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1960 Watched Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy episode Tee Vee or Not Tee Vee. Watched Twilight Zone episode Third From the Sun.
1963 Only time I was late to school! Howie's car didn't start. His father drove us to the bus.
1966 Bought "Five O'Clock World" by The Vogues.
1968 Watched Monkees episode Fairy Tale.
1970 Hawaii: Details in Peace Corps Journal.
1971 Jone left today permanently. Suva with White. Picked up Margaret Barrie and children in Nausori. Loaded up on books at Desai's where I found out that Jone is Lusi's cousin. Bought drum sticks and a snare at Dean's. Finished They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie in a park waiting for Ian. Looked over the cathedral. Queen Elizabeth Barracks to see Isimeli, the Fijian broadcaster.
1972 Chris brought me to Gail's and from there we went to Daniels' for a Richfield reunion. Played pool with Gail and Bill B until Steve N, Signe R, Rob/Rene arrived. I went through my notes pg 1 pg 2 pg 3 and that got us talking. Rob couldn't believe some of our stories. Roeds and Swansons were over for Birthday Club, so the adults joined us for my movies and slides of Fiji. We broke up around 2AM.
1973 Up at 6:30AM. Brought the crates into to Williams & Gosling in Suva on school truck. $67 to ship three crates and a few tea chests to NZ. Immigration is letting us in on a temporary visa and one way tickets. On the way back we stopped at Korovou where we bought beer. I moved to the truck's tray for a bumpy ride back to QVS with four drunken Fijians Anisi, Kalevu, Seru and Jope while Gail was up front with Lenati. Anisi kept thanking me on behalf of the Lawaki village. Later Kalevu and Anisi came to the house looking for more beer. Brian visited and went on about the past week.

1974 Sanders brought us to the airport. Coffee/tea in the lounge before flying to Christchurch. Hour's flight with views of Nelson and Canterbury plains. Cold and windy when we arrived to be met by Murphy in his mother-in-law's car. Took us through downtown area and we walked through the new town hall. Murph's livingroom is beautifully decorated and there many new paintings of his. Dog's name is Scampers. As soon as he explained that it rarely rains in CHCH it began. Didn't stop him giving us a tour of Brighton Beach and over the hill to Lyttleton and Governor's Bay. Rain and clouds didn't allow the view of CHCH from the summit. Car's wipers were slowly dying. Picked up Mrs Griffin and her dog, Susan. Megan remembered us and Ghetto. Slept in Megan's room and gave us electric blankets.
Gov Bay


1976 Brought last of the books to the house. Gail shopped at Super Valu - $68, we put the receipt onto the wall when the groceries were delivered [ed. - in 2012 we spend $150]. Murray Jefferies, a detective, was looking for Lampitt (one of our renters), so I put him onto WERE. Began scything the lawn and cutting back branches. David has trouble getting through the tall grass. Walked to the dairy (4 minutes) to get milk. Audrey, Frances, Lyndsey, Fiona Dickson with Anna stopped in. Mike brought a mirror, foam, sleeping bags and blankets so we could sleep in our house for the very first time.
1977 Mrs Dent gave us more beans. Kelly came over to play and later Te went for a ride with her family. Fellow on corner has two ginger cats that Te likes to play with. Aldies came for a cuppa. Watched a Francis the Talking Mule movie.
1979 Tennis at Papakura Club for the first time (Gail is a member through Squash). I won 6 - 3. Spent afternoon sawing up firewood at Mike's shop which we put into the garage.
1981 Th - Went to ELT group for coffee and doughnuts. Talked to Terry Grom who had taught in Vienna. Rick was full of good stories. Skunked both Paul and Curt. Mary Reckinger's birthday tomorrow so she brought in doughnuts and I managed to wolf down 3. Card from Bob Piper. Watched Carson: tape.
1982 F - Sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwich. Little difference to peanut butter. After work we played walleyball at Woodbury Raquet Club. PSD lost to WorkComp, elders beat youngsters and beards beat shavers. Schauer is good. Played for 90 minutes. Home with a sore back and a much needed soak in the tub. Read letter for more.
1984 Su - Kids baked Joyce a cake and we brought it to celebrate her birthday. Gave Dick a log holder. Met 2 month old Lucky, a nipping poodle. Watched "Trapper John MD" episode Play Your Hunch.
1985 T - Whole day working on the new Phase 1 system CLIST. Paul beat me at cards but I bought him a cone for his birthday anyway. I was given a parking spot in American Linen lot ($10/mo). Dr Post gave me drops and tested my eyes and came up with a new prescription which is much weaker and has no prism. Tom Kelley called - I had sent him a birthday card. He is in Mensa and on a team for WCCO sports trivia contest last year.
1986 W - Neil Robinson got the mysterious appropriation number so I could put the Admin order in. That meant meeting Graham Jones at long last as I needed his signature. Same thing happened with Pauline Hutter's computer so we ran up to Bold's office to get his signature. Letter from "supervisor" Faust, with excerpts on NZ wines.
1987 Simon and Fran, in a red Mazda, came to get sleeping bags. Stopped at the "castle" for first time. Ordinary shop inside of it. Everyone else had ice cream but no one offered any to me. Had to park a couple blocks away from the Thames Info Center as it was Market day and crowded. I stewed (because I could see rain clouds) in the car for an hour while Gail and kids checked it out. Drove thru K Valley to end where Mike met us and brought us to Wainora Camp (someone had taken the US flag I gave them to put out as a signal). Began to rain as we arrived. Set up below Sanders' tents.
1988 Christmas card from Leland and Marge. Gail away camping at Shakespeare Park with kids.
1989 Called mom and we spoke to her for 30 minutes ($110). Murphy called to check on his fishing reels. They liked our van so much that they are looking for one now. Friend of Karen L who just returned after 5 years in England checked with us as to whereabouts. Read "The Hands" by John Baxter.
1991 Peter T over to say that Jill is in England (ailing parents) So another hubbie without his wife - see Dec 31. Ne began drawing faces and is all keen about it. Called Susi and told her to watch Hi De Hi's "Drown Your Granny" episode.
1992 Kawakawa at low tide for a short float in the cool wind. Ne walked to the nearby town.
1993 Showed Purvis my knee and he sent me off for blood tests. Card from Carol Seaton. First time to Janine and Jim's for TP with Ronda.
1995 Dropped Ne at White's. Gail and I went surfing - gentle clean waves. Back to White's to watch home videos. Supper on their new barbeque. Couple games of Upwords. Met Steve's girl from Nauru, Sally.
1997 W - Made up the ConRUTulations card. Van failed WOF because of rust. Gail and I went to The Warehouse where we ran into Peter Molyneux (from Rosehill). Bought a "Rash" shirt for surfing (because it prevents rash) and "The Best Punk Album in the World...ever" CD ($39.99). Physio for work on my radius. Plumber put a new thermostat onto the water heater, but still the same problem. Letter and photo from Roxane. Letter, envelop and card from Aldies.
1998 Th - Mike C joined Doug and I for the first time. Since he was wearing Jaguar I made him wash and gave him a shirt to wear. He brought along a couple "P" albums to play while we played Music Mania until midnight when we declared Mike the winner.
1999 White's for Doug's farewell. Nathan (Rainbow's End) was there with Tracy. Tima was also on hand. Played petanque (video) and ate. Gave Doug a New World calendar. Gail and I went to Mike's for TP. Met Ann Houghton who is a neighbor of Mike's and works at London Bookshop in Manuakau. Card from Shirley.
2000 Got more antibiotics from Steve but he turned down my invite for a meal - can't be friends with patients. Mitre 10 where I chatted to a fellow about the USA and Bali while picking out a paintbrush. Emery's where I spent three hours with Christopher trying to get a Muppet Calendar to run - not enough memory. Showed him how to add sound to a BASIC program. Dropped Bee mirror off at Wrights.
2001 Christmas mail finally arrives: Elbers, Eliason, Lees (and an email from Karen), Hoffsis (card), Schwitters, Fred (card) and Streasick. Couple of games of crib with Ne.
2002 David drove to Kopu and I took us over the small mountains. Stopped on the way to have the lunch Gail had made for us. Ne and Steph had arrived at Opoutere much earlier than us. Nick and Christine had done a huge amount of work last week making the main caravan liveable again (it had major roof and hot water tank leaks). Chris was straight to the creek to fish (video). Set up our tent way back in amongst the trees and out of sight of the buildings (video). Built a fire (video) and roasted hot dogs for supper then roasted a couple marshmallows. I was first one to bed (in the tent with Chris). Ne and Chris were eeling once it got dark (Ne got one). Steph had the garage bedroom, David used the main caravan and Ne was in the dome tent.

2003 Left Mangakino around 1PM, stopped for a sandwich in Ngaruawahia. Postcard from cousin Steve in Hawaii. Christmas card from Jim F. emails from Chris (photo of Ce's birthday), Mike H who wants to buy a CD-RW with Christmas bonus, Woody with news that Taina's mother has died, Roche, Audrey, Edith and Matt with photos from New Year's eve in OZ. Watched NZ show about ME that Berthe taped.

2004 email and photo from Judy. Skunked Gail at cribbage. Finished The Death of Ivan Ilych and Other Stories by Tolstoy. email and photo from Diane G.
2005 deV's stopped by to pay me for the CDs. Ne left lights on, so I had to drive over to Jordans and use the battery starter thingie that I gave to Steph. We had kabobs from a new shop in Waiuku. Whites over for bridge and the men trounced the women, winning second rubber in two hands.
Fez - Holly

2006 Ian visited. Watched The Exorcist II: The Heretic.
2007 Steph's to return her computer and hook up the washing machine. Smithers' 6 bedroom lovely place in Howick. Had lunch and spent afternoon catching up. I brought up the lino in his garage in his first place and he mentioned that it was Benygloe - same street that Bev currently lives on. Stopped at Clark's to feed the pigs and visit Ne. Letter and card from Mom. Ccar blew up and cost $3000 in repairs.
2008 Graeme finished gibstopping bathroom. Steph came with gifts including a bottle of wine.
2009 Daily chore: go through veggie garden and bring in whatever is ready, but today I also had to get down a few avocados. Skunked Gail at cribbage. Laps at 10:30PM and the water was so warm. Watched In Case of Emergency. skunk
2010 F - email out of the blue from Dennis Okolski (PCV). Card and letter from Gutzke. Card and letter from Eliason. Card and letter from Gwen. Card, article about Mark and letter from Jerry. Card and letter from Lori. Laps and then we watched "50 First Dates" because Dennis lives in Hawaii.
2011 Sa - Card from KK. Called Atmores and spoke to Colleen - their very old computer has died. Mini-Whites over for a swim and Madison's first time in the pool. Laps in beautifully warm pool.
2012 Su - Quick trip to DSE to get a 23" monitor (and give my old 19" to Gail who's 15" has stopped working). Over to Colleen's with Ne for a drink (Five Flax '10 Merlot Cabernet). After supper it was Dominion.
2014 W - Finished reading Demolition Angel. 3B to weed, seal more of the shed roof and pull the gutters out to open them up (were running into the shed). Then when I tied the gate to a post the wind broke the old rope and the gate smashed, warping it out of shape. So Danby will have to replace it. After pizza we played Alhambra at Ne's.
2015 Up at 7AM to bring Gail in for her colonoscopy. Back to hospital at 10:30AM. Gail out at 11AM and after a sandwich/coffee she was allowed to depart. A single polyp found. Over to Ne's where I weeded. We played World Without End, had a lamb supper and then played 8ME-Legends a few times. I was digitizing a cassette tape of WDGY from Dec 1975 and what should I hear? Paul Oberg winning a prize. (tape) Oberg's wife remembered him wining the WDGY $22 but Paul doesn't (email)
2016 F - Catan. Supper. Bora Bora. Watched The Book Thief.
2017 Su - Agricola and Archiplelago. Dug up more parrot lily tubers and cut out tree roots in the tamarillo hole. Walked to Girven PO Box.
2018 M - Weeded. Tied for first at TerraForming Mars - E. Card from Newsy. Card and letter from Eliason. Card and note from Inez. Card and note from Schwitters. "Card" and letter from Anna (envelope addressed to MalleyGram). Card from Les. Watched The Great Gatsby.
2019 T - Emery gone when I got up. Pruned. After supper a couple games of Ludwig at 34OC. Colored Goofy page.
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