2005 TP Friday Night Action
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30 DecRHAE
, anyone?

Pool plunge at midnight NYE at Malleys'.

23 DecMH
OZ Genus IV
MH JNM GM ICW PF IB AE RH Talia Shire, anyone?

Smithfield Hams

The Eastie sisters send Christmas greetings to everyone. Dejavu - too much the smell at Bellfield so we were back at Mike's and he still didn't have the Christmas bell up. Anyone needing a recipe for boiling an egg should see Gail. It was a Fun Ho evening. Ripley's Believe It or Not: Miss X is actually happy about putting on some weight but not too thrilled about the Grinch at work. table Sour Cream & Chives
16 DecMH
OZ Genus IV
MH JNM GM ICW AE RH Hubble, anyone?

Roddy Doyle

The group assembled this week to Al Pacino ("oooh, aaah") da Man's new digicam, table, cabinet and later the lighting of the tree. Twas a muggy night and this found Ems half in the house and half-out. The Bursting Bees were delicious. table Salted
9 DecLights 'r Us
UK Genus
IB PF JNM GM RH ICW JW Four Feather Falls, anyone?

Hear "Oh, Carolina"

People come for miles to see the lights (more than Ely Cathedral and the Waldorf=Astoria combined) but only the honorable members of the exclusive TP Papakura Lodge are allowed to see the CABLES!!! Jackie almost drove her new scooter over to check out the 7,890,334 lights. enlarge
turn on
Sour Cream & Chives
2 DecMalleys
OZ Boomer
JNM GM RM AE RH MC CC ICW SW Tandarra, anyone?


Ugly Dave Gray

Ann and Charlotte tried out the pool and Malley stayed in for more than five minutes. We kind of got hung up (or is it hanged up, Ian?) on the wine on the deck and only came in when it got dark (no lights installed yet). We finally got a game up - dome heads versus the hirsute. Dicky Do and the Don'ts:
Don't let Charlotte read.
Don't give Mike C a TP game for Christmas.
Don't give Charlotte healthy food.
11 NovBert
NZ Genus
BN JNM GM MH IB AE RH Neville Purvis, anyone? The "Northern Sisters" have had enough and would be preferred to be called the "Eastern Sisters". I think they don't want to be lumped in with our members from "up north". Miss X is not looking forward to the "cocktail" she will be having every 3 weeks. Bert is using the other approach and will be going under the knife. Mike says of me: "There's not enough pumpkin pie in your life". The Chinese flag doesn't have enough stars. enlarge Sour Cream & Chives
AE RH JNM GM BS CW Zaruder, anyone?

Michael Cimino

The northern sisters showed up to check out the new kitchen and some new questions; like, Where the hell is Heaveno? And what was Jack McCall's horse's name? What was the "sexiest man alive"'s magazine called? Sour Cream & Chives
Oct 28Malleys
US Genus V
JNM GM ICW RH AE IB MH PF creepy commercial, anyone?

Barbie for President

Walk of Fame

ice cream taster

Bad news week: Miss X's cancer has upped the ante and now it is a full force attack required to battle it. Paul had a week off from work as he took care of a spell of pnuemonia (not bird flu). Christopher suffered a "culture shock" incident in Mangakino and lost his skateboard but for once didn't end up in an emergency ward. Russell's horse temporarily hobbled and will not run in the MC this year. Malleys discovered a major leak in a paddock that may have been there for a couple months and do not look forward to the next water bill, eh? Click to enlarge, eh?

Green Onion
14 OctMH
NZ Genus IV
MH AE RH JNM GM ICW drupe, anyone?
After a tour of the house it was the usual, you guessed it, the game ended in a TIE. Ian is going for the Asian sign of age and wisdom - baldness. Mike can put photos from his phone onto a website and he's over 30!!! Once we had slurped our tea, it was time to leaf. None
UK Genus
PF IB AH MH RH AE JNM GM Argus, anyone?
Lose it like Maxwell
Bend it like Parkinson
Draw it like Molly
Play it like boys
Win it like Cousins
These were new questions and very difficult, so we ended up playing until very late even with the cheating. Paul tried to soothe our strained brains with an Aussie Shiraz. Ann and Russell are enjoying there new kitchen (see photo). Don't buy magazines via Trade Me - you have been warned. Irene set a new TP record - 4 sneezes. Sour Cream and Chives
Sep 30Malleys
US 20th
JNM GM RM AE RH Do you think they used a galvanometer to measure the winds in Galveston when Rita blew through?

Had a gander of video of Our Bizzar winning its first race - such a thrill that Russell had two glasses of champagne. Margaret Cho, George Stanley, Russell Simmons and E. O. Wilson were no-shows making it a small gathering. NONE !!!
9 SepBert's
NZ Genus IV
BN JNM GM ICW AE RH MH spleen, anyone? "Some people say a man is made out of mud well a poor man's made outta muscle and blood".  Mike has a place around the corner from Rex. Unfortunately, Mike could only afford to buy the sign. Sour Cream and Chives
US Mill
AE RH JNM GM IB MH Buttafuoco, anyone?

da Man fears he is being overfed, being fattened up for something evil.... "Shut up and eat your potatoes".  And who needs TV anyway?  Meanwhile, Miss X is back on Bunnythorpe; bring a torch if you visit at night.  Stage one of "Building a Better Bellfield" is done (see photo).  Mr. Movies was correct as usual - it was Cuba Gooding Jr in the movie with Verdell. Seasalt Vinegar & Lime
12 AugMalleys
JNM GM RH AE ICW ND IB MH diva, anyone?



Dalton Brothers

Happy Birthday Ann, the amazing head-turner This is getting to be as confusing as "HOUSE on First?" meets "Desperate HOUSEwives".  Miss X has sold half a house and is moving in with her sister.  da Man has sold half a house and is moving in with Irene (I wonder if Paul knows).  Nick (who the hell is Nick?) is buying a house in Waiuku but it has an incincerator.  Malleys forgot to tape "House".  Colleen has moved out of Bev's and into a "cute" house on Eastern Beach.  Renee has finished HOUSEsitting and will be back in the loft next week.  And just to make matters worse...we won't be meeting at anyone's house next Friday. enlarge
Mommy Dearest


Lime & Pepper

Smokey Barbeque

Uk Genus
IB PF JNM GM MH RH AE ICW Spike, anyone?
Right Said Fred
Paul entertained us with wine, photos and stories of the Outback where there were plenty of "small furry things". enlarge
29 JulAE RH
AE RH JNM GM PF IB Baba Ram Dass, anyone?
Undercover Woman
Jewish Mother
How Bizarre - it was a grammar evening - Ann cannot spell, Irene has a class of kids who can't proof or read and Christopher's first movie stares him and Matthew.  I, of coarse, don't make misteaks, eh?  Paul and Ann didn't fall asleep - how bizarre.
15 JulMHAH

No report  
8 JulMalleys
US Genus IV
JNM GM RM AE RH ICW MH Sam Kinnison Happy Anniversary  Gail apologizes to anyone who has caught her cold.  Ian tried to get us to binge on his Midori.  Apparently one can not play uunderwater hockey in Vermont.  Mike told Ian to turn a card around - "you had to be there", I guess.  And Renee shocked us all with her $2 Shop pen. enlarge
Sour Cream and Chives
1 JulBert
NZ Genus
BN MH JNM GM IB RH AE humecant, anyone?


Happy Birthday Bev.  Irene worried about "empty nest syndrome", but Paul has already been practicing being alone in OZ, well if you don't count the rats.  He wasn't a Nimrod as he lay in bed with his hair being chewed. enlarge
Sour Cream and Chives
24 JunMHAE
NZ Genus IV
AH MH JNM GM DB ICW AE RH Republic, anyone?

East Egg

Ne has an exhibition at Papakura Art Gallery until 15 July  Russell knows where you can get half of a van, real cheap.  He also reports that the median barriers do work.   enlarge
Sour Cream and Chives
17 JunRHAE
Know It All
AE RH JNM GM DB IB MH Basilica, Russell?

how's about a little Scott Simpson

Mike says: "Russell is not a sucker".  Russell says: "Do not drink 2 glasses of tomato juice per day".  David says: "Write it down - 'John doesn't know'."  Irene says: "See how big the tree has grown" Salted
3 JunMalleys
US Genus V
JNM GM RM MH PF ICW Aymara, anyone?
Irene is gate crashing Sara's wedding in Fiji.  Ann and Russell went to their bach to unfreeze the water pipes, eh?  Well it looked like TEOTWAWKI, but Paul with Mike braved the storm and came out to Waiuku.  Ian came equipped with a head torch should the power go off.  Only power loss was Paul but he recovered quickly.  Otherwise, it was usual broccoli and cool crap. enlarge
Sour Cream and Chives
27 MayIBPF
OZ Genus
IB PF JNM GM AE RH Kwok, anyone?


Ann is Happy.  Russell is Adam ADAMANT that we should have a tournament week.  Maybe we should hold it in the Pagan Ruins or on Montserrat Island.  Fireman Paul saved the house but lost a thumb.  Should Irene bring the black hat? enlarge
20 MayAH MH
OZ Genus IV
AH MH AE RH JNM GM Amistad, anyone? (Anna Paquin was in it!!) Happy Birthday Mike  We could have used a Sweeper for all of the cake crumbs.  I tried the "talak, talak, talak" thing but it didn't work.  Maybe because we weren't in Dagestan.  There seems to be a Great Rift between us and Bev who I hear is currently in Perth where Paul will be soon. enlarge
Sour Cream and Chives
13 MayAERH
US Baby
AE RH JNM GM ICW Bomba, anyone?
Sgt Rock
1961 West Side Story
1964 My Fair Lady
1965 Sound of Music
1968 Oliver!
Me thinks Ian and Ann could use some Red Tea.  A rare win for John and Russell when the competition gave up.  To add to everyone's confusion Gail who floated rolled for one team.  Maybe we should head off to sunny Torremolinas in search of Fenster and Dickens. enlarge Fenster and Dickens
6 MayBert
NZ Genus
BN MH JNM GM IB AE RH Caracella, anyone?

Like father, like son

It was a geographical evening with questions about the whole globe including how much water there is, in Km3, to Ann's disbelief.  Russell was absolutely State of Origin correct - Coff's Harbour is in NSW, but Gold Coast is definitely in Queensland  Bert has a theory that identical twins could be above average sports people, as in rowing.  Non-identical twins aren't athletic at all, as in those singing sisters,eh?  Lusitania, Carmen ... its all Greek to me.
29 AprMalleys
US 20th
JNM RM GM RH AH ICW kevlar, anyone?
how about Feverfew?
People (pause) don't SEEM to like thewayIread qu-e-s-tio-ns.  Too bad Irene wasn't there for the kare kare, eh?  NZ actually has had Underwater Hockey teams for 50 years!!!!
22 AprPFIB
UK Genus
IB PF MH RH JNM GM cenotaph, anyone?
Battle of Flodden?
Sinn Fein
I wanna know - who gets the cat?  Shay has rabbits and not one of them a beveren!!!!  Paul fell asleep while watching the show on Narcolepsy.  
15 AprRHAE
AE RH IB JNM GM Bumpass, anyone?

Miss X says "Stay away from North Shore Hospital".  Emery wants to know how many chickens King Kong killed.  Irene, the confused, is at it again - this time its women shaking hands that has her in a tailspin.  Russell sure liked that blueberry wine: "good after taste", but did it put AE to sleep? Birthday Greetings, Kathleen
AH MH IB JNM GM ICW Secret Women's Business, anyone?

It was struggle to get the "immortal milk"s but each team did and it was a tie as usual.  John may have had one Rob Roy too many at the Viper Room, as his exponentials went to pot but that's a cat of another color. Happy Birthday Roché
11 MarMalleys
People Weekly
MH JNM GM AE RH ICW RM IB superdog, anyone?

Snoopy's siblings

Algonquin Round Table

enlarge  Poor Irene thinks Goofy is a horse; yah, and Miss Piggy is chimpanzee!  Mind you, she was totally screwed up because we played a non-TP trivia game and the helpful color code card seemed to confuse her no end. enlarge
OZ Genus IV
MH AH AB JNM GM mutagens, anyone?

finnan haddie

Happy Birthday Gail.  Was an evening of discoveries - discovered Iris Folding.  Discovered Miss X is creating beautiful greeting cards.  Discovered da Man is hot for Kylie.  Discovered that Audrey can play (she got her first cheese answer) - way to go girl!  Discovered Kirstin is not an ambulance chaser.  Malley took on the lot and discovered he had to come up with the answers himself. enlarge
25 FebPFIB
NZ Genus IV
PF IB JNM GM RH AE MH moomba, anyone?


Venetian blinds were invented in Japan, China, Venice, USA, Persia...

Happy Birthday Irene and Paul - why are all those strangers wandering around your house?.  Whatever you do, don't mention D word "toast" to Paul. photo Apparently he prefers Olive[s] Oyl over Sweet Pea[s].  We were served up mashed bean pastry by D resident Filipinos; but it is a Chinese invention just like venetian blinds and almost everything else. enlarge
11 FebBert
BN AE RH JNM GM PF MH Tribbles, anyone?

Happy Birthday Bert.  Russell did a belly dance for the evening's entertainment. enlarge
4 FebMalleys
US 20th
JNM GM RH AE ICW PF IB MH Sci Bo, anyone?

David Sedaris

Angel Island

Love Tap, Stroker, Cranker

Nurse Emery fresh from saving teenage bikie came by for a swim and stayed to sleep through the game even though Paul was the designated sleeper.  Irene recently almost had a day to herself, both she and Paul and looking forward to Chris and Mina beginning their life as Mr. and Mrs. and in their OWN place.  Gail wishes to thank those who supported her "John is hedious" campaign.
21 JanAnn/Russ
JNM GM AE RH ICW African Night Crawler, anyone? Ann welcomed back from England and States by the Waiuku contingent.  Russell had the place all shined up/  And now on BBC One... In Iceland the women keep their maiden name, in Spain they keep all the names down the line, and in Italy they use their maiden for business.
14 Jan AHMH
NZ Genus IV
AH MH JNM GM AB RH Neuromancer, anyone?

Lobster Blood

Russell has a horse called Audrey.  He trained our Audrey to shake the dice.  I wonder if Audrey has a horse named Russell?  Did you hear about the FIRE SALE at Whicoull's?  I did it again - made a joke about Venus rising (a little astronomical humor) and was told that my answer was wrong - for pete sake we just had a question about Boticelli's "Birth of Venus" last week!!!
7 Jan IBPF
NZ Genus IV
AH MH JNM GM PF IB RH BS CW zirconium, anyone?

6 degrees of

Diane Ladd

New rules after this session a) John can't be the reader because he can't hear the answer when it is given b) Bev can't be because she can't read. To wit, "What organization used physics for 20 years?" was actually "pyschics".  Our little Russell got one fly in one swat.  Miss X phoning Da Man who is sitting right next to her.  New record: 3 bags of chips!!!!! enlarge