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1959 Su - Sam came over and repaired our phonograph and television. I finished reading Gridiron Courage by Everett E. Alton.
1961 High = 42°F. Religion: my row turned in $2 for missions, so we were exempt from the quiz. In English we had our 6 week music test. [ed. - Brother Fidelis was in charge of the Glee Club, so he squeezed music into our English lessons]. Instead of history we had gym. Kelley, Brevieu and I lost 62 - 16 to Townsley and Whelan. I made 12 points. enlarge
Pat Whelan
1963 In Guidance we had Colston. Went to Bill's for a Night Owls meeting. Steve came for supper and he slept over.
1968 After work Darrell, Dan, Les, Judy and I ate over at Dees. Played Po-ke-no. I was the winner ($1.45). Met Dee's son, Tom, his wife, Ann, and their boys, Casey and Mike.
1971 Dad wrote that he has a "lady friend" in Anoka.
1972 Down to Whites to try out his new massager and play "Stop the Bus" and "Oh Hell".
1973 Dr Purvis for the first time. Found out that prescription drugs are free! Found a neat bookshop and bought a few things including a set of 6 metal puzzles. Smithers brought over a letter from Vilisoni. David M brought over some vegetables from his mother (we had given them bones for their dog last week). enlarge
1974 TV at the Breeze's including Two Rode Together while sipping a good Corbans rosé.
1975 Basketball practice with Meteors, then the boys. I ran Cagers through a drill and Rudy worked with the new boys. Lyndsey, Fiona and Tina paid a visit. Classified seashells with Gail while we sipped tequila.
1976 Caught three kids in 4C writing on desks, so I had them in at lunch to scrub all the desks. After school meeting of 3rd Form teachers to go over new rules - Phil Kerr got mildly upset. Did lesson plans in my room until 6:30PM and from there basketball practice until 9PM. Roger, Stephen, Wayne, Dean and George. Basic drills and screen plays. Alderson gave me a lift home.
1977 Board of Govenors had morning tea with staff. Spoke to Mr Hirst and Geoff Braybrooke [ed. - taught his daughter]. Lynette got a lot of work out of the textbook girls with a very tough attitude. Meeting at Y: I was elected Chairman of the Manukau Secondary Schools Basketball Association.
1978 W - Kept David Musk after school for 8 minutes. Inspector Mitchell dropped in on my 3rd from class as we were fighting over how to divide. They are taught differently in NZ and I was showing them the way I do it. First senior trials and 19 boys showed up. Ran them through fitness tests with Hawkins and Alderson.
1979 Th - Senior trials. Trish brought CHRISTMAS GIFTS - wine and Creme de Cocoa!
1980 Sa - Rained hard all day for the garage sale. A trader bought $73 worth and we sold another $82. No dishes now so we are eating out of plastic containers.
1981 First run of the year. Went looking at neighborhoods around Western Life building. Kids were covered in mud after only a few minutes outside.
1982 M - Tried to do a precompile using SPF and got an abend. Warren Sarvella came down looking for the dump. Curt skunked both me and Paul. Typed up page 1 and page 2 of PC journal. Brought David to CCD class.
1985 F - Semi-annual review. Told Chuck about the NZ Steel job. Bob and Mom were over with Jim and Pat's new dog, Terri, a west highland terrier. Fancy meal with an excellent St Johannis Wonkeller '81 Liebfraumilch and listened to David play a song on the xylophone, then slides of NZ and home movies.
1986 Sa - Mom called at 8AM - she just wanted to talk. Bought a lawn chair for $15.99 at Foodtown that has switched from paper bags to plastic ones. Tried an excellent French white by Drapier while there. Palmers where we got a bougenvillea, hibiscus and let kids buy house plant each. "Didn't You Kill My Brother" song and video by Alexei Sayle is all the rage.
1987 Picked peaches and pears. Watched The Aliens Are Coming (Pt 1 Pt 2).
1989 Ian Johnston and I sorted out his next two computers. Card from Mom. Card and letter from Inez. Watched Taxi.
1990 Bob and Lynna back full of stories of their two weeks in the South Island. "The food was great". Chatted with Lynna until 1AM and finishing off an '88 Selak Pinot Blush.
1992 So African Grand Prix. I won on last move just edging David. Ian wore his bike helmut.
1995 Gail went to Auckland to march for parity with Secondary teachers.
1996 F - Big emergency when Noeline couldn't print the weekly newsletter. TP at Bert's. I was in an ornery mood and had every one laughing with all of my sharp barbs.
1998 Su - Waiuku with Ne to look at 33 Colombo. Wife didn't know that husband had said it was for sale. But after 10 minutes or so she agreed to let us walk through it. We all loved it. Sad shape but so much potential. Gaye advised us the government valuation and said we could probably get it for $30,000 less but having lost two properties by having price upped after we made an offer, I told her to offer GV and no negotiating.
2001 Berthe's where I tried out her hospital bed with the vibrating mattress and explained Napster. She calls me the "TP Whisperer" because emails from Ann, Mike and Irene all arrived on Saturday after she had quit the group. email from Ve who is studying to be a stewardess. Doug beat me at TP, but then he was asking me questions like: What instrument does Osian Ellis play? (harp) What does pizzicato mean?
2002 Daphne's where we gave up on Mcafee and took 2 hours downloading eTrust. Stopped in at Emery's to give Christopher birthday gifts. Paul's for TP. Sarah joined us with heaps of English lollies. She enlisted my help to convince her mother to get a new computer. As we were leaving Paul said he has a problem with Outlook, so I told him I'd give him 15 minutes but I had to get Gail home. Turned out that anti-virus not updated for 4 years and requires a lot of work. enlarge
2003 Sa - Brundell showed up and I helped him renew his anti-virus. Ian came and forced me into the pool. After supper the Whites invaded and we had the final race of the year. I spun off at end letting Ian past and that tied him for championship with David.
2004 Read Poe's The Masque of the Red Death. Oscars and Peter Jackson's LOTR kicked butt, winning 11 and had Billy Crystal saying; "There is no-one in NZ left to thank" and "people are moving to NZ to be thanked".
2006 Gave Christopher his card and gifts. Saw his photos from BDO. Picked up Ann's old laminator for Gail. Stopped in on Bert to see how he was doing. His prostate op was cancelled because he has a leaky valve in his heart. Home to lose cribbage game - Gail had 4 of a kind TWICE.
2007 Afternoon at Brundell's. Cherry Mathison brought her computer over. Ian came for a swim and visit with Susi.
2008 Watched 10 Things I Hate About You.
2009 Ian came for a swim and supper. Since pool had cooled to 23.5°C I decided to try 100 laps and I did easily.
2011 T - email from Pacita, who I taught in 1969. Dee brought her laptop over so I could backup files. email from Akariva with photos of his beach home.
2012 Th - Blackmore's to discuss handles. Won cribbage game, helped by a 28. Chinese and Alhambra. email from Newsy with photos from Mexico. Watched Tarzan Triumphs and Back From the Front.
2013 F - The Sound doing A-Z has me pealed to the radio for the next week. Skunked Gail. Exchanged emails with Stephen W who wants more of my Fastfood items. Dominion. skunk
2014 Sa - Slept until 11AM. 3B to weed, change car oil (couldn't remove filter), polish stainless steel shower basin, water plants and spot paint roof shed. Watched Friends With Benefits and A Gifted Man.
2015 Su - Up until 4AM with numb toes and red hot feet. Kim's where we play tested Martin's "A Handful of Stars" (after two games I was just catching on) and "Detective" with Sean (three games and I had no idea). Home for supper and a game of Pillars with Bev and Colleen. Found out that I am credited in Mythtopia and Onward to Venus instructions.
2016 T - Bank to exchange US notes (don't except torn), buy a real leather belt, get some ruby jewellery for Gail and then Countdown. Watched I, Frankenstein.
2017 W - Yardwork interrupted by Sandy as we had failed to complete the contract amendment. When Gail had Heather witness her signature I brought it to the office and continued on a 90 minute walk along beach and doing 3 flights. Burgundy. Watched McGyver.
2018 Th - Terraforming Mars. 3B to clear more from the shed and do a little yardwork. Watched 9JKL, Insert Name Here and 60 Days In.
2019 F - Up at 12:20PM to find Kizzie. Gals were out for lunch with Cheryl - Rachel had gone to Waitomo. I joined them for a walk on beach at Taylor's Reserve. Then it was time to get Cheryl back to the cruise ship. Pruned. Couple games of Azul. Set up the new TV Recorder - needed to buy a digital to analog converter and will need to buy a DVD player.
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