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1959 Mom bought us fishing sets and we went to Lake Pepin by Lake City where we fished and played baseball. Brought home the extra minnows, but no fish, so we roasted weiners.
1960 Bussen filled two upper teeth. Signe, Danny, Paula, Billy, Warren and I played battleball. Warren, Kincy and I explored the house being built next to Newstrom's.
1961 High = 74°F. Day of Recollection at school. We pray, read religious books, listen to talks on "our goal" and Cardinal virtues. Mass and Benediction and we were out at 2:10PM. Went to Babe Ruth meeting and our new manager is Mr Engebretson and the new coach is Mr Sundum. White and I picked scrimmage teams and we played a game.
1963 My first paycheck ever = $25.90, clear $22.66. Worked the Twins 8 - Chisox 6 game. At the game were Chuck Slater, Jim Breitenbucher, Ron Labiak, Tom Olson, Mark Plasha and Dick Bastyr.
1971 Letter from Gail who has a job at Le Centre at $7400. Sounds like an ideal place for us to live. One from Heasley who can't afford to go to USP. Boys are back for 2nd term.
1972 First day of classes. Afternoon getting the set up in the chapel. Fed Meli and Navitalai.
1973 Cleaned chain on Teresa's bike. Practice at lunch. Kicked Kevin Parry out of class.
1974 Into Auckland where I was blown away by American Graffiti which was my life. Bussed to Mitchell's for a meatball meal. He brought us to Radio i studio (on Newton Rd) to see all the albums and the broadcast booth. From there we walked downtown. Ran into John Greenhill. Managed to get the Express bus home.
1975 Jane gave us macadamian nuts, Kona coffee and guava jelly. Picked up Rachel Sato in Lapahoehoe. Dropped off the rental car and checked our bags in at the airport. Volcanoes National Park with Fujiokas. Watched movie in the Info Center, walked Desolation Row and into the Thurston Tube. Lunch at the Volcano House. Back to Hilo and Asaichi's sister's place. Rainbow Falls and the beach. See Hawaii photos. Jane gave us leis as we left for the plane. I had carried Te (age 10 months) to the rear of the plane where I stood holding him. John Denver, carrying his son Zak, emerged from 1st class and he ended up standing next to me. Instead of music, we two proud papas exchanged views on fatherhood and babies. And Zak "gave" David the plastic lei that he had been wearing. Had a flat Almaden Pinot Chardonnay. San Fran at 12:30AM and no Boardman at the airport, nor at home nor at his parents, so we ended up going to a Holiday Inn, finally getting to bed at 4AM.

1976 Term II. I wore my gloves for the first time. Showed 4H the slides I took of them. Began Groups with 6ths and 5ths started Pythagoras. All the boys showed up for practice. Aldersons stopped by to get apples and watch TV.
1977 8 students from Bullen's class. Noeline back from OZ. Aussie exchange student in 6th form class (up to 34). Very busy at morning interval selling $63 worth of stationery. Had Anna fire the "oh dears". Patricia says that she wants to quit maths extension work. So busy at lunch that I didn't have time to eat. Jr bb boys reporting in, 3S girls covering books, 4U girls working on projects. Catherine and Brenda in to talk about Chaotics. Lynette quit. Basketball: we beat Papakura 27 - 7. Tape from mom.
1978 W - Parent Interviews after school. Many pleasant chats including one with Audrey D.
1979 Th - Mary Ann and Megan's first day at stationery. Helped Nadine and Delwyn with prep for Maths midyear exam. Protective grills put onto stationery windows. Huge packet of items from Linton, Indiana.
1980 Sa - took 35W through North Branch on our way to Taylor Falls where we walked around rock outcrops. 3 groups abseiling. Barbecued hot dogs at a picnic area and roasted marshmallows. Lent charcoal and lighter to a couple who had forgot theirs. After chow kids went into the river. Drove home along the river. Stopped at Stillwater and had free drinks from a REACT station.
1981 Su - Watched Silver Streak and the very first episode of The Lone Ranger.
1982 M - Larry Tokson called and wanted re-rates done this month, so I got busy pulling policies from the database. Letter from Nadine with an ad for boats Martin is doing. Kids and I walked to Hillside and I kept score. David got a clean single - this time they only lost by 27-7.
1983 T - Busy at work putting four things into production. David had a solid double to left and we won 12-5 game at Hillside. Coach had his son pitch again and he was just as bad walking in 4 runs in the first inning before being pulled. I can't believe that Ron doesn't realize that Jeff is not a pitcher.
1984 Th - Biked up to David's Mariners game. He struck out twice. Had a chat with Gloria Royce (her son being Billy).
1985 F - Meeting with John and Alan about PC vendor proposal. Alan wandered often from the subject. Even got John upset at one stage which is a rarity. Alan not happy either. But we made up a plan and I have to talk to alot of users next week. I gave a nasty call to IBM that finally got Peter North to reply and we get some action. Ian Mckim and I finished going over the Policy report. I checked with Alan as to status of Data Administrator before we produce the final report. He said it was external to IC, just forgot to tell me. So Ian and I had spent several hours arguing a moot point. And I won. Kids and I walked up to the YMCA to watch Nigel, Wayne and George play. Ran into Graeme Green, Ngaire, Joe, with grandchildren. Leslie, Sam Noon and Alan Johnston played in the following game. Jack Hari gave me a tour of the expanded building. We talked to him about Ne doing gymnastics. Jack quit (again) as president of PBBA and at the moment no one runs it, so there was some pressure for me to take it on (again). But the standard of the play and reffing is still so poor that I don't want to get involved. Talked to the boys (young men now) and told them I wouldn't coach their teams. We stayed until 9:30PM and watched a little of a girls game. Sam coached the Papakura girls rep team to NZ championship this year.
1986 Sa - Kids and I went to Melsop's going out of business sale. Bought a volleyball for $18.80, fish rod for $10 and some household items.
1987 Power went off just as second series of The Good Life began. First fire of the year.
1988 Monty ran across the road for the very first and last time - big truck. Gail had been chatting with Betty by the mailbox and he saw a dog on the otherside. Gail brought the body to Isaac Low for cremation, called me and carried on with her SPELD students. I came straight home. We went to MOT to sign up for lifetime licenses [ed. - nope, law change put us onto 5 year ones]. Picked up new distance glasses. Left eye feels wrong right from the start. Met one of Gail's students, Elizabeth M, Nigel's niece.
1990 Two hours with Lance Wickman and Graeme Hadfield from LINGO.
1991 Brought oscillating heater and electric typewriter both in for repairs under warranty. Finished reading Avenel Dictinary of Saints. Brought Ne to Chapman's to babysit.
1995 Checked noise on van and the fan cowling had loose screws (since new radiator put in). Chat with Robson who is taking computers at night class. Steve Graham (sold Conifer Grove place) in to see David. Ian came to pick up his lawn mower. Jason over and we all wore the red socks he had given us. America's Cup victory parade today.
1996 F - TP at Ronda's where we met her new guy, Barry O'Shea, and her boarder, Phillip. Ronda has an abandoned car in front of her place and can't get anyone to remove it. Pam came up from Matamata.
1997 Sa - Picked up kitchen doors from Mike ($20) and put them up. Bought floor tiles for kitchen at Placemakers. Over to Aldies to setup the new computer.
1998 Su - Pukekohe Warehouse for the first time and found Tima and Trisha both working there. First ones to a church in Pukekohe for the AFS party. So I played basketball and soccer with a 3 year old Sam. Soon everyone had arrived except for Laure, who had invited us. Played a game of Headbanz - I was Elvis. Laure arrived with Ong and Petsch (from Thailand and at James Cook). We played light a candle and blew it out with a balloon. Played pass the parcel. Gail won AFS shorts, AFS spoon, AFS pen and an AFS button (ironic since we were the only family there not associated with AFS). Then it was pass a Life Saver via toothpicks held in your mouth. Keep a feather in the air blowing through a straw (I should have won, my feather got stuck in the winner's face. Supper followed games. Mr and Miss Counties AFS handed out awards and we had farewells from each AFSer. Each thanked their host family, except for Laure who said: "her family was probably doing something else (she hadn't told them the purpose of the meeting), but she wanted to thank me, Gail and Renee". Met Ong's host parents, Matthew and Penny Beal. Met Andre from Brasil, Laura from Paraguay and Sonja from Austria. (excerpt from letter)

2000 W - Woke up to find 2 horses coralled in our paddock. Ne brought them to their owner (2 properties away). Mailed raccoon mirror to mom. Broadhurst's - gave her a mouse and helped with XL lessons (her sister Denice B is paying $6000 for computer training). Sandspit until 5PM. Night class did an XL game (guess a number). Marion Stone and Mike Keat said that there answer was my age which they pegged me at 57 (I am 53).
2001 Stephanie brought her belongings over for storage, including her Holden Barina as she is off to France for four months. She gave me a bottle of 1999 Twin Islands Chardonnay for bringing her to the airport. Finished reading Agatha Christie's Ten Little Niggers.
2002 Walmart to get cat food (mother now has three kittens). Inez called. Shranko's to watch the Twins beat hot Angels.
2003 Needhams came for a meal and pool - Elaine's first go at it.
2004 email from cousin Linda who had an eventful school trip to Duluth and Cities. A pukeko wandered around the property. Hour with Michael on math. Cold day = smoke from the fires. Finished The Groucho Letters.
2006 Freyer-Raisher's thinking it would be just a checkup. Nope, illegal XP, so I brought computer home to rebuild it.
2007 Afternoon at Brundell's - new lake being created. Elaine came from the hospital to have supper with us, watch TV and stay over night.
2008 Gail and I brought Elaine to airport (visiting cousin in Napier). Searched for tiles and curtain rods all over. My music computer fell unrepairably apart. Watched Dexter.
2010 M - Found a white-tailed spider in my room.
2011 T - Postcard from Tracy. Dominion.
2014 Sa - Jury summons but since I am over 65 I don't have to do it. Alhambra, which I just won. Watched Apollo 18. Watched Sorcerer's Apprentice.
2015 Su - Stone Age. Watched Iron Man 3. Watched Revenge.
2016 T - email from Newsy with photos. Watched "Man Against Crime" episode Fraternity of Five and "Quartermass Experiment" first episode Contact Has Been Made. Ne over for Onwards to Venus supper and watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug with us. I watched Dixon Of Green Dock and the first episode of Adrian Mole.
2017 W - Gail brought roses to Anna, and her broken hip, at the hospital. 2.5 hours at 3B putting up a washroom cabinet above the washing machine.
2018 Th - Discovered that the CPU fan from my old computer is the correct type for the new one, so I'll be back in business.
2019 F - Got a B12. Kevin refering me to an ENT for my tooth pain (bought clove oil) and told me to eat spinich (which I loaded up on) for bowel problems. Collected bonus Lotto ticket. Terraforming and Burgundy. Colleen called with update on Bev (at Middlemore for another week) and Dave (shingles). For supper we had the Indian food box - Taikka Masala for me and buttered chicken for Ne.
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