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1959 After school I went to Elliott to ref basketball games. We went to the Shrine circus at the Minneapolis Auditorium. Acts included Walendas. Afterwards, mom got us down to backstage and spoke to The Human Cannon Ball, Hugo Zacchini. I got his autograph [ed. - but haven't seen it for at least 50 years].
1961 High = 51°F. In English we read Pyramus and Thisbe. We had an assembly for the Austin Pacelli (Shamrocks) game. Bowling league: 119, 114, 123.
1963 Steve and I played cards in back porch. De lost to Benilde 36-33 in State semi-finals.
1969 Watched Mission Impossible episode The Bunker.
1971 White and I have created a monster. Rongorongo is unbearable now that he is the star. Marist Brothers are trying to raise $100,000 for a new school. I am sponsoring Epeli's boy in a walk-a-thon, "Strideout 71" at 5¢ per mile.
1973 Finished taping Paul's Radio i records. Figured out the 2 nail puzzle. "Make today a cheese day". Pauline and Bobby picked up their mattreses. Mariasouccés gave us peaches. Hoovermatic (small washer-drier combo) broke down on its very first use. [ed. - The drive belt had fallen off during delivery].
1974 Evening of slides at the Breezes (their trip to Vanua Levu and our trip to South Island).
1977 Stephen Alderson and Chris Wareham helped with textbooks at lunch. BB practice after school - had a half court game. Guy on corner now lives in a trailer home and he has an Irish Setter that comes over to our yard. Nigel and Leslie came over to talk basketball. Aldies visited.
1978 John Saddler quit so I spent 1st period trying to get books organized for his two classes. Mr Mitchell observed my 6th form class and it was all Greek to him. Selected my A-team and most of B-Squad, but had to have Emile and Alan J stay after for a special workout. Lamorna stayed after school and covered two sets of books. Letter from Frances W (in Oz picking grapes). Trish over with photos.
1979 Gail had brought Te to the doctor who sent her to the hospital. On the motorway she said "the motor fell out of the car" [ed. - king pin broke] bringing car to a halt. Luckily, no one was hurt and Gail managed to get a lift and was able to get David to the operation on time. The car was towed to Kirks Bush mechanics shop.
1980 Su - Went to Breeze's new house on Red Hill. Deck built around a large puriri tree complete with treehouse. Gave Simon my head demagnitizer. Three hours of drinking beer. Renee and Julie got on well.
1982 T - S2K course (PLEX) with Lou. Skunked Curt. Called home and asked David to tell Gail to put the coffee on. Instead they went to Woodbury to pick me up. Luckily, was able to flag her down and switch cars.
1984 F - Picked up glasses with new right lens, but I think the prism is wrong, so won't wear them. Armstrong Carnival where we played the games, ate and did the cake walk with no luck. Kids' photos on wall for their "Outstanding Achievement" certificates.
1985 Sa - Sold the microwave to a couple guys who work for the world's largest sheepskin tannery, south of Hastings, so they knew all about NZ.
1986 Su - North Shore to Takapuna Beach. Nice enough with sand, but houses all along and very crowded. Renee practiced on surf board for long time. Water real warm.
1989 Peter dominated our staff meeting again (he's supposed to be an observer). Complained about Norm M trying to take over. Spent a couple hours with Peter and Norm C trying to get approval for two more support staff.
Norm C
1990 Brought Bob and Lynna to Sheepskin factory to get a rug for their dog, Teddy. Aetoaroa where I bought a wool duster for me and lanolin soap for Kathy K. Stroll through Botanical Gardens including a bush walk on a non-existent trail. Lunch at Georgie Pie. Karioitahi, stopping at mill outlook. Beach empty and they loved it. Ne and I brought them to the airport. Candy store with US stuff. Bought two Kiwi slang books, a NZ tree book, butterfly paua broach for mom and three patches for David (Mt Egmont). Christmas box from Lesser: Kent Hrbek doll, M & M's, Tootsie Rolls, chili powder and paprika.

1992 Watched Jase TV.
1994 Made a "jeans" card for Gail. Saw Purvis about mole on arm and test for cold feet. He found a hard edge on my liver so we'll investigate that.
1995 Gail on strike and the teachers marched around Papakura. I picked up a stereo/US VCR and Walkman at Spragg's. Gail went to a paper toll class.
1996 Sa - Made Phobia birthday card. Card from Joyce. Ian stopped in after shifting Steve and Sally to Auckland. Gail bottled pears. David went to Ben's 21st and got home at 5:30AM.
1997 Su - Dale and Roy brought us to Allely House in Kumeu for a meal on verandah. Had amazing Selak '95 Sauv/Sem; we split a case - $7.30/bottle.
1998 M - Up at 7:30AM for my first day at Waiuku College. I knew straight away that I didn't want to work there. So many problems that were beyond me. Such a mess and it will only get worse. So I tidied up and did a project for Carol Anderson. Told Ian that I wouldn't do it and left at 11:30AM for an easy afternoon at Rosehill College.
1999 T - Harlan and Nancy arrived around 3:30PM. Talked until supper and then until 1AM.
2000 Th - Laps. Card from Bill. Card from Joyce. Doug over for Scattergories and he stayed overnight.
2001 I found the ice pops that I had hidden in Dec, so I can finally give them to Ne.
2002 Breezes visited. Ian joined us for a 2000 Nobilo Chardonnay. Supper with a 2000 Paso Del Sol Cab Sauv from Chile. Viewed "Undieground" animation that Chris created and also a promo from the BBC outfit where he works. Photos of their Rainbow's End place and Julie's finacé, Adrienne, and their place in Lynfield, with the amazing refrigerator story. Many plane flight stories over blueberry cheesecake. Photo from Matthew. Watched "Unbreakable".

2003 Up at 11:30AM still groggy. emails from Brundell and I turn around and there he is all worried about the anit-virus purchase we made yesterday. Soothed him through that only to find his car leaking coolant and making a racket. I figured water pump and told him to call AA. Joyce called to wish Gail a HB and I was able to chat with her - she sounds so happy and perky. Chatted with Peter H. Ian and Susi picked us up and we went to "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" Gardens for a stroll and then to Mt William for a more difficult stroll to communication towers at the Puketutu trig. Poor Ian slipped 3 times and probably was the cause of his new binoculars being bent out of shape. We lost Susi early and convinced Gail to go ¾ of the way but only the men made it to the top. Took back roads to Pukekohe so Ian could show us a field of olive trees. Short stop at veggie place so Ian could purchase sour plums. We got home and Susi went to Indian neighbor to get eggplant and pumpkins while Ian has a swim. Ne had made a great lamb roast supper and superb dessert.

so close


our goal
2004 Watched Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.
2005 Laps. Paid water ($155) and electric ($227). Brundell's to check out the "C" walkway that should be an "S" shape, back up files and give him a USB CF card reader.
2006 Steph has moved out of her room into a tent in the pool room. 35 laps. Mike over for first session of the year of Scattergories over a excellent bottle Taylor's 2003 Cab Sav.
2007 Laps. Last week a boy was bashed outside of college, he led a walkout of students who felt the school wasn't a safe environment. It made the national news and principal was on TV saying "there is no violence at the school". Well, what a backlash, PPTA voted to complain about him to the Board of Governors. The three local papers are loaded with letters and everyone has a violence at the school story. We hear that people buying houses in Waiuku are cancelling. So me thinks we might have lost a hefty amount from our future sale price. EM's for KFC and then TP. Warriors supporters' goodies: scarf, playing cards, tickers, magnet, keychain and mouse pad and a Flava bumper sticker.

2009 Ran into Joan and heard about the arrival of Dave's mother to live with them. Dee's and checked out the salon which is finished and needs fitting out.
2010 T - email from Newsy with photos. Harris upset that office lady had put up signs and balloons about him being 50 today. All my numbers are good and I also had my flu shot.
2012 F - Tootsie products in NZ in a variety bag. Sanded spice rack. Dominion.
2013 Sa - email from Bev (games night with Colleen, Ian and Emery). Won a cribbage game by getting back-to-back KK555 hands. Came across a Timberwolves game on Māori TV station.
2014 Su - Finished Never Go Back. I was at 3B weeding when the gals arrived (a day early, just as I suspected). So I stopped, did a quick cleanup in the house and finished spot painting the shed roof. Home for coffee with Gail. Highlight of the trip? Her speeding ticket in Waimakariri - she was accelerating at the time so it could have been worse if the cop had waited. Ne over for supper. email from Emery (Chris and girlfriend heading to OZ).
2015 M - Played 8 Minute Empire with Colleen and Bev. Martin brought me to Max's where we play tested A Handful of Stars, Ships and Detective (Shalom ruined it with infantile behavior). Martin came in to meet the ladies who asked him to design of board game that featured pretty flowers. Get well card from Trish. After supper we played Concordia.
2016 W - Saw Kevin - kidneys good, so its a back muscle causing pain since December. BP down with new pill and I will monitor for 10 days. While waiting for script I bought a Gore-Tex rain jacket at Katmandu. Watched Code Black.
2017 Th - Little yardwork. Crashed. Catan and Burgundy after supper.
2018 F - Weeded. Called Russell to tell him about the house situation and then spoke to James for 20 minutes ($8).
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