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1959 Drew and colored in a main feature scroll-movie, "Invasion" about aliens.
1960 Began a treefort in cottonwood that is on our mutual boundary; nailed on the steps and started the floor [ed. - about 3'x2']. Signe and Lyn came in and I stole Signe's shoes. Jerry, Signe, Billy, Kincy, Steve and I played whiffleball.
1963 Postcard from Kincy. I finished reading North of 36 by Emerson Hough. Played catch with Chris. Worked the Twins win ($3) over Tigers 1 - 0 on Killebrew's 15th homer.
1967 Roger Miller and wife stayed at Holiday Inn, arriving in a big ole Cadilac convertible; and I check them in. After work I talked to Leah and she told me about her trip to Expo 67 and she is moving to Australia.
1968 Steve and Les came with me and Darrell to find an apartment near the university (Erie St. SE) [ed. - handy as I was a full-time student]. Put a deposit down. Postcard from Chris and Mom in Chicago. postcard
1970 After school I watched Rewa get stomped into the mud by Tovata [ed. - rugby]. The field was covered with a couple inches of water making it a fun game to watch.
1971 Sakeo M, Inoke M and Peni S are like the 3 Stooges and we all had a good laugh at them in Maths class. Swapped prep with Ian and had an easy time with half of the boys showing up and 2nd half voluntary.
1972 Played buckets with Penny and Chris and they washed the stove. Eric's for bridge with the Whites.
1974 At lunch I taught Kerry Bovaird, Julia T and Julie H how to count points in bridge. Des complimented me on the "jelly" question I made up for the exam. Ante-natal class: saw a film "As the Twig is Bent", a Maori film about bringing up kids and showed us home-made toys.
1975 Called Mrs Echendahl about renting her house in Dawson. Gail took the bus downtown to have Angi Xerox her resume. David ran a fever all day and was up until 1AM. He sings whenever the radio is turned on.
1976 Mr J came to the gym during lunch where I was running an offence practice. Basketball with Te and Gail. Lost to Lakers 25 - 41. Perry got upset and left early. I got 6 of our 8 points in the second half. Also got knocked down bruising my back and arm.
1977 Finished Tai Pan. Gail went to squash with Aldies who stayed for lunch. Down to Y to run foul board for the Rotorua-North Shore game. Telethon: $160,000 at 12:45AM (tape).
1978 Su - Doug came over with magazines and stayed for a coffee. His brother, Steve, brought me a red ribbon that the team got for winning the tournament today by beating Edgewater in the finals 22 - 14. Nigel F called me to let me know that they had won. Moved my desk and bookshelf into the livingroom.
1979 M - New car won't start (again) so Gail had it towed in for repair. I actually said something at the PR meeting (numeracy and restructuring). Simon gave me a lift home and tried switching batteries but wrong sizes.
1980 W - Began moving house shingles from against house to under tree and removed nails as I did it. After supper we drove out to Towns..
1981 Th - Had a demonstration of the new laser printer. Postcard from cousin Steve. Mike C said the crates have been picked up. Kids had a kool-aid stand (5¢/cup) and sold 16 bags of popcorn at 4¢/bag. Made $2.28 and a profit of $1.58. Went for a run with David on the bike. Sent Gail Tom Thumb to get an 8-pack of 7-UP for $1.29 and she came back with a 2-litre for $1.49 (or twice the price). Ne stepped on my sunglasses and broke the frame. Gail brought them in and they were repaired for free. Went to Tanners Lake at 7PM. Kids played on the beach while Gail and I played tennis. Joined the kids who were playing with a 3-year old, Ben. Ben's father beat me in P-I-G.

1982 F - I got skunked at work. Paul made a CLIST for cribbage results. Borrowed Strom's ladder and painted brown over the blue trim.
1983 Sa - High = 91°F. Town's to visit Gail's cousin Paul.
1984 M - Painted the upstairs bathroom heat register black and Gail didn't like it, so I re-did it in gold. Managed to see the end of David's game - they won 17-0.
1985 T - Colleen Ross showed us a very nice two story place on Albion - no trees, poor neighborhood and worst, $99,000. David got $10 from Grandpa for his birthday, a nice letter and photos of Sugar.
1986 W - Alan beginning to take charge and trying to get me to organize meetings. Got a Purchase Order organized for Janet Prime's computer. Meeting with Varney to tell him again why we shouldn't have compatibles only to be told that he has okayed Excels.
1987 David was on the Counties Country Schools Volleyball rep team. St Mary's School is the middle of Papakura, a city??
1988 OZ trip: Drive from Melbourne to Grampians. Go to Trip Report
1990 Ian Scherger, Neil and I had a review meeting in Nuttal's office. Ian gave the PCS staff a lesson in Applause II using a Megabyte datashow. Straight in to an Operations User Group meeting and from that sat in on Lance Coburn's Annual Plan. Stayed until 6:40PM.
1993 Brought Ne into Auckland to have a look at a Graphic Design display. Stopped at TL and traded in my 256K memory chips for 1Mb and now have 4Mb RAM. Watched Rugby League test - OZ won 16 - 8 in Napier. Three game balls were stolen. Jelly Bean died.
1994 Tiled kitchen wall. Got school's CD-ROM drive and was able to hook it up to a Mac at home. Played the Joan Baez CD that Sanders had given me on my 45th (back in 1991).
1995 Gail and I walked to the mailbox. Picked up Ne at Rainbow's End along with Jason and Tania Stewart. Watched Warriors 16 - 12 over Magpies. Gave Jason a ride home.
1996 T - I am now taking Prozac, to reduce pain and help me sleep. Ne went to Whites. I brought Gail to Adventist Hospital, where she was in a double room by herself. Stayed a couple hours. Letter and cards from mom.
1997 W - Daniel came in and solved several B5 problems but couldn't get the Mites going on the network. Fab videoed Gustavo playing soccer and me. Card from mom with news that Gene died on the 14th, so I shot off a note to Angi.
1998 Th - Woody called from Micronesia to get Steve's contact info in Nauru for Taina's mother. All computer projects were approved by BOT last night, so lots of people gave me orders and want me to jump. I was ready to quit, so I went home. Thank You card from Tracy. Doug over for Scattergories.
1999 F - email from Ong who is now in uni. Finished Different Drum. Ann and Russell dropped Christopher off and Ian did the same with Matt and Jackie. We went to Sandspit, losing Paul on the way. Big crowd for the TP competition which we won easily. Went through a harsh '97 R&B shiraz, a rotten '98 Corbans SavBlanc/Semillion and very good '95 Corbans riesling.
2000 Su - Ian and Jackie over for a meal (Susi and Tracy in Melbourne) and chinese checkers. Looked at videos of Whites over the past two years.
2002 Day 4 of our Moab trip - Canyonlands, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon.
2003 Sounds and got Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers CD "Anthology Through the Years" with voucher Corinne gave me. Got Gail Meatloaf DVD for anniversary gift. Out to her place to get their wedding photos and met Jon. He's a painter and panelbeater also famous as one group of contestants in the "Finding J Smith" TV show tracked him down and got his endorsement. Read Robert Bloch's "The Living End".
2004 Ian brought us to TP at Mike's. Picked Susi up from Steve's in Pukekohe on way home.
2006 Gail and I went to Harvey Norman to get an ACER computer for Needhams. Should have been easy, but the one I wanted had been mistakenly advertised $300 lower than it should have been. So after 30 minutes and two managers I got a good deal on the next model down, with a floppy drive thrown in. So we got to Trish's for a late lunch. She and Gail went for a walk while I scanned in photos of Mt Studholme for Russel's 80th. Annette (relative) with baby Amber stopped in after also walking the gardens with David. Took David and me a couple hours with my laptop and I finally rolled it back a week and removed Zone Alarm.
2007 Legs hurt and I couldn't sleep so I watched Team NZ beat Alinghi in the second race for America's Cup. Skunked Gail. Chatted with Senad - still in Korea.
2008 We got an "Economic Stimulus" payment of US$600 from government.
2012 M - Skunked Gail. Tried Jelly Joiners: cinnamon+lime = cola, orange+banana = bubblegum... skunk
2013 T - Got the tire puncture repaired for free at Tyre Express on Titoki Place [3 years later they charged me $20). 3B where I prepared bedroom walls for paint. Skunked.
2014 W - Finished reading The Story of God. Gail brought me to Park St where Mikala took photos of my retinas. Ne over for Ora at Labora and a beef supper.
2015 Th - Finished reading River of Death. Won the cribbage game. Watched Vexed.
2016 Sa - Catan, 8ME-LL, KFC, and Istanbul. Watched Incredible Hulk.
2017 Su - Yardwork. After supper Gail and I tied for first in Lancaster.
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