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1959 Gave $1.85 to Lyle for his bat that I had cracked - he gave me a dollar back. Kincy, Bill, Angi and I put on the "Invasion" movie and we made 16¢. Little League - lost to VFW 8 - 1. I was on 1st and went 1 for 3.
1960 Played tic-tac-toe with Kincy. Beat him at horseshoes 21-14. We put the tents up and made the campfires. When everyone got here we had the horseshoe tournament. I beat Kincy, Bill beat Steve, Angie beat Lyn and Chris beat Lori. Everyone into their tents but Chris and Lori moved to our tent. When they fell asleep we moved into their tent, but they came over, so I left them and slept in their tent.
1961 High = 76°F. Catch with Bill. Rummy with Kincy. Babe Ruth - beat McClay 19-4 in what was my best game ever and coincidently Signe and Terri were watching. Struck out 14 of the 21 outs. One inning I struck out the side on 9 pitches. Pitched a 2-hitter. And I hit my only Grand Slam.
1962 Sa - High = 73°F. Babe Ruth - beat McClay 2 - 0. I played short, two walks and 3 stolen bases. Lyle pitched a 2 hitter, striking out 9. Watched Miss Argentina win the Miss Universe contest.
1963 Su - Didn't get to bed until 5AM because Blanche was over. Worked the Twins double header and made $14.85!!! They won both over Cleveland. Frank came over to pay off his debt and I showed him all my baseball records.
1966 Kincy's at 3PM, we went to Holiday to get supplies, then left my car at Spring Lake where we picked up sleeping bags. He drove us to the farm in his car. Got there at 8PM and guess what - no animals. Set up camp and ate supper in the dark. Drove to North Redwood to call his parents - used the old "collect call to Mrs. Marshall" scam.
1967 My first Honeywell check of $141.17 is ten times that of my Holiday Inn.
1970 In science we crushed a tin using air pressure. Joanne and Christine did odd jobs today.
1971 Put most of 3B on detention. Letter from Gail who will be in an apartment above a bakery in St Peter.
1972 We walked over to Deve's for supplies. Card from Chris, and a letter from Opal. 5000 stamps [ed. - must have bought them to trade with boys] arrived and I sorted them all over the livingroom floor.
1974 Y for Papakura Boys Rep game. Paul Tauro (our star) couldn't make it and we only had 4 boys, so I called Wayne and he ended up being high scorer with 12 points. We won 37 - 36 with 5 seconds to spare when Nels stole the ball and flung it to Nigel under the basket. Went to see Gail in the evening
1975 Klyberg's rental house and spent two hours scraping it. Home for lunch then two more hours scraping on a stepladder. Got more fence sections from Don to make an enlarged play pen for David. Went to softball practice. Don had to leave to sell sell a car. Shelby and her mother took off leaving us with Brad Wilson and 3 girls. I ripped a thigh muscle early on and spent an hour limping about.
1976 John Holgate and Brian O'Toole (DJs at Hauraki) gave a talk to 5th form classes. Arrived with 2 minutes to go for first session. They gave me the latest American Top 40 album set and a copy of Shoestring Pirates. Lloyd took my 3L class so I could stay for both sessions. The DJs stayed for lunch (turned down a cup of tea in favor of a beer at nearest pub) with me and I had a great time. Took 4I for Paul Castle after lunch and gave them a pep talk on Mathex. Statistics with 5ths. David Smithers stopped at the school and I showed him around. He brought me home and stopped in for a visit with Gail. Cost of living pay rise of $14 or $6.88 after taxes. Jack Gillan brought over the transformer he made but the points weren't "American". Dicksons over with Womble gifts (toothpaste) for David.

ex Fiona

1977 Dave Hawkins took the junior boys to Howick and they won 42 - 12. Had a good run through with seniors after school until 6PM. Ne likes to blow at the mobiles. Te says "miss" for "kiss".
1978 F - Robyn B had a chat with me at lunch, saying I was the last teacher she would have thought would be depressed. David Roberts (3R - 1973) visited me - I never taught him.
1979 Sa - Brought kids to dairy to buy stuff with their money. They had no idea what a dollar is worth. So let them buy 10 pieces each and told them they still had money left, so they bought bags of Twisties and still had money left.
1980 M - Mom went with her Welcome Wagon group to "Twin Cities Today" show. We watched, taped and got a photo of her. Watched The Dating Game. Went to Target's Dollar Days sale. Big crowds and people going out with cartons of toilet paper. We got 16 rolls and a lot of household items. Tom Kelley called and said that StPaul Cos had contacted him. We talked for an hour. A lady ran out of gas in front of the house, so I helped her. At 9PM a call from StPCos came and they offered me a job. Stayed up until to 2AM to see The Gong Show for the first time.
1981 T - Three jars of NZ honey (one leaking) from John Murphy and a letter. Card from Sanders. Connie brought me and kids to look at houses in Cottage Grove. Nice one on Greenway that I liked very much, 3 others and then one on Iden.
1982 W - Got a free ice cream cone thanks to Paul and Curt. East Cottage Grove for David's game. They lost 34 - 21. David played 3rd last inning. Other team supplied the umpire and after the third bad call our coach, Bob, blew up.
1983 Th - High = 95°F. Hearthside for championship game for David's team. He struck out a couple times and got hit in the back. They won 11 - 1 and he got a trophy. We were watching "Good Life" and just as Margo said something about power cuts, ours went out (10:10PM and back on at 1:30AM), so we scurried around looking for candles.
1984 Sa - Lucky scratched at the door, so Gail let him into bed, so I moved to the couch where I didn't sleep. Letter from Simon who now has a trimaran. Put Weed 'n Feed on the lawn and waxed the car.
1985 Su - Trish, James, Dot and Russell visited. Sanders came with gifts for David - mouse treadmill and water feeder.
1987 Graeme out with an AT for Rolling Mills. He won an award for "Salesman of the Year" at Powercorp - and it was me who did all the selling. Derek Harries in a huff about a computer for his typist. Interviewed Chris Watson for IC job, but he is no good. Couple hours training Margaret Shattock. Home at 8:15PM. Shipshape and Bristol Fashion by Hello Sailor ($10.49) album came.
1988 OZ trip: Dubbo to Moree. Go to Trip Report
1989 Installed and tested Fastwire (transfer files between computers). Trained Robyn Clemons in DW4. Stayed until 7:30PM organizing training diskettes and the safe. Seven religion books that we ordered through school came today. Couple of good dictionaries and catechisms.
1990 Sa - Open the Goldwater Rosé to celebrate our NOT winning Lotto again.
1992 Nailed the hole in David's ceiling (I made it when I was putting insulfluff in). Brought Ne to see Doug. Picked up car reg renewal ($206) at PO where I ran into Kathy back from a week in Perth. Called Susi to organize for her birthday. I drew up a card for her.
1993 Ran into Varney who is trying to save $140 million/yr at Taharoa. Went to Sizzlers.
1994 Doug over for Scattergories. Worked up about selling a 486 to Bickerton and he can't get the headphones to work.
1995 Card and note from mom for David. Ne went to Whites. TP at our place.
1997 M - Day 7 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
2000 F - Called mom - Angi fired and has moved in with Johnny. Trish visited. We walked down through Spring Valley development. Many calls from Doug who is trying to get ZFREE on David's computer. TP at Irene's. Went early so I could fix an association problem on her computer.
2001 Whites picked up Fijian stuff for Knight's shop to use. They put an offer on Valley Rd and it was countered. Read Ogden Nash's "The Three D's".
2002 Denny's for the breakfast. "Slugger" special. Mini-golf (by airport) photo from David. Touched up Bill's ceiling.
2003 Up at 6AM! Gail to Auckland Surgical Centre where Dr Tristain de Chalain removed a 400g lump from her upper left arm in 62 minutes for a theatre charge of $1621. Meanwhile, I slept for 3 hours in the waiting room. Easy peasy, just like that we were home at 11AM. email from Audrey (now in Ottowa and having a great time). Created a card for James.
2004 We got Steph's car stowed away on drive.
2008 Up at 8AM for the tilers who laid as many whole tiles as they could, so we need to skirt around the edges to get from A to B. Five minute visit with an orthopeadic surgeon who said my shoulders are not worth an operation. Its just old age, but in my case 10 years before normal. Have to take it easy and not make things worse. At the bank I was being served by Ngwhai and when Val showed up she said: "Hi John". Ngwhai was surprized and asked why she called me that. Val told her we were friends. I told them they could call me Jone, and then that my real name is Joannes. Ngwhai asked what was the most common way I was addressed. I said: "Sir". Watched Women's Murder Club.
2010 W - Skunked Gail. email from Fiona - Helen has breast cancer. Gail and I played some pool - I kept hitting the 8 ball in. While working on Gail's trip photos I discovered that Chris had uploaded 83 photos from Joyce's funeral and my workload just expanded again. skunk
2011 Th - Changed oil on car (after emptying the transmission fluid). Talked to Russell.
2012 Sa - Played petanque with Ron and Ash, while Gail and June played. Dominion with Ne.
2013 Su - Made a card for Russel. Watched The Neighbors. Split cribbage games. Watched Chicago Fire. Watched Blue Bloods. Alhambra with a break for Licorice ice cream.
2014 M - Walked around the Mount with Kathy and Mike. Took photos of an Italian family and they took one of us. Coffee at Coffee Club and home for lunch. Played Survive a few times before a late supper (Jules Taylor 2013 Rosé).
2015 T - Gail back from Auckland with Dunkin Donuts. Fried rice and Bora Bora. Watched Ocean's Eleven.
2016 Th - Won the cribbage game.
2017 F - Left for Papakura at 2PM. Stopped in Matamata at Warehouse to get white cotton socks and notebooks. The bike shop was gone in Papakura (need new gloves). Filled tires at Mobil (bumpy ride home). So I got Russell's at 5:10PM - not home. Put on jacket (12°C), sent a TXT and read out back. When it got dark at 5:30PM I went back to the car and phones Russell. He was working until 6PM and wouldn't get home until 6:15PM. Got to "Manu Vatuvei" stadium in time to watch under 20s lose 22 - 4. The big boys lost to Penrith's real men Brucie 34 - 22 in their usual display of standing around. Needless to say, Russell very upset. The usual 13,067 on hand and no big send off for "The Beast".
2018 Sa - Kathy and Mike back for lunch with a Squealing Pig Rosé and a few more hours of chatter.
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