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1958 Watched Lucy Desi Comedy Hour episode Lucy Makes Room For Danny.
1959 Billy, Paul, Danny, Chris, Bobby and I played war with Angie, Karen, Signe and Danita. We went bike riding - Kathy ran into my bike and tripped; her mother got mad and gave us a good telling off. Warren over and we read comics.
1961 High = 79°F. Looked at an earthworm through a microscope in biology. Drilled the 1st conjugation in Latin. Football and whiffle ball with Steve.
1962 W - High = 57°F. Went to Babe Ruth Awards Banquet. Lenny Green was the guest speaker. I went up to accept the Championship trophy.
1963 Howie gave me a Twins shoehorn.
1964 Watched Flipper first episode 300 Feet Down.
1967 Watched The Invaders episode Valley of the Shadow.
1968 Picked up my tux ($12), for Jim's wedding, at Skeffington's.
1970 Iliapi and Joji helped me all day long on the gardens. Sixth form boys removed fence from the chapel-to-road section. David built a foot pedal and brought up cadet drums from the Bulk Store, so now we have boys up all the time playing.
1972 $25 from Johnsons. Ian and I failed at bleeding his brakes. Played bridge until midnight.
1973 3rds turned in some great symmetrical designs. At lunch a boy had a seizure on the tennis courts and I was the first staff to him. Held him down and got a sweater over him.
1974 3rd form contest on money which row 1 won. Interesting guesses on the price of ordinary items. Bridge meeting at lunch. Catherine P elected chairwoman, Kay B secretary and Debra Johns treasurer.
1975 Began packing books to be mailed to NZ. David spent an hour "writing" at his desk while I went through joke files. Watched "Chico and the Man" episode This Hallowed Wall. Watched Don Rickles on Carson and the Mighty Carson Art Players do Colombo.
1977 HEB had 3 truck loads of textbooks to shred, but put them into the hall for teachers to take before doing it. Colin got 5 box loads and I spent the day going through them. Adrienne's first radio broadcast. Mortgage went up from 6.5% to 8%. [ed. - by 1988 they go up to 23%]. Postcard from Steve in Switzerland. Gayle over for a cup of coffee and visit. postcard
1978 T - 500 textbooks arrived and I had 4 girls up at lunchtime processing them. Mom sent $500 and instructions for her South Island trip. Gail went to a fashion show with Liz.
1979 Smithers over over for a meal with an excellent Penfold '76 Pinotage Cabernet.
1980 F - Bought a garden cart for mom and put it together. When David got home we went to JCP to get Gail's paycheck ($53), then to Maplewood Mall to pick up Chris' repaired TV ($25 for a 45¢ part). We have been watching Shogun for the past week.
1981 Sa - Went to PO to pick up a Circus magazine that had been forwarded (cost me 39¢). Watched Smurfs episode St Smurf and the Dragon. K-Mart where it took me 10 minutes to get an extension bar for paint pad, then 20 minutes in line (only 2 people ahead of me). Went to Cottage Square Mall, across highway 61, for first time. Found a great book store and bought a Reader's Digest home repair book [tossed in 2009]. Finished painting livingroom ceiling. Into attic (front hall closet) but couldn't find any sign of leaks. Strom brought his ladder over and I was able to paint the square above the stairs. Mowed one tank's worth of back lawn so I could set up croquette. But kids were too busy playing hide and seek with neighbor kids.
1982 Su - Ran football plays with the kids and I finished mowing the back lawn. Removed tar from car and waxed it. Listened to the Twins 9 - Kansas City 4 on Gaetti's 2nd grand slam.
1983 M - Took vacation day and met Steve and family at Perkins in Bloomington for lunch. He gave me some Perth newspapers and WA brochures. Julie was a cute well-behaved 1 year old. Gave her a Mickey Mouse towel. LaBelle's and bought a magic set for Te, jump rope for Ne and a Goofy paint-by-number. Put furnace on for the first time. Colored with the kids.
1984 W - High = 91°F. Bought Schwitters' dining table and chairs ($50 - got rid of it in 2011) and put ours in the garage sale.
1985 Th - Big muck up on Burroughs training. John Denton showed up in a huff and we had to see Kaj about setting up a program on the mainframe. Afternoon with him at Steel Plant looking at three cartoons about computers and analyzing the group's reaction. McDonald's for supper, then Foodtown where they had German (Goldener Oktober) whites to sample. Excellent '83 Reisling and an okay '83 Piesporter.
1986 F - Margaret Hutton started PC training and went home at 12:30PM. Gail teaching at St Mary's and Ne home with flu. We went to check Maxi Mart. Bought lots of books and calendars as gifts. Cricket stumps for Te and other pre-GST things. Fish 'n chips for supper. Letter from Hoffsis - Jim. in hospital after a pickup hit him on his bike.
1987 St Mary's staff, school committee and PTA function at the Woolstore in Wiri. Vince's map wasn't very good, so we spent 20 minutes tracking it down. Struck up with Pauline Middleton at first and she was very entertaining. They were in Fiji when the coup took place. Ewen into computers these days. Shared an excellent '81 Wynns cab-sav with Vince. Couple games of pool with him and Gail. Big tall Ron (engaged to Ana Coso) played basketball with all of my boys. Only a few words with Mike S., Quiggins and Mary Welsh. Had an OK '86 Mission Sauvignon Blanc. Presentations and then a show. Just when everyone left I ran into Brian Park, I taught his sisters. So we had a long talk about the old days and education. Turns out that it was he who pre-empted the flat at his folks from us in 1973. His wife is Tim Franks sister, amazed that I remember Tim.
1988 Gave Kerry Bailey (Ashton-Tate) a tour of the mill and then we had a meeting.
1989 Heart beating like crazy, so I was up until 3:30AM and very tired at work. Spent an hour with Ian Graystone of Ashton-Tate. Began Jill Butler on her DW4 training. Left at 1PM. Watched Shane and Beetlejuice.
1990 Back to work after 5 weeks. A Garreth from Manukau Tech here for two weeks work experience.
1991 Walked up to the water tank - can see Watson and Willow lakes, antelope, a pond behind Town's. Thunderstorm with much lightning. Joyce arrived at 5PM with Schmidt Sausage from Nicollett, MN.
1992 Went for a walk and then drove over for coffee with Kathy. Picked up more insulfluff and a couple sheets of tin roof. Finished making the Portuguese Grand Prix board.
1993 David popped barley - very small, but tasty. Mike took measurements for the kitchen cupboards. Gail and I bought a lead light shade for the kitchen.
1996 Th - Gail brought Betty to Middlemore and while there visited Doug's mother who fell at bach and broke her hip and shoulder. Doug over for RnR Scattergories.
1997 F - Day 74 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1999 Su - Whites over for bridge in afternoon and Britsh Gran Prix in evening.
2000 T - Sophia borrowed thyme and foil - her parents coming for a meal. Night class.
2001 Megan's (who rolls her cat up in newspaper!) with a few odd problems. Talked to Trish - her mother arriving tomorrow. First visit to Bell's for a couple hours on the computer then a couple visiting. Finished The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson.
2002 Mom back from her eye surgery at 12:30PM. Checked out the library - about 20 internet computers. Went to Dad's and were joined there by Chris and Celia for a trip to Mandarin Buffet. Chris recalls he snuck out of an oxygen tent (St Barnabas) to get a toy gun. Dad lent me a jacket for coming cold spells.
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2003 Steve joined Ian, Gail and me for TP at Irene and Paul's. Read Heinlein's "Logic of Empire". Fixed up an ad for Needham who is selling his Ford GT.
2004 David and I went with Whites to end of Peach Hill Rd and no Te Maketu waterfalls, so backtrack and asked a fellow who was mowing his roadside. He informed us that we needed permission to go across neighbors' land but they weren't home. So we walked back to explore the stream at the base of a deep gorge. David didn't follow Ian to the olive trees, so we ended up back at Steve's and had to wait until the big people got home with key. Played Break the Safe. Had supper there and I ended up drinking a whole bottle of Stoneleigh '02 Chardonnay. Watched Simpsons Halloween special. Neli, Tima and Mario joined us. David drove Ian and me back. I brought Ian to college where he shutdown the servers, and then brought him home. But had to go back in search of my wallet which of course was in the car.

2005 Pukekohe to stock up on pool chemicals ($585). Got a DVD player at Dick Smith. Spent some time figuring out how to record sound tapes onto laptop.
2006 Postcard from Brundell in So Africa. Lost cribbage game.
2007 email and photos of Loruama from Woody. Quick stop at MacFadyen's to unspook Grace. Bombay for 4 hours of not being able to do anything because the broadband was almost dead.
2008 Tammie Dobbs of Conifer Pools came out to look at pool. He has relatives in Minnesota. Went in for a chat with Steve, the physio. Finished Andersonville. Papakura where I joined Ann and Russell off to Mt Smart. Ann was interviewed by a televsion reporter. Bought a steak/egg burger at the Gourmet Shuttle. Watched the Under-20s beat Panthers 38 - 4. Capacity crowd at 25,000, that included Winston Peters. Move played before the main game. Warriors were down 13 - 6 to the Roosters at the half. Sweet and Sour performed. And so did the team, holding the chooks scoreless while piling on 24 points for a convincing win and a spot in the semi finals. Big crowd - many cars. It took us 25 minutes to get from where we parked to the side road out, then 11 minutes to get to the street. So I got home at 12:20AM.

2012 W - Joined by Alan Burt for first time at petanque and he beat Ash. Skunked Gail. Dominion after supper. Watched Dan Candy's Law. skunk
2013 Th - Watched NZ beat Oracle in an America's Cup match race. Anna over for Scrabble and Aqua Vit. Shot out to Kiwi 360 to buy a Titoki liqueur bottle for us and a mini bottle for Colleen which we brought over after supper.
2014 F - Up in time for our Scrabble game with Anna. email from Newsy who is having headaches. Dominion.
2015 Sa - Clayton and Kim over for 4 races and I did poorly. They had DB lemon drink and thought it was lemon flavored beer, but its not.
2016 M - 90 minute walk was a bit of a struggle. Ne over for 8ME-Lost Lands and Chinese. I watched the Vikings first game in U.S. Bank stadium beginning at 12:25AM (highlights).
2017 T - Zipped out to Papamoa for groceries and $30 Lotto win and was back by Noon. We brought the car and dog over for the afternoon. IRS ignored answering me about inheritance and want to fill out 3 forms that gobbledy-gook about Capital this and that. So I am just going to pay and hopefully end it. Pruned with Muppet searching out "food" around the yard. Had to peg the strawberry cover down. Dropped her off on way to Max's. Singapore in the rain. I had lousy rolls and ended up in 6th. Kim and Gail drove their Mercedes into 1st and 2nd, respectively. David finished in 3rd for his first podium. Jamie crashed out halfways thru 1st lap. Max was his usual all or nothing - turned out to be nothing.
2018 W - Once again Gail clipped dogs' nails and Muppet ended up getting blood spots all over the carpet. Won Dominion Nocturne-Intrigue. Kwan Chow takeaway then Gail won Burgundy.
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