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Latest visitors to Malleybu have been mother and daughter, Vicki and Bronwyn (hadn’t seen Bronie for 27 years). Irene dropped in a couple times as her sister has moved to Tauranga. Russell had a horse racing here and he stopped in on his way home (horse came 2nd).

TAKE TWO Aspirins…
I am on the 9th week of a flu bug. I have only gotten out three times - to go Warriors games (dedicated, eh?) and to get a much needed B12 shot.

A lot of action at the new place. Heat pump installed, insulation later this month and new carpet in August. Then we tackle the three tree stumps and landscaping.

This has been our favourite board game for over a year, averaging a game a week. I have bought the three expansion boards for it. Uncertain about getting the fourth expansion.

 At the pump:


It took me seven years to do the A-Z MalleyGrams. In some cases I had to leave things out due to space restrictions. I also reckon I have accumulated a few more items during that time. So I bring you T 2.0
The original "T" has been updated (read it)

I refer the Major League Baseball team, the Minnesota Twins that arrived in 1961 to play at the Met Stadium in Bloomington. Minneapolis and St Paul are known as the Twin Cities. The logo shows Minnie and Paul. The first home game was on April 21st and my school ended at 11:45AM so that we could attend it. I didn’t, but did watch it on TV. The first game that I went to was in June. It was against what had been my favorite team, the New York Yankees. I went with a couple university girls who worked with my mother at Perkins Pancake House. We sat in the left field bleachers. It was a full house and the place was rocking.

I was so enthralled with the team that I drew portraits of most of the players. Unfortunately, Jim Lemmon’s autographed one was turned to ashes when my mother’s house burnt down. But still have Harmon Killebrew’s signature of his portrait.

In 1963 I got a job selling hotdogs at the stadium, so I was able to see quite a few games that year. In 1981 I attended the final game at the Metropolitan Stadium. And from 1982 to 1984 we were going to the Humphrey Dome, AKA Homer Dome in downtown Minneapolis. Then we moved back to New Zealand. Around ten years ago I began listening to every Twins game via the Internet. I hope one day to return and watch a Twins game in the new Target Field.

In 1974 I taught the identical Joynt twins, Tracy and Kelly-Anne. The three of us shared the same birthday, but that doesn't make us triplets, eh? My step-nephew has a twin boy-girl combination. And about 4 years ago I made friends with Kim and Paul, who are probably identical.
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 TALL  TALES  Malley Muses
    People bigger than life and exaggerated stories about them. Texas has its Pecos Bill (lassoed a tornado - his lasso being a snake) and Tennessee has Davy Crockett (killed him a b’ar when he was only three).
Minnesota is home of Paul Bunyan (a mighty lumberjack) and Babe the Blue Ox. The 10,000 lakes of MN are said to have been made by Paul and Babe as they walked around. We visited PB tourist spots in 1958 (B&W photos), 1982 and 1983.
Aretha Franklin sang: “You better think”. When does a child realize that they are “thinking”. I imagine it has something to do with language ability coming along. It ties in with Self-Awareness. It must be so natural that you don’t even think about it, eh?
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