New Mexico    9 Sept 1997
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Sun 7th - Carlsbad/90°F
Drove from Guadalupe Mts in Texas to Carlsbad Caves where we did the self-guided tour of the Big Room. Had a good talk with a ranger. Suggested that they start an "adopt a stalactite" scheme, where a person buys one and then they and their ancestors can come by every 20 years and see how much it has grown. Stayed at Days Inn ($61.48) in Carlsbad. Ate at Jerry's Restaurant and then back for a swim and a soak in hot tub with a couple from Missouri.

Temple of the Sun

The Caveman

Giant and Twin Domes

Lions Tale
Sept 7 Diary
Mon 8th - New Mexico/80s°F
Indian owner of Days Inn (Carlsbad) tried to overcharge me for the 4 postcards that I bought. Drove all day along back roads. Stopped at Natural Bridge for a photo and video. Found El Malpais closed so continued on to El Morro National Monument (video) where we found a campsite (video).

Desert Lily (sotol)
Sept 8 Diary
Tues 9th - New Mexico-Arizona/80s°F
Good morning. We were the first to the Visitor Center (video) at El Morro and the ranger, Larry, took a photo of us at the start of the Ruins Trail (video), which passed the "Inscription Rock" (video) on the way up to the top (video) of the mesa where the Zuni had pueblos (video). We scared up a red hawk on the way.

Sept 9 Diary
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