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1959 School - In English it is my group's turn and we discussed Hawaiian statehood where my letter from Governor Freeman is a big hit.
1961 High = 42°F. Basketball with Billy, Signe, Sandra, Angi and Kincy.
1962 F - Watched Bewitched episode Samantha's Power Failure.
1963 Finished reading Bacon's Essays (read online).
1964 Bought Introducing the Beatles for $2.79. [worth $US950 in 2015]. Watched Twilight Zone episode The Masks.
1965 Haircut ($2), pair of shoes ($9.99) which my paycheck of $12.53 covered.
1968 Haircut and bought a bunch of stuff for the car. Also got Byrds Greatest Hits for $3.87.
1971 Letter from Peter at last. Pretty funny; we got a pile of books from the Ed dept to help "start" our library (we have over 4000 books). Dinner at Breezes with McIntyres and lost the Scrabble game to the well-educated lot.
1974 I took 4I Science and we looked at Venus and crescent moon. Donald Amundsen over to see about basketball for this year. Gail went to macrame and I went to Y for a committee meeting. Put in charge of Papakura Basketball Association equipment. Gillan demonstrated the 30 second clock that he had made.
1975 David Benson is going to do mathematics of tanks. A Miss Nagle sat in on my rock 'n roll class which covered magazines, charts and movies. (lesson plan). Sat in on Kerry's 5th form (muck up). Bridge lesson at lunch. Math projects with Graeme's third formers. Now have 49 students doing extension work. Meteors practice from 6-7PM.
1976 Basketball practice. Completed shed behind garage and moved the firewood into it. David can cut with scissors and put a jigsaw puzzle together. Watched Sea Song and Brian Edwards show on "Why Does NZ Have No Humor?"
1977 Finished Liberation of Lord Byron Jones. Doug gave us ginger beer bug, so we can brew. Kathy and Lia visited.
1978 M - Went home at noon not feeling well. Gail and Ne went to visit Liz. Ne helped me put sliding doors onto the liqueur cabinet. Gail built a slide for the kids (video). Trish visited.
1980 Th - Couldn't get my blue Samsonite to close so I taped it shut. $131.50 for two nights at the hotel. Took a Northwestern 727 ($721) where we each sat alone on an aisle seat. I ended up with 4 bottles of Petri rosé from the meal. Mom, Angi, Jim, Chris and Towns were at the airport. To Towns for a visit. Angi and Chris crazy about Ne. Dick showed the 8" pin that had been in his leg. To Mom's and set up home in her garage. Watched "Mork & Mindy" episode and Fridays.
1981 F - Finished Strawberry Fields Forever. Watched Girls HS basketball State tournament and had to get used to hearing "person-to-person". Watched Fridays - Battleboy.
1982 Sa - 2.5" of snow overnight and we have a new seasonal record of 89.3".
1983 Su - Bought a Lil' Oscar cooler bin at Target.
1984 T - Lunch at Attic with Kathy K. where we plotted what Tom should do with his interview with Chapman tomorrow. Watched "Shaping UP" first episode intro.
1985 W - Typed up thoughts on BASIC. Exit interview with Marsha. Gail drove to U to get our syphilis results. Mom and Bob picked up the picnic table and some other stuff.
1987 Dogs to Drury. Stopped at Wilderness Gems in Ngatea. Ne bought a rose quartz ($3.50) and David bought a smokey quartz geode from Brazil ($23) and a blue lace agate from Africa ($2.75). Paeroa, then Karangahake Gorge where we walked across the bridge thru the tunnel and along the stream to Owharoa waterall behind a stone battery. We lucked out and got back to the car just as heavy rain hit. Rotorua, ate at McDonalds (Maori motif) then Ngongotaha to the Waiteti Trout Stream Holiday Park to end up in a small one room cabin.
1990 Purvis gave me a flu shot and anit-biotics. Auckland with James and since we were early we went to Hancock's where I bought 3 rosés including a Goldwater from Waiheke ($23). C.E.D. for Apple presentation with Peter Taylor. Met Alex from California and he gave me a run down on where to visit. Dave and Marilyn were there.
1992 Purvis couldn't see anything wrong with my ear. Having tests, as I try to convince him to consider M.E.
1993 Postcard from cousin Steve. Today was "sanders" day. Finished sanding back door - new sander is wonderful. Kathy Sanders stopped in with birthday gift for Gail.
1994 Ne went to school with me and engraved. Bridge game on the lawn until dark.
1996 W - Christine Buist's LCIII doesn't start - I've had it for two days with no time to look at it.
1998 F - Heap of work at school. TP at Berts.
1999 Sa - Gail bought 3 Goofy toys at St Mary's Gala. Chat with Susi about her stacking job
2001 Snail mail from Lundholm with photos from '80s and their new granddaughter, Shealynn. Invitation to Smither's 50th. Returned Roche's huge microwave and fixed up an IE problem for Shirley. Roché is now working in Albany so he is driving over 200Km each day. Trish picked up Ne who now spends time watching the boys so Trish can get out on her own. Night class - let them print, in color, the picture they made in Paint and showed them internet.
2002 Elaine over for a swim and returned our ride-on part that Bob fixed up for me. Chatted with Fab and called Eammon's house for her. email from Eliason who is busy handling US harp convention registrations. Payne's to checkout his tablet and decided to get a cheap one.
2003 New tire for the van at The Tyre Shop. Bush started the "liberation" of Iraq, so its non-stop coverage. Gail went to a talk by Miss Easy-Peasy.
2004 Laps. Gail and I went to the first Warriors game with Ann and Russell. Introduced myself to Steve and Jeff only to have them booted out later (they were in the wrong section, eh?). Started out well and only a stupid pass in final 30 seconds found score tied at 10 at the half. But the second half was amateur night and they went on to lose 16-10 to St George Dragons.
2005 Gail did Round the Bays with Whites (did the 8Km in 1hr 15min), so I spoke to Joyce when she called (winning at KMart Bingo). Called Mom and talked about Bob's passing. Swam with Ian. Repaired the aerial and we have TV downstairs. Mark Synnott on Vodafone TV commercial. Watched NZ lose the Sevens World Cup to Fiji. Watched The Body.
2006 Made a card for Simon. 41 laps. Afternoon out in the yard. Lost 120 - 128 at cribbage.
2007 Doctor said I have mild diabetes. Taina called from her sister's in Birkenhead. Trish dropped off a card and gift (a child's umbrella?) for Gail.
2008 email from Signe with a photo of her father with Burt Blyleven.
2009 Laps. Mrs Speedy delivered Girl Guide Biscuits. In to see Gail. They are talking about a bone graft being done. I had TP bandaged up and that made her laugh. Her blood pressure is too high (199) so on a third pill (felodipine). She has a push button bed this time. And a special PICC line since they can't find access the normal way. Played cribbage. TP at Mike's.
2010 Sa - Card for Simon. Had a hurry-up call to get to Papakura by 4:30PM, which I did, only to then wait for Russell to take 30 minutes more to get going. Then we drove to Otahuhu railway station to pick up Ann, but she hadn't gotten onto a train yet. So another 30 minutes or so before got to the Stadium. Juniors blew a lead and ended up with a draw. Ivy Lies played a set and were very good. New cheer team is the Lion Red girls. Warriors had a half-time lead and went on to beat the hapless Sharks 30 - 16. Manu was unstoppable with three tries and some good bust-ups. Russell having teething problems with their new car. Murray Lindsay, DJ on Classic Hits, sits in front of us. Each game he is there with listeners who have won tickets to the game. email from Cheryl that Joyce in care home and very frail.
2012 T - Dominion. Helen called.
2013 W - The women beat me and Ash and then Gail beat us again. Skunked Gail. skunk
2014 Up at 7AM to get to hospital at 7:40AM. Nicky was my admitting nurse, she handed me over to Martina, Operating room nurse. Then a quick word with surgeon Duthie and anaesthetist. Waited an hour with Gail before a short walk to the room where I chatted with in Hindi with Rashika before I went under. Awoke in Ward 3 where Dale, Leanne, and Gill took care of me and three guys who were forestry workers from Rotorua. Duthie told me that a stone had grown around a staple the the bladder neck partially blocking it, so in addition to lasering off the scar tissue it was also removed. Gail came in for a brief visit. She returned after I had my chicken supper (asked if I wanted jello or ice cream - I said "yes" and got both) we split the cribbage games. There were five or six other ladies who came around to help. I was leaking and needed bedding changed. Around midnight the catheter was removed, so I could toss and turn and actually get some sleep. Difficult as the large Maroi fellow snored, talked, sang and exploded in his sleep. I pretty much got only a little sleep and was wide awake at 4AM.
2015 F - Up at 9:30AM but back to bed and missed out on doing the Mount with David and Gail. email from Kelley. In bed until 8PM - flu. Played Bora Bora with David and Ne.
2016 Su - Left at noon and went through Paeroa. 2.5 hours later I was in Papakura for the first time in years. Russell in golf tournament at Te Kauphata, where he has bought a house to be built. So James drove us to the game - taking back roads and a few tries to get into the jam packed parking lot. Our seats were taken so we sat in the next row up. Warriors were in it until the very end (highlights) and once again the refs were very biased. Chatted with Peter, who at age 75, is still cleaning the team uniforms. Picked up newspapers, 10 Simple soap (from Emery) and a Goofy candy from Russell.
2017 M - David left in the morning. Yardwork. 3B for more yardwork. Watched The Wrong Girl.
2018 T - Long time getting TopStyle and Thunderbird going on laptop. DVDs won't play on main computer. Pruned. Bayfair - meds and CareSens batteries from Judea. Birthday card and Scratchy card for Simon. Countdown and we were off to Max's for a barbecue. Gail left and we had the final race: Brazil. Shalom crashed out in the first lap and went off silently in a huff never to be seen again. I had my usual race in last place from start to finish. Regan won his first race. Medals given out - I finished 4th so missed out. Max edged out over Shalom for first place. Bubbly toast. I then gave Jamie a Vroom alarm clock as consolation prize for finishing in last place. He gave me a ride home.
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