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1947 Flew from Vienna to the States.
1959 Went to Redwood Falls where Chris got a bow and arrow set. I began drawing the Monopoly board. Chris and I brought lunch to grandpa working in the field. I fed the pigs and helped stack hay.
1960 Billy, Danny and I bowled with the plastic pins. Dad brought Grandpa to VA hospital for his checkup. Kincy and I pitched to each other. High jumping at Steve's. We brought Grandpa to Lake Nokomis for a picnic and swim. Babe Ruth practice - played 1st and 3rd and pitched batting practice. Angi, Sandy and Lyn got to see the movie after mom and Mrs Henkel spoke to the theater people (see yesterday).
1961 High = 74°F. Figured out the stats and typed them up. [ed. - I brought the scorebook home with me and gradually it ended up that I made out the team to play the next game for the coach]. Played basketball with Kincy and beat him 100 - 58 in battleball. Beat Janice in 21. Kincy's and we figured out the money for TV Times. He slept over.
1963 Brought Steve over and we played 500 rummy and he hit flies to me. Finished Commanger & Nevins' Pocket History of the U.S. Worked the Twins 6 - KC 3 game, Allen had 2 homers. Met Brother, George Hensel, and brought Olson home. Had a Coke® and we watched The Tonight Show.
1966 After work I hung out with Marcia and Linda M [ed. - maids] in the linen room until Tom came to get Marcia. He said the band wouldn't be practicing today so I stayed with Linda. The King and His Court were bothering her.
1968 Steve stopped in at work twice while applying for a job at Honeywell. Went to his house and we put steering into his VW with Gail's help. We ate over and then listened to Cosby records. Helped Gene prime his water pump.
1971 Whites, Phil and I played bridge for 14 hours (11AM - 1AM) amassing 20,000 points. Susi and I lost by 6,000 points. We stopped at 2PM and went to chow at the PWD. I gave Shambles to the Whites.
1972 Bus to Korovou only to be told that Gail must be in Fiji for seven days before we can register to be married. So I wasted a whole morning on a cold bus. Chickens are building nests in my veggie garden.
1974 At lunch I watched Wayne Derrick lose at chess. Smithers showed me how to use one of the new fangled hand calculators after lunch. Supervized a woodwork exam and last period I filled in for Jenny Meikell's 3R Social Studies. They were doing Hindi weddings so I told them about the one I attended. Down to Y and talked to Jack about reffing (he wants me to go to classes and be qualified).
1975 Bob and I brought wallboard and bookcases to the new house. Map and invitation from Signe. Golfed the back nine at Theodore Wirth Park with Bob. I had two pars and some nice shots, but my short game was bad.
1976 Finished Beyond This Horizon. Papakura reps played Manurewa. The boys won 81 - 58, Nigel (14), Wayne (10) and Stephen (3). Went to Sanders where we were joined by Aldersons.
1977 Nadine: "What is an ig?" An Eskimo home without a toilet. Delwyn: "What do you call a mite on the moon?" A lunatic. PR meeting: Mr J wants more syllabus freedom (happy with my extension work and fun things I do with classes). We argued about school visits. Box from mom with pennants (Twins, North Stars and Disney), buttons, hats and newspapers.
1978 T - Julie Breeze and Fiona Meikle did Stationery/textbooks for the first time. Got Gordon Pirie organized to teach 4I. Brought Te with me to Y where he sat on the scoring bench while I reffed a games. Rosehill C beat D-Squad 26 - 8.
1979 W - Felt woosy and chilled at school, coughing fit in 4U so I had Norma give me a ride home. Spoke to Val for a while on phone as Gail was at Liz's. Finished reading King of Argent.
1980 F - Kids and I went to estate sale on Golden Valley Rd. Waited 25 minutes to get in. Bought 3 files, hacksaw, oil can, basket hoop and two tires on rims for car ($12 and of course, they didn't fit). At a garage sale where I put a deposit on a bunk bed. When Gail got home from work we picked up dad and went to "Picadilly Circus" at Northtown. Went on the bumper cars and then played miniature golf (dad's first time). Couple of rides for the kids. Across the street to eat at Sambo's.
1981 Sa - At 7PM we went to Dianne Carrington's graduation open house. Met Charlie's sisters, Mata and Rose, Charlie's co-worker, Marge and her son Tony and her sister, Marge. Had a long talk with Lee. We left at 10:30PM after the gifts were opened (gave her a hankie) and cake was served.
1982 Su - Gail's folks visited with Darryl and Delores. Showed them around the yard and gave them rhubarb plants to bring back to New Jersey. Had a late lunch (very good Kabinet '79 Mosel-Saar-Ruwer and okay Colony Burgundy) with them. Played a game of croquet with kids. Set up block shelves in the rec room and put kids stuff onto them. Also put out all our American Indian trinkets.
1983 M - Had Lunch at Buffalo Cafe in Aberdeen, SD. Checked out Storybook Land with many interesting items just plonked down in an open field. Liked the rolling hills - crossed the Missouri at Mobridge. Stopped at a Gibson to get supplies then long winding drive to Timber Lake. Stayed at the Lundholm Computer Center. Dave has lost a lot of weight. After supper we did a little bottle shooting at the dump with air rifles. Linda worked night shift.
1984 W - Sandy Marsyla called to say that National Computer Systems wants to talk to me about a job. Same pay, but its in Eden Prairie so I wasn't interested.
1985 Th - Made vendor decision chart. Sue Spencer, Geoff Beales, John Varney and I made a plan for vendor selection.
1986 F - First IS meeting with Nigel Evans. He tried to explain what is happening with the mill, quelsh rumors and assure us that IS will be around at the end - though it might be part of Rolling Mills. John Ewen said they wanted to cancel the IBM AT so they could buy 2 Excels. So we had a meeting with Alan Dougall and he tried to convince him otherwise. Graeme S came and tried to take care of Rolling Mills problems while I installed Pension Fund software.
1987 Manukau City and by accident ran into Farmer's Grand Opening. Found a winter jacket for David @ $30. We bought a shade for our bedroom and a Goofy print ($12). Tapes for video camera and a clock/radio for work. Lunch at McDonald's. Kathy visited and gave me a thank you card for the birthday card. Clark's for Mike's birthday. Late start and party boring actually. The Matua '86 Chablis was very good and the Babich '80 cabsav only good. Gave him the Grand Prix game and played it until 1:30AM. Gail bought "The Beach Boys Capitol Years" 5 album set for $15 at a garage sale.
1988 Letter from Lees saying we'll be sharing floor space with Karen's mother. Joyce sent Volz family tree book and some of her own information for Renee's project. Helped Te organize his Fibonacci Express project. Found a sink hole by grapefruit, so poured a couple wheelbarrow loads of compost into it.
1989 Drew snake charmer card.
1992 Matthew came after his soccer game. I went to watch Ne's team win a fast netball game. Made a Popeye cake for Tracy. Whites came around 3PM (had a blowout on motorway). (video) Played Pictionary. Went off to get a new tire with Ian. After supper we had the Canadian Grand Prix.
1996 Th - Doug over for Rock Fever.
1997 F - Munro in at lunch and he got things sweet in Transition. Got Internet going in library so I cut it from the print room. Fun at lunch when Fabiola was trying to explain where Bolivia was to Douglas Shanks. Disagreement on whether Australia is a continent or not. Gave Chihiro a ride home. TP Bert's.
2000 Dr Harris' new surgery. Kelly Mischewski was getting morphine for Gayle. Julie's - brought their computer home. Night class: Ian left at 8:45PM - internet stopped working at 8:46PM.
2001 Fun with night class doing greeting cards. Read "A Raines Law Arrest" by Masefield.
2002 Carpet stretcher stretched and I cleaned the furniture and doors in Bill's room (so much tobacco residue on everything). Shifted all the furniture back in from garage and deck.
2003 Helped Graeme put gib onto walls and ceiling in loft. We brought Ian along to TP at Hickford's.
2004 Whole day on Brundell's CD for China tradeshow. He called - his computer went up in a puff of smoke! I'm having my own problems with printers and scanners going bluey on me from my new Windows XP laptop.
2005 email to Chris and he replied with photos from Mom's 80th. CP peed in potty for the first time! WFSN to fix a printer then got med and a long chat with Kevin Daly (his wife going to uni to be a kindy teacher). Brundell's for a couple hours on photos from his recent trip. Home made pizza!
2006 Up at 5:30AM in anticipation of needing to be up by 9AM so I could get Steph to the airport on time. But she had a migraine so we delayed departure until 10AM. Then I missed the airport turnoff, but we got there with two hours to spare. She packed a box of Baking Soda and worried if security might think its drugs. Checked out new Dick Smith superstore. Got a new suction plate ($31.50) for the pool. Selwyn Oaks and visited Bert. He is now walking but no word on what's wrong. More tests tomorrow. His house is rented out and he seems okay with never going back to it. Poor skunk can't sit still, today I sent him back to Gail, cutting a four to make 24 on last hand. Made a card for Mike.
2008 In to have Marlene take some blood. email from Steph who made it to France (boy next to her threw up). Put up the third set of curtains in the lounge while watching Horse Whisperer. Papakura where I got a 30m UTP cable for use at Elaine's. Then it was Papakura for Wendy's with Ann and Russell. Followed by TP when Houghton and Mike came.
2009 Sa - Angi called. Set up netting over veggies, as a dog keeps digging it up for the blood and bone. Lost a piece of front tooth. Lesser sent photos of new Twins stadium.
2010 Su - Card for Mike C. Ne cooked us a roast in her new convection oven (about the size of a microwave) and we enjoyed a great Hokus Pokus ice cream with a delicious mud cake.
2011 M - Dee's where I met her neighbor, Muriel.
2012 W - Eye clinic for my diabetes photos and had students, Alicia and Andy, check my eyes for practice. Gail dropped me off to watch petanque and meet Else's Henk. Photo from Steve showing Madi and the card I sent her.
2013 Th - Anna over for Scrabble. I couldn't get "QUARTZ" onto the board. email from Hansen in AZ/UT. Report from Colleen in QL. Louise stopped in long enough to show us photos of family. Gave us homemade "Sleepy Hollow" chutney and jelly. Alhambra after supper.
2014 F - Listened to the Twins 7 - Jays 2. Anna and I Scrabbled our way to a 342 point tie (I had been down 186-89). Skunked. skunk
2015 Sa - Ne over for Bora Bora and Chinese. Watched Faster.
2016 M - Andre popped through two strictures and topped me up with 2ml to a total of 8.5ml. Chadwick Rd to look at slippers at a leather shop. Finished reading Gentlemen's Gentlemen. Catan. Home made pizza for supper.
2017 T - Big prune job. At 9:15PM I drove to PO Box to get Angi's card on its way. When I got back, a woman Maggie, was trying to get in, light drizzle so I drove her to the door.
2018 W - Bayfair to get gift package off to Mike C, get Lotto winnings and a few groceries. Couple games of Dominion with KFC between. Watched Found.
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