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1957 We drove to Bechyn for Aunt Margie's wedding. She married Fred Hartmann. Reception/dance at George's Ballroom in New Ulm.
1959 In Gym I did 8 pullups and 17" in vertical jump. Mortenson and I were asked to make a display for Social Studies.
1960 Billy and I went out together - he sold $10 in Christmas Seals and I didn't make a single sale (Christmas cards). Luckily, Angi and Lyn sold a couple boxes of cards. Drew some Benilde [ed. - our arch enemy] football game posters.
1961 Carved a pumpkin and painted it. Drew a picture of Elizabeth Taylor. Watched Vikings 10 - Packers 28. Saw Bill dressed as a woman. Called Kincy.
1963 We got our graduation photos. Howie was stopped on the way home because the cop thought he had stolen the car.
1964 Watched "The Munsters" episode Low-Cal Munster.
1965 Took Kincy to Wards at Southtown to meet Nancy (men's clothing). He didn't believe that she was as beautiful as I said, but he flipped over her. Bowling and my highest series - 211, 211 and 204 for 626. Watched Hogan's Heroes episode German Bridge Is Falling Down and Addams Family episode Halloween in Style.
1966 Mom bought a '64 Oldsmobile Cutlass 330hp red convertible. Organized to rent vacant garage across alley for $5/month. After work brought Steve to Norm's for cards. I came out ahead again.
1967 Watched "High Chaparral" episode Doctor From Dodge.
1969 Hawaii - Peace Corps training: Details in Peace Corps Journal.
1970 Up at 6AM and checked the boys. Raining hard - found later that it was Cyclone Deborah. When the rain stopped around 3PM we spotted three whales off coast putting on a show. Went to White's to use his telescope.
1971 3B Maths - row 1 won its first contest on Relations. First conversation with Pua when he told me that a boy had stolen a dozen matches from Deve's.
1972 Hayson's to celebrate Dianah's birthday.
1973 Enlargement movie with 4ths. Science saw a movie on combustion. Smithers gave me a lift home and stayed to play billiards. Bruce and Jill over in evening for billiards. Letter from Penny (Teruakai hung himself).
1974 Finished reading One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. Couple more tapes from Mom: Vikings 16 - Detroit 20 with a letter. Heather and Jamie stopped in. Gail went to pottery class and is disgusted with the instructor.
1976 Letter from Paul with a cassette of Skyhooks' Straight in a Gay Gay World album. Basketball: we beat Karaka Flats 27 - 8. I made 3 layups off of steals.
1977 Sa - Doug and I carried his heavy dentist chair down from 1st floor surgery on Gt So Road put it onto kids' red wagon and wheeled it two blocks to his new surgery. No energy left to get it up a flight of stairs. Saved when a large Maori fellow came down the stairs, saw our plight and lent a hand.
1978 Su - Walked over to Sanders to check out their yard. Jocelyn Lawrence was there.
1979 M - Blackie, from Radio Hauraki, came to the school at lunch and was the DJ for us. A big crowd gathered as word spread. John Forrest had invited him. Susan Murison had gotten me a Double Banger ticket from her father's store in Mangere (pre-sale)- the stores we had tried were out. My leave for next year was approved by the Board of Govenors. PR meeting after school. Three boxes from Mom - shorts that I can't get into, Christmas coloring books and an interesting Milwaukee newspaper.
Kevin Black
1980 W - Lecture on Symbolic Debugging. Went to Tunucci's in Newport for lunch. Went with Dick and returned with Dave. Mom came with plenty of Halloween treats and a big flourescent lamp. John and Diane came along to Penny's to buy a large pumpkin. After supper we made a jack-o-lantern with Mom's help. Then we looked at slides. Watched Carson: tape.

1981 Th - My promotion photo has been posted. Paul beat me. Put plastic onto exterior side of bedroom windows. Second coat onto master bedroom ceiling. Joyce sent kids Halloween cards a with $1 each.
1983 Sa - Ne in Cottage Grove Halloween parade with her Bluebird group as a tap dancer (David tagged along as himself). From K-Mart to Cottage Grove Square (Sue Kainz). Since parents walked with kids it was estimated that the marchers outnumbered spectators by 2-1. Put panelling onto train room walls.
1984 M - High = 52°F. Gail brought kids to Skatetime. I sold some paperbacks for $3.23.
1986 W - Auckland to attend IBM workstation seminar. Terry Bowden started off with connectivity, then Token Ring, Customer Support Centre and Infoshare talks. Christmas shopping on Queen Street. Ne's birthday box from Mom: cat with radio inside, M & M's and Snickers.
1987 Handed in my statement that I will no longer do overtime. Mike dropped off 7 Model 60's and I left at noon. Ian, who spent day at immigration arrived in need of a letter from his employer to support his application for residency. He spent the night here so he could get back there ahead of lines tomorrow.
1988 Chadwick's to check out "garage sale" - got a wall clock for ICW. Ne went to see the pandas with Girl Guides. Played a round of putt-putt (25). Aldersons came by for a gin and tonic and chat. Their boys were spitting at them and on the verge of rebellion. The Alderson no-hit method seems to be failing. David and I watched The Fly which was great. Gothic boring and Body Double.

1989 Lions Fireworks Spectacular at Massey Park. $20 to get in. Ne left us to hang out with her friends. We sat up towards top under the roof. Tom Sharplin and the Cadillacs blasting away by the food stalls. Bungi jumping from a crane. Parade and then Mayor Sir Barry Curtis gave a very flowery speech followed by George Hawkins who sounded like a hick."Top Town" contest (the teams go through races to test various skills while being distracted by opposition, usually with water. Like walking on a greasy beam across a swimming pool while being pelted with soaked sponges.) between Papakura, Manukau and a Lions team. Morris Jones was on the team (video). Michael Cullen and cousins joined us in the crowd of about 5,000. Army Engineers put on the fireworks display.

MCC band

Georgie H
1991 Drove to Harrah's for breakfast where I had scrambled eggs with lox. Drove to the Golden Nugget and had some luck there - photo. Walked to the Pioneer where we took a river boat to Riverside where mom won again. I bought a pewter Goofy for $39.86 and Joyce thought I was crazy at the Pioneer where women shared a chili dog. I bet $32, won $31.75 and then lost the whole $64. Back to Prescott around 7PM. Letter to Gail (pg 1 pg 2).

1992 Betty gave me a book, Waitaki Dammed, where she and Ben lived in the 20's-30's.
1993 Mills changed bandage on my knee. He said that the cartilage he removed had ruptured to a shape like a nuclear explosion cloud. TP crowd here.
1994 Watched Vidiot.
1995 Su - Finished reading Crime and the Law.
1996 T - Fridge light bulb ($5). Adrian Homewood began helping me. Steve G's Lifebase went bust when Norwich pulled out of a 400 copy order and IBM failed to become a partner. So no job for David there. Night class was vey hectic. Letter from Steve M who is now working in Baku, Azerbaijan (photo he sent).
1997 W - Made up a Computer Usage report. Lamorna stopped in at school - she is up because her father is dying.
1998 Th - Laps. Doug and Ian over for Music Mania.
1999 F - Bobby South brought the Goofy of mirror that I had commissioned. Completed audit at Sandspit and began the office network. Watched Kiwis smother Britain.
2000 Su - Gail and I went to Brundell's for supper.
2001 Postcard from cousin Steve. Dilworth Audio, had my hearing checked and spoke with Dr Gordon (Otolaryngology). Apparently no change over the past 4 years, so still no hearing aid. Stopped for petrol at Mission Bush BP and ran into Steph and Ne who was buying water (5 mins from home). Freyer-Raisher's to remove SirCam virus. Tony over to say that a rock from David mowing the back paddock went through the windscreen of his new Holden Rodeo.

Andrew G
2002 Last breakfast with Dad and Lavonne. Angi called to say "goodbye". Left Ne behind to fend on her own. Dad picked up Agnes and we brought her to a hospital in So Mpls and then drove past our old neighborhood (our house burned down) on way to airport. Lesson learned: don't fly to AZ in Oct/Nov as that is when all the elderly snowbirds go south. Getting on and off twice as slow, once on the plane the stewards need to move people to their correct seats. Laptop checked for explosives at Phoenix. Short flight to LA on SkyWest - scored a Oatmeal Cranberry cookie. Bought a brass Goofy keychain. On the 12 hour flight to NZ I sat next to Elizabeth from Anchorage on way to Tasmania with a tour group. And Brent, a Coloradan with a French/Canadian wife in Montreal - researching geomorphism at Lincoln for a year. Watched Men in Black II and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

2003 email from Chris (another film award). Diane's to get camera downloading. Watched Hangman's Daughter starring Temuera Morrison. Read "Coventry" by Heinlein. Bells and got them back into Hotmail.
2004 F - Audrey's downloading EZ upgrade. Ne and I to Owens Road in Mt Eden to see Dr. Shieff for the first time. An hour of questions ($285). Got lost and ended going home via the airport. Mike's for TP.
2005 Steph showed us Flo's wedding photos. Picked up Susi and scraped car side on fence backing out. Our big surprize was Brundell's "friend" - turned out to be Berthe (haven't seen her for two years). So it was a McGuigan 2004 Shiraz, a meal with a Ngatarawa 2005 SavBlanc, followed by David's photos from his Holland visit, pumpkin pie and a Ngatarawa 2004 Cabernet Merlot.
2006 email to Shranko to cheer him up after Tigers bombed out in World Series. Watched Kiwis beat British team 18 - 14. Gail skunked me when she got home with many more river stones.
2008 Tam and son have begun removing old plaster from pool. Letter from Hayson and a card for Gail from Lyn Davis. ecard from Vitu. Got the "event" number from the Police. With that I was able to lay an insurance claim. Angi called and we had a nice chat. Ne and I went to see Gail. Since it was drizzling I decided to pay, so parked on road and put in $4, which it said it recieved but then only gave me an hour limit instead of 2! Bev and Colleen stopped in with a magazine, grapes and card. The Ledbetters came with flowers. Gail is now sitting up, can drink by herself, has had 3 blood transfusions and is off oxygen. I brushed her teeth (hospital staff don't do that?). McDonald's for supper.
ex Jesoni

ex Lyn
2010 F - The two Ann's, Bev and Colleen came for a fish 'n chips meal with a pomegranate bubbly before TP with Ian.
2011 Sa - Gail and Ne had tamper proof screws put onto car plates. Put shelves and bulletin boards up in my room and put out Goofy things. Called Russell. Watched Kingdom of Heaven.
2012 M - Finished reading The Poetry of Rock. Few more hours removing paper at 3B. Double skunked Gail. Watched Magical Mystery Tour: Revisited. skunk
2013 T - Tauranga Hospital where Breanna ultrasounded my bladder and kidneys. Read "The Three Low Masses" by Alphonse Daudet.
2014 W - Colleen's to organize her garden hose reel. Skunked Gail. skunk
2015 Th - Watched Aussie Winter. Anna and I scored a combined 800 in online Scrabble.
2016 Sa - Turned veggie garden and limed it - then the usual yard chores. Painted bird bath. Stained the deck chairs. Postcard from Trish. 3B for yardwork. Watched Injustice.
2017 Su - Once the rain stopped I went for a 30 minute walk. Yardwork including planting the Royal Cape bush. Stayed up until 2:30AM to start recording Vikings game.
2018 M - Postcard from Steve. Ne's hair sent me to bed for 3 hours. email from Senad with photos. Colored a Goofy page.
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