moved into the big room downstairs. We all went surfing with Ian and Steve D. I tore my left calf muscle and had to be carried back to the beach. Brought Ne to her flat and then to Bert's for TP.
2001 Mike and Kathy came by for there annual visit and a round of Pepe Wallpounders (tequila and orange juice topped with Galiano). Whites came for a swim.
2002 Made a video tape for Emery/Weeks. Installed OCR software, but my carbon copy old typewriter pages don't convert to a useful level. Was ironing while watching "Malcolm in the Middle" and Reese was ironing, so the parents said: "He's a girl". Read "Perspective" by Renato Amato - old man who frequents brothel is put down by the girl. email from Mike H.
2003 Checked out and were picked up by James of Thrifty Car Rental. Drove our Mazda Familia 323 a whole distance of one block and stopped at a huge very flash Pak 'n Save to load up on food and drink supplies. Onto Queenstown, at one stage driving on the "Presidential Highway", 44 Km, from Clinton to Gore. Once past Lumsden we could see the snow capped mountains. Stopped to get a photo of the Kingston Flier in action. Final stretch along Lake Whakatipu was spectacular. Checked into Blue Peaks Lodge - room 209, with a view of the lake and Remarkables. Gail walked into town to check it out. After watching the 10:30PM sunset we watched "Pearl Harbor".

our room

2004 Drove to the Mount, stopping at Waikino (bush railway station) for lunch. Easily found Atmores' new place and proceded to drink and visit. Supper at Bombay Brasserie. Excellent meals - between us covered lamb, beef, chicken and prawns. Washed down by a sweetish '02 Omahu Chardonnay and a mild Saints '02 Sav Blanc. Ken sporting a large scar on left hand from a fall into a ditch in Nov. Words of wisdom from Colleen: breathe into a brown paper bag to relieve migraine pains. I slept in the van.
2005 Card with note and articles from Inez (who has casts on both hands). Audrey's for an hour on the computer. Mini-Whites and Ian over for a swim. Mike and Ann's with Audrey for TP.
2006 Watched Blade: Trinity.
2008 Ian over for a swim. Tried to fix the secuteurs and ended up slicing my thumb. Laps.
2009 Gail worked her way down to the pool with Ne's help and went for her first swim of the summer. She enjoyed being able to "walk" for the first time since the accident. I had gone to Papakura to copy files over for Ann Houghton from old computer to new one. Did that in just a few minutes. I should have stopped there but she also had some files on floppies, so I put the floppy drive in from the old computer and spent more time...
2010 Th - Laps. Card and letter from Signe. We went to Ne's new place to meet Melissa and sign the contract over a cup of tea. Checked out Steph's sleepout and have a cup of coffee. Got home at 5:30PM for KFC supper.
2011 F - email and photos from Newsy. Joined the minis in the pool. Gail stayed home to wait for Trish. I went to Papakura where Russell and I got Indian takeaways (prawn sawadee) from the Punjab Palace. Then it was onto Mike's where we were joined with my computer magazine supplier for TP. Saw Mike's foot for the first time.
2013 M - Almost skunked Gail thrice but did just once. Watched Persons Unkown. skunk
2014 T - Up at 6AM - earaches. Tauranga Hospital, found a park and eventually figured out where I had to go. Checked in, called before I could sit down, went down to the next waiting room and called again before I sat. Scope wouldn't go in, urethra collapsed, Dr Westenberg forced his way through and then met a second spot, got through it but couldn't get past a third clog, so never made it to the bladder. I am now on a waiting list for an operation to tidy things up. Twenty minutes after I entered I was back in the car and going home. Card and letter from Schwitters (incorrect address). Watched "The Marvellous Mrs Beeton, with Sophie Dahl".
2015 W - 3B to weed, put hinge on front gate, check rear light fixture and paint hallway edging until women got home from a beach near Maketu. Skunked Gail. Digitized our OZ '88 trip video and then converted it from avi to mp4 and that kept me up until 2:15AM. skunk
2016 Th - Germania.
2017 Sa - Carcassonne, KFC and Burgundy.
2018 Su - Hour walk (2c) after supper. Heaps of dogs on the beach including 6 week old, Lou, a terrier.
2019 M - After supper I walked to Colleen's where we couldn't get into her email which was deactivated or shutdown for some reason. Colored a Goofy page. Watched Yoga Hosers.
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