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1959 Angi won at Monopoly®. Pete came to get shingles. Letter from Mom with news about my Little League team's loss to Tom-Tom. Had a bath which was basically hot water from the woodburner stove in the clothes wash tub in the back porch. Haircut in Redwood Falls. Began making a Monopoly game - drawing the Community Chest cards.
1960 Typed a report on Eisenhower's visit to Japan. Kincy and I pitched to each other. Warren, Chris and I bowled with the plastic pins. Grandpa came via bus and we took him out to Nelson's for supper. Angi, Sandra and Lynn were kicked out of the Richfield Theater [ed. - Angi thinks it was because they were so noisy].
1961 High = 84°F. Bill and I played catch and then worked on our bikes in the garage. His cousin, Marie, is staying with them for a week. Rode bike to Sundums and got a lift to our game against Babcock. We lost 4-3. I pitched a 4 hitter, striking out 9. But Gunther was playing 1st and cost us 3 runs and Kretchmer had a bad call at home.
1962 T - High = 72°F. We bought lumber and nails for the treehouse at Midwest Lumber Company. Receipt.
1963 Worked the games and made $9. Twins lost both to KC. Gave Olson a ride home and stayed for a coke.
1964 I was on duty from 3PM so I was there when they ordered hamburgers and I was on duty to carry it up to the room. Mick and one other (don't recall) were in the room getting dressed and the manager was rushing in and out between the rooms getting them to speed up and get off to the show. So amidst all this tension I show up and Mick tells me to put the tray down at a certain spot. And I do it tips, spilling orange juice all over the burgers. So I go to the kitchen and explain that I need the order done again only to be told by the redneck cook that he ain't doing it for them queers. It needed to be done ASAP and that is how I ended making new burgers myself. They gave me a big tip and went off in the cars taking the food with them. [ed. - It was a year before I would realize who they were]. Mick had signed the meal docket and no way could I find it].
1970 Murray and I went to Breeze's for dinner and afterwards we discussed the play [ed. - MPH and I wrote it].
1971 I was the official photographer at Dave and Kelera's wedding. Had a rehearsal at 10AM - in the school chapel. Polished my shoes, got dressed and went to Whites' to wait it out. Ivan dropped in. We had to push his car to get it going. Ian took movies of the ceremony and Rongorongo was also taking stills with his new camera. McDougall drove the bride-to-be up in his car. Phil was best man. Short plain ceremony. Down to the bure where mats were laid out for group photos and then grog. Magiti in the school dining hall. I went to Breeze's for Scrabble and didn't go to the reception.

1972 Brochure for a book (Miles Chart of Hot 100 by Martin and Daniel Miles) that has a graph for each Top 100 song showing its weekly position. Well, I had to have it, so I wrote out a check for $84.50. Stayed up until midnight drawing.
1974 Completed a three part metric poster and put it onto the window by my desk - to help shade my head from the sun. Busy organizing teams for Birkdale visit, Mathex, Open Evening and Jr basketball uniforms. Finished reading The First Circle - kind of book you hate to see end. Drew a wizard for classroom.
1975 Charted my coin collection. Mom and Brenda brought us to the No Mpls house. Letter from Steve M who is in Vancouver now. Sorted through mom's pennies in a big Galiano bottle. David and Brenda helped mom pack. Took down shelving from closet. Jim and Pat came to get Brenda and argue over how many coolers should be taken on the Canada trip.
1976 George, Steven, Warwick and I played half-court and was a good workout. Watched Rebel Without a Cause.
1980 Th - Brought Ne to a garage sale and bought her a jewelry box with a dancing ballerina ($1). I got an attaché case for 25¢. Home to get Mom and David and we went to another garage sale where I got a book case for $5, When Gail got home from work we went to Wards re-opening sale but didn't get anything.
1983 Su - Picked up kids at Towns and on our way Ortonville. Stopped at Benson A&W for a late lunch. Camped at Big Stone Lake Park, Minnesota by ourselves (42 sites). Set up big tent for first time and that was difficult with no instructions. Went for a hike along an overgrown trail - very windy. Heard a tornado warning in force. We decided to stay put and after supper we packed up the car to be ready for a quick get-away. Pelicans in the lake. Kids and I climbed the trees.
1985 W - Spent some time at Geoff Beales seeing his setup. Brendon Hall and Terry Bowden from IBM came and we fixed the memory card in Abernathy's PC. We spent 2 hours talking and they gave me a lift home at 6PM. Went to Ken McKnight's to see what he had on his Commodore for his computer presentation he was to make at St. Mary's.
1986 Drove to Wiri for a meeting with Sue S, Julie Morris and Warren to try and straighten out her AT order/networking mess. Found a Goofy pirate, and a Goofy puzzle at MCC. Picked up a trivia book, Fantastic Sixties Trivia book. Placemakers to buy 5 pieces of pine for $33 (bookshelves). Got to mill at 12:30PM and found Wojciech at my desk. He had put SimScrip onto my computer and I spent an hour with him sorting out his problem.
1987 Rolling Mills changed their bulk order from PS 60's to PS 50's. Then after I arranged the changes with Peter Rann JV told me that he had convinced Peter's boss to supply 60's no matter what. When I got back from helping Dorothy it all began: Graeme arrived with a model 30, Geoff with an order for an XT and a fellow called Leo Rolfe with money to burn. So I stayed until 8PM to redo bulk order.
1988 Ian, Susi, Steve and Matthew joined us (video). We did the "Suspension Bridge" track to a Wairoa Dam lookout that gave a 360° view (video). Gail brought Cabby along. The women beat the men in a quick game of bridge.
1989 Spoke to Robert Olsen on phone. Seems perfect for the training job. Gave Steve a lift home. Postcard from Mom.
1990 Dave Wright dropped in with a T1000SE and an XTPROGOLD for me to trial. Left at 3:15PM to buy an oscillating heater - walked out of PSIS after 10 minutes of no service, DEKA didn't have any and Wichman's too expensive.
1991 Gail and I went for a walk. Finished On The Night of the Seventh Moon.
1992 Doug called - now he wants to learn BASIC. Ne went to school "social" with Melody Lowe's daughter.
1993 Su - Drained van radiator prior to putting in leak-stop. But I cracked the plastic plug. It was 2:05PM, so I zipped into town hoping something might be open - nope. Found Aldies painting the surgery parking lot. Wrestled Trish when she made a comment about painting their garage roof. Used teflon tape to get the plug back in. Watched All Blacks beat Great Britain in last minute on a kick by Grant Fox. Put Ginger down as his kidneys had shut down.
1994 Ian and kids over. Played "Around the World" (basketball) with Jackie and Matthew. Reminiscing and supper.
1996 W - Mike Williams manage to destroy a week's work when he copied the wrong direction when attemping to backup to a floppy. Poor Ne is off to Hamilton for Field Days and the high today was only 10°C.
1997 Th - Finished reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Dictionary of Kiwi Slang. At school until 6PM with Krassi. Doug over for RnR Scattergories.
1998 F - Korean exchange student taught me "hello": "Annung Ha Se Yo". Elaine, from Canada, over for coffee with Gail.
1999 Sa - Hickford's to finish fixing the computer.
2000 M - Scrabble. email from Vall (cancer has returned).
2001 Helen called as a friend is installing an IHUG Surfboard. Night class - I did scanners and then Kath did digital cameras (her first go at teaching). Photo is the one she did as an example.
2002 Painted the living room walls (covering the ceiling paint). Talked to John who just graduated from high school and was a state wrestling champ - he's out on a skateboard a lot. Photos of Gail's birthday from Trish.
2003 Brundell called and and sent 4 emails with work for me. He stopped me on way to Pukekohe. Dropped off photos to Ngaire then over to Smith's to return their computer. Brundell's, who can't print. Home for a quick shrimp meal and then to Doug's for Rock 'n Roll trivia. Met Marcia's son, Luke. Doug can barely move due to his bruised ribs.
2004 Brundell and Deb came by with more clivia photos to sort through for the slide show. They stayed for supper and a spicy 2003 Sacred Hill Pinot Gris.
2005 Warriors game was good to the last minute as usual. Built a 20-4 lead over Storm at half and then hung on to win 24-16. Worked on Emery's 4-gen photo.
2006 Skunked. Gail and I went to Brundell's for a meal with the white label Morton Estate Sauvignon Blanc. And I worked on his computer. Listened to the Twins 7 - Orioles 5 in 12th on Morneau's second homer.
2007 Liz Heywood's (smelling from her son's aftershave!) for the first time to talk about her website. Over to fail at installing printer for Mike and then we had a go at some rock n roll trivia.
2008 Ne and Bonnie went to house sit at Elaine's for the next two months.
2009 F - Elaine left at 2PM. Emery's to check laptop - works okay for me. Then we went to the games, getting there before the Jrs game began and Ann was able to get one of 300 bags filled with goodies for women. Juniors rolled over the Knights 34 - 6. Iva Lumkum sang a couple songs. Then the big boys managed to win 13 - 0, thanks to my man Lance and new boy Kevin Locke.
2011 Su - Went to Warriors with Russell and his friend, Murray. Juniors won easily and the big boys blew a 22 - 4 lead to lose to the Tigers (and refs). Listened to the Twins 6 - Indians 4. Made a card for Mike C.
2012 T - Brad and Domi in a Coke® commercial that his firm made. Magic Bullett O-ring from David with his latest business card. Finished Masters of the Vortex thereby completing the series. Dominion.
2013 W - Made a card for Madi. Beat Anna and Ash while David and Gail played a couple games of petanque. Split the cribbage games. I always yawn and have to blow my nose when we play. So Gail says: "Just like Pavlova's dog". I imagine that she had a dog, but wonder if it's nose leaked while playing cribbage.
2014 Th - Gail had Mah-Jong ladies over, so I was in my room. Couple games of German TTR.
2015 F - Printed out the many pages from 5 forms for Dad's broker. Russell called (OZ with Houghton and daughter). Lost cribbage game. Bath. email from Irene - Paul split his head in the Czech Republic. Graham Norton Show was brilliant (clip). Finished reading The Forgotten.
2016 Su - The boys came for Canadian GP. Kim brought a Balinese fellow, Adi, who is staying with him for 2 months. I was lousy in both races. Max brought a "plowman's" cold meal and a very burnt pecan pie.
2017 M - Listened to the Twins lose to Tampa Bay in 15 innings. 3B to do yard work (transplanted raspberries), patch toilet walls and put in a new doorbell. Watched Jurassic World.
2018 T - Boys over for Spanish Grand Prix in the rain. Began using cumulative boosts up to 6. KK had pole and led the whole way to win by a turn over Hans who made a valiant effort to overtake me. I took a chance at end of second lap with Bunko. Anything but a 12 was good. I rolled a 12 and out he went.
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