Great Basin National Park     24 - 25 Sept 1997
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Wed 24th - Great Basin/69°F
It was a short drive into Nevada to get to this large National Park. We choose a site in the Lower Lehman Campground (7350 ft) in the open (only scrub bushes) with a herd of cows (video). Went to the Visitor Center and watched a slide presentation on the park. We attempted the Baker Lake Trail which started at 8000 ft and went up to over 10,000 ft. We hiked for a couple hours and made it about 2/3rds of the way up. Saw many deer, including a 4-pointer. Gail skinned her knees on the way down. We put on every piece of clothing that we had, played cribbage and had supper out in the cold and got into our tent at an early hour and it wasn't any warmer in there.


Sept 24 Diary
Thurs 25th - Nevada/67°F
Up at 6:40AM and on the road at 7:10AM. Had breakfast at Jerry's in Ely. Then it was a long haul on U.S. route 50, "Loneliest Highway in America" (video). Stopped in Carson City to get food supplies (salsa sunflower seeds - Oreo brownies) at Scolari's. Stayed the night at a Day's Inn by Lake Tahoe ($70.53).
Sept 25 Diary
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