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1961 Su - High = 45°F. Played 21 with Bill and Sandra. Basketball all afternoon with various people: Kincy, Steve, Bill and Sandra. Played with Squeaky in the garage. Snowball fight: Kincy and me against Sandra, Angie, Signe and Lyn. Kincy and I listened to Signe playing her trombone.
1963 Started volleyball in gym. I am in the top ten for algebra in the whole school of 1640.
1965 Oil change cost $6.73.
1971 Biology lab taking shape - wall to the tuck shop knocked down. Jemesa has moved it into the prefects' room. After school we took some of that scrap wood to use for the play. Taniela B planed and Joeli T made triangles for flats.
1973 Landmovers are reshaping the land across the road and there are big changes daily. Lorraine gave me three albums to tape. Woodwork class where I began building a bookcase. Mogford was impressed with my ability to draw the plan. 5 others in the class. Brought home the knickknack stand I made.
1974 Modelers' club after school. Went to girls' basketball practice. Rollo and his gang had a game and then I took shots. Finished Doystevsky's Devils - bit a vague ending. Taped Wolfman Jack on 1ZM, but I think it is an imitator. 52 rubbish bags were delivered - one per week for the year. If we need more we can buy them at grocery store.
1975 Supervised a 4th form Engineering Theory class. Des D's class was trying to work out pi. Sat in on a slide show of Oxford, NY by Kathy Morris. Two more 7th formers have quit because of Middleton. Afternoon with project students. Basketball AGM: Jack Pres, Bev Sec, Rudy and Neil on committee. David's first tooth broke through.
1976 6ths listened to 6 different radio station tapes. Anna came for help with surds at lunch.
1980 W - We were going to walk to Knott's Berry Farm but bellhop said he was driving there at 12:30PM, so we went for a walk around a residential area. Got there (ticket) and went on the Timber Mountain log flume and it was a big splash. Calico Mine ride, and haunted shack (visual tricks distorting gravity made me dizzy) and we all had a go at the shooting gallery. Beary Tales was a good ride for the kids. They liked bumper cars (Wheeler Dealer) best and the Tijuana Taxi ride almost as much. At the farm the goats tried to eat us. Kids went on a carousel that was pulled by a donkey. David went onto the log flume a few more times before we left. Courtesy Car brought us to a shopping center where we had supper at a Big Boy. Shrimp! Root beer, Mountain Dew, Rocky road and strawberry pie for dessert! Called folks to tell them of our arrival. David couldn't sleep so he and I stayed up in the bathroom where he did mazes and I listened to KEZY.

1981 Th - Gail had an interview at Carver. Paul skunked Curt and me. Watched Buck Rogers episode Shgoratchx!. Listened to the Gophers get knocked out of NIT by 9 points to West Virginia. Scribbled with kids.
1983 Sa - David went to Northwest Airlines with Cubs for a tour of a plane and a hanger.
1984 M - Lady who called substitute teachers asked me if she could speak to my mother. Told her she lived in another city. Watched "Kate and Allie" first episode Allie's First Date: most - open/close.
1985 T - Letter from Alan Dougall so I called Des Chapman at NZ Steel and found that he had chosen CAT and it would cost us $5000 for our share. I told him it was way out of line with other quotes. Watched Kevin Nealon on Carson
1986 W - Lunch with Prasad. Discussed the food likes and dislikes of countries. Installed dBaseIII for Robert Cram. David wrote a good poem likening the sea to a cat. Currently being harvested from our yard - apples, pears, peaches. feijoas, passionfruit and goosberries.
1988 St Mary's Gala. Video of Gail at White Elephant Stall - Kathy and her mum. Skydivers. Bought Formula 1 and Formula 500 boardgames, a lot of SF books, "20 Solid Blasts" album and Stay Awhile by Dusty Springfield for 50¢ each. Ne and Tracy. Chatted with Yearburys (her leg killing her and Jacko told me about WWII days in Pacific). George Hawkins (video with Liz Dunlop) complemented our David and told me I should call his brother, David, who is filthy rich. Bumped into Aldersons, Lia, Nicola Todd. David and Dwyane (video Dwyane and Kushla)) helped out at the White Elephant stall. Jackie had cut her hair way back and she was a real handful as Whites stuck it out for the whole day waiting for the raffles (they didn't win anything). Ian bought a stereo system at the auction (Vince in action). They came over, kids went to the pool (now has a dome) and then we played croquet. McDonald's for supper.
1992 Letter from Joyce - having left hand knuckles done. Got skunked twice at cribbage. Chinese takeaways and then a walk. skunkskunk
1993 Tore off garage window trim and the shed door overhang and rebuilt the window. Purvis lanced sore on my nose. Cabby had removed some of JellyBean's fur so I added struts across the bottom of the cage. TP at Ann's.
1994 Put Māori onto computers. Ne babysat for Mike Jackson, friend of Ann and Russell.
1995 Whites when Ne came home from work. After supper we played bridge.
1997 W - Helped Fabiola find a Bolivian newspaper on the Internet. Spent an hour after school with Japanese girls planning for the weekend.
1998 Th - Doug over for alphabetical Scattergories.
1999 F - Senad (with a Goofy from Singapore) and Titania came at 1:30PM. Went to Karioitahi and were the only ones surfing. Tide going out but we got good rides. Lunch on windy beach and then home and into the pool. They stayed for supper. TP at Emery's.
2000 Su - Gail is making a swan at stained glass class. Japanese Grand Prix and Ian won his only race of the year.
2001 Ne and I picked Chieme H up at King's, brought her to Papakura and showed her where Yuki had lived and Rosehill College. We were using the Japanese dictionary often as her English isn't very good. New World to show her pickled onions, since we couldn't translate that. Met Trish and Scruffy there and also had a quick word with Steven M who Chieme thought was a cool dude. Chieme was quite positive that she wouldn't go surfing, so we went to Maraetai for lunch on the beach with the seagulls and sparrows. Chi is very funny and we managed to have a lot of fun even if the words didn't make sense. I called her a Teletubby because she makes cooing noises and wavered between yes and no often, so that we never really knew if she understood the question. Home to meet Gail and back to Melissa and Jason.

not Chieme
2002 Laps. Emery's for 4 hours of vertical texting and backing up. Picked up my Warriors season pass.
2003 Made a Beavis & Boof-Head card for David A. Laps. Aldies to give David his card.
2004 Gail skunked me. Picked up Ian and brought him to Irene's for TP. Was a long hard slog with British questions.
2005 Ne and I watched Duplex.
2006 40 laps. David, Gail and I went to mini-Whites for a bbq and to see Matthew who is over for the week. A little tennis ball cricket. Shane Oliver with his fiancé, Rachel, came later as did Tima. Stayed out in garage away from perfumey house. Watched Murder at 1600.
2007 Five hours at Brundell's, backing up files. Skunked Gail. email from Taina who was snow-bound in Phillie and asking me to tell her sister that she'll be a day late flying into Auckland.
2008 Laps - water no longer warm. Physio where Heather tried to massage out a couple knots. Susi informed me that Ian McFadyen died on Saturday. Picked up the mower - $45 because a bit of dirt in carb.
2009 Gail took a taxi at 6:30AM to Middlemore. Drove to Middlemore and got to Ward 11 at the same time that Gail did from her operation. Metal was removed and they debrided the wound. Boh was very helpful and got Gail a supper - she arrived too late to have one ordered. Apparently someone left and they had an extra. Gail was starving having not eaten since yesterday. Emery's to give them the sports radio and photos of James.
2012 M - email from Nigel F with photo of his son. Won cribbage games. Photos from Heasley.
2013 T - Russell called. Card from Jane. Got skunked. Cleared around orchids. Dominion. skunk
2014 W - Ne walked to Papamoa to meet up with Gail who was at book club. Played Smallworld.
2015 Th - Gail brought me to see Saunders who thinks I have an allergic reaction to the preservative in the Pred Forte, so he has given me a supply w/o preservative. David here for the weekend. After supper with Ne we played Catan and TTR.
2016 Sa - Our Hotmail accounts have been hacked, so spent time trying to sort that out. Won the cribbage game.
2017 Su - David and I played petanque and I won two normal games, then we tried hitting a normal size ball on the fly. Home to play "Ships" for the third time and beginning to understand it, have a chicken dinner with a lovely 2015 Kakapo Pinto Gris and then finished up with Istanbul, Concordia and Dutch Ticket to Ride.
2018 M - Having the parrot lillies removed. Met new gardener, Darren. 3B to help move a dressor inside. Pie and Shipwrights. Watched Save the Last Dance and Super Size Structures episode Building Big.
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