Hawaii    2 - 4 Oct 1997
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Thurs 2nd - Naalehu/90°F
Up at 6AM and off to airport where Gail's Corningware dishes failed security check - they thought the dense photoscope image could be metal (bomb?). During our stopover in LAX I bought a Goofy pencil hugger, Goofy keychain and a Goofy jigsaw postcard. At Honolulu security check they thought that my computer radio was the neatest thing. We played cribbage while waiting for our flight to Hilo. I give the prize for best looking stewardesses to Aloha Airlines. At Hilo we hired an Intrepid and checked out downtown. Very rundown and we got groceries in a depressing SureSave only to discover new malls on the way south. So we stopped at one and I bought Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ($11.35). An hours drive to Becky's B&B and we got there at 7:45PM. We were invited to join owners, Becky and Chuck McLinn in their whirlpool spa and a glass of wine. We were intrigued with the floral arrangement in the toilet bowl.

"You can call me Al"
Oct 2 Diary
Fri 3rd - Naalehu/80°F
Had breakfast with a retired couple from New York and a German couple who are on their 8th rental car - totalled the first one and went on from there. The fellow was in New Zealand at a B&B and was told there was no "pair" in his room. Turned out to be "power". We walked to the Post Office. Drove to Punalu'u Beach (black sand) where we watched the waves (video)sunburned, watched buses unload Japanese tourists (video) who took photos of the turtles (video) coming on shore, then load back on and leave. Gail went in for a swim with those sea turtles (video).
We headed for Kona beaches and hoped to surf, but rain changed it into a shopping trip. Many colorful and interesting shops in Kailua. I got a Goofy fun pen, a Goofy notebook, hats and a shirt for Susi. We had a Kona coffee. The young lady who served us is from Oregon and she loves hazelnuts but she can't get any in Hawaii - only macadamian. We played cribbage outside on beachside and struck up a conversation with a Larry who thought it was nice to see us playing cards. Got back to B&B in time to see Al, the cockatoo, be put to bed. Actually, he walks over and up and into his cage, complaining all the way: "Al, go to bed".
Oct 3 Diary
Sat 4th - Big Island/80s°F
We left Becky's knowing that they have it for sale at $275,000 and we almost considered buying it. We went to Volcanoes National Park and drove as far as we could on Craters Road (video).

Mauna Loa

We stopped at Woolworths in Hilo - "Going Out of Business" sale. Bought some Goofy greeting cards and a 70's Southern Rock cassette. Drove up to Akaka Falls (video)and did a lovely stroll up and down amongst jungle-type growth taking in the falls plus Kahuna Falls. We stopped in Honomu for ice cream (video. The lady in the woodcarving shop was from New Zealand (in Hawaii since 1976), so we had a nice chat while looking at the artwork. On the way back to Hilo we stopped to watch a cruise ship pull in.
Turned the car in and caught the next plane to Honolulu where we had a 6 hour wait. Time for three games of cribbage and a bit of reading.
Oct 4 Diary
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