Midwest    30 July - 2 August 1997
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Wed 30th - Cleveland/80°F
Left Johnsons and Pittsburgh at 10AM. Stopped at a Woolworths (going out of buisness in USA) where I bought a computer shaped radio and a Goofy gumball dispenser. We stopped outside Ravenna, Ohio at West Branch State Park and did an hour on the Buckeye Trail which we found to be overgrown and a bit mushy in spots. Arrived in Berea only to find house was empty, so checked with the fellow living in Thomas' old house next door with no luck. We went to Chi-Chi's for supper with an amazing Asian waitress, Grace. I told her she was too good to be doing this and she told me she was a Business Admin student. No luck finding a motel and we were sent to a resort, Aqua Marine, on Avon Lake ($42.10). It was a bit rundown but we were desperate. Called Thomas in Austin - Bette fell in KC and was in hospital for 3 weeks, so they went back home instead of going to Berea. Gail went for a swim in the pool.

July 30 Diary
Thurs 31st - Avon Lake, OH to Coldwater, MI/80°F
Stopped at Crane Creek State Park and did the Magee Marsh Wildlife Walk. Stumbled upon a deer in addition to all the birds we saw (video). There was a nice center with good displays of the area. Then we did a two-mile walk at Ottawa Bird Sanctuary. Saw a juvenile bald eagle which we mistook as a golden eagle until we were corrected by a fellow who had been laidoff from his government birdwatching job and was now doing it just for fun taking photos with a massive camera (video). Stopped at a Target where I bought six shirts. Checked into Little King Motel ($41.04) in Coldwater, Michigan. Tried to eat a supper at Family Gardens Restaurant. Twice the amount that we could possibly eat: buns, crackers, big salad, heaps on main with a whole side plate of potatoes. They let us take dessert with us (big cake and pie slices). Loved the mid-age waitress who always called us "you guys"; made me feel like I was home. We checked out our first Walmart and got groceries for tomorrow (Kool-Aid in bottles!)

Not Golden

Little King
July 31 Diary
Fri 1st - Marquette MI/70s°F
Today we drove straight north through Michigan. Stopped at South Higgins Lake State Park for a picnic lunch (video), then across the road to walk a trail on Marl Lake (video). The big thrill was driving over the long Mackinaw Bridge to the Upper Peninsula (video). Once there we noticed many Cornish "Pasties" stores. We did the Pine Ridge Nature Trail at Seney National Wildlife Refuge where we saw muskrats in addition to the birds (video). Stayed at the upmarket and expensive Comfort Inn ($107) in Marquette. Called mom. Went for a swim and soak in hot tub (both indoors).

Not Gail

Aug 1 Diary
Sat 2nd - Wisconsin/77°F
Today we drove through Wisconsin to Minneapolis. Stopped at Laughing Whitefish Falls (video). Stopped at Interstate Park at St Croix Falls for a walk through trees (map). Saw two deer grazing and watched cliff climbers (video). Got to mom's at 8PM but no answer so she was probably sleeping. So we went to Chris'. He made us a chicken meal and gave us a tour of his domain. Called kids - hot water heater and dehumidifier not working and a silver coffee set from Joyce has arrived.

Laughing Whitefish Falls

Interstate Park

Aug 2 Diary
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