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1959 Farm - Felt like making something so I built Chris a stand. Angi made Kool Aid and we got vegetables from the garden. I made two signs. Mama and Grandma were our first customers. After lunch a couple guys stopped for Kool Aid, but we had finished it! So they bought some onions. Went to Ralph and Angie's. Ralph brought me to his brother Paul's place and I drove a tractor back.
1960 Kincy, Billy and I played football and hide and seek.
1961 High = 81°F. First day of classes - Mr. Newstrom gave me a ride and I got there at 7:30AM. Brother Augustine for biology. English is Mr. Elsenpeter, who rides a bike to school. Latin - Mr. Stasik who has 95% of his stomache removed and has to eat all the time. Quiet Brother Daniel for Geometry. Walked downtown with Kelley. After supper I went to a cafe with Steve. Talked to Deb and Sig. Played whiffle ball with Kincy.
1963 Brought Chris to John's and Angi to Southdale. Watched the Twins 4 - Chisox 2 while putting brick veneer onto basement wall. Went to Steve's at 7:30PM and we played canasta. Saw Susan, who has moved in next door to him in the Meyer's place.
1965 Bought Nothing But Heartaches by Supremes and It Ain't Me Babe by the Turtles.
1968 Steve and I had breakfast in Big Fork. It was raining so we didn't get much done around the lake property. Played cards with his cousin, Dale, in the evening.
1969 Gail and I washed and waxed my car. We were playing Monopoly® with Mary B. when Steve called from California and Gail told him that it was over between them.
1970 Oti woke me up at 7AM looking for my meat order. Jim and I walked down to Deve's. After a small breakfast Hoffsis and Perrys left on the 10:30AM bus. Spent afternoon talking to Julie.
1971 Got four boxes of magazines, so I spent day purging them for the library. Manasa N. and Oti helped me clean up the garden. Couple of letters from Gail with photos. Daya brought his new Datsun to school. Murphy's in the evening for billiards and snooker. We talked until 1AM about stereo equipment.
1972 Maika B. moved into our old place. Watched "Romeo and Juliet" at White's.
1973 I baked an apple pie!!! We rented a slide projector and had an evening of it.
1974 Mailed off my first Christmas card for the year. Aldies over to drink coffee and beer until midnight just chatting.
1975 Tried to play tennis but it was too windy, and David was turning pink playing in puddles. I was mowing the back lawn when Enchedahl's came to put in a step so we can use the front porch. After lunch I played basketball with Don for an hour. Watched Manuel Orantes beat Jimmy Connors for the US Open.
1976 Heather brought us to see Gail - Te was shy of Gail. Fran stopped in and we all saw Renee. Aldies came over with supper and Doug brought me to see Gail. Letter asking me to recommend Rudy for citizenship.
1977 Up at 6AM - frosty and no heater in car. Brought Ne to Lavington hospital for grommets ($16 theatre charge). Sat around for an hour with other families and met couple (Derek) who live across Thorsing's road from us. When she went in we had coffee and cookies in a waiting room. Nurse told us we could leave. So we went into Auckland. I bought a bike ($160), ABBA ($6.50) and Temptations Gold ($5.99) albums and hardware at PSIS. RnR books at Whitcoulls. When we went back we found Ne in the arms of Matron. Apparently she had held her for the whole time and Ne wouldn't let anyone else hold her. One other nurse was complaining because she hadn't had a chance to hold her. One of the mothers there had said that she was beautiful - first time anyone had used that word, its usually 'cute'. The drugs wore off and she was very cranky and hungry (hadn't eaten since yesterday) and wanted to be held. So we took turns all day. Finished The Great Imposter.

1979 F - Finished Watership Down. Gail off to Auckland to get sheepskin carseats for her folks. Turned the garden and limed it. Mailed Mom's table base and met Catherine Park and her mother at the shop. Walked to and from Opaheke with Alice and the twins. Mrs Hans and Victor stopped in for a chat.
1980 Su - Finished Medicine Show. David and I went to Mass - young, casual priest. Willy Wiggles thing doesn't work here as the water pressure is too low. Watched Emmys which was boycotted by actors and hosted by Steve Allen.
1981 M - Final cleanup at townhouse. Called Lundholms so David could talk to John. Returned truck but place was closed so we just left it there. After lunch David and I made one last trip to townhouse and tried to hand in keys, but office was closed (Labor Day). Larry and Eric Strom stopped in to say "hi".
1982 T - Eliason back. I suggested that Tim do JUA installments, Bernie do MiscMed renewals and Al very little. He said fine, whatever I want. He also told me that Cathy is only with us until the end of the week. I said that suits me and he smiled and said: "Good want to keep everybody happy". Later Al cornered me about not doing renewals and I had to talk fast. Dorothy and I went to St Mary's to get registration material for the kids.
1984 F - Auckland to check immigration requirements (too expensive to bring Sugar) and talked to Doug White about money transfers. Cobb & Co in Manukau for drinks in bar and meal. Jones' and shared an excellent '79 chianti by Castello di Querceto. They really added onto the house. Kids are big. They were burgled so they have a lot of new electronics.
1985 Sa - Let the kids babysit themselves as we went to Carthew's on Ponsonby Road. Jeff and Terri Beals, Sue and Richard Spencer, Dave and Belinda Clarke guests of Alan and Nola Dougall as thanks for the PC vendor work. Nice atmosphere complete with a trio of musicians who were excellent. "Beaver" showed up late and sand a few songs, then some guy took over the piano and played some "mean' tunes. Meanwhile, I was putting away the wine (Christian Brothers Semillion) while listening to Belinda tell us dog (Jake the Alsation) stories and chatted with Nola about Rosehill. Had rabbit kidney lamb sweetmeats for entree and a veal dish with fruit dessert. Dave consumed beer after beer and put down a couple Brandy Alexanders and got loud and brash (more so than his normal brashness).
1986 Su - Got Goofy wooden puzzle and stickers, "photo chat" stickers and a tool holder for Father's Day. Ne made up a neat poem for her card. Aldersons over for an evening of slides. James didn't settle too well but we managed to have some birthday cake and coffee. Watched Omen III.
1987 Emma Thomas began her training. One month review with Norm M and he's prepared to stay on. Bought Lees' two-man canoe, stereo, stools and nesting tables. Letters and cards for Ne from Lesser and Leland.
1990 Gail called to say that the operation cancelled again and now she will miss out on Dallas and Austin. Sent a wedding gift to Paula and Kyle. Packed our suitcases. Chris came with White Castles photo. He brought us to Waltons to change our train tickets. KMart to get Anti-Monopoly for David. Wanted to get $500 cash. Tried drive-in window, then had to go in and they still wouldn't cash my personal check. Had to get Cottage Grove Branch to fax over my signature. Ne washed Mom's car. Brady and Bob were over for supper. Had an excellent Mondavi '88 Gamay. We brought Mom to the Twins game. Her first time in the dome (video). Twins won 2 - 0 over Cleveland (ticket stub).
1991 Aldies over for Ne's birthday (card) and my departure. Meal and Trivial Pursuit and a blah Mission '90 rosé.
1993 Box from Mom. 2 shirts and a handbag for Ne. Elvis stamps and Goof Troop and Twins tapes. I watched one game; a 10 - 3 loss to Milwaukee. Stripped and sanded kitchen windows.
1994 Whites over for Belgium Grand Prix. They gave Ne a CD holder and a Salt-n-Pepa CD. Had champagne bottle noise makers that shot out confetti. Played a board game, "20 Questions".
1995 First visit to Lorna's and her new IBM computer. Doug over for Rock Fever.
1996 Sa - Joyce called to say that Bette and Frank had called thinking we were in the States this year. KFC for supper.
1997 Su - Day 62 of our 3 month journey around the world. See Texas Photo Journal and New Mexico Photo Journal.
1998 M - Sandspit where I helped Room 7's Maxine sort out use of Guardian and installed a couple programs. New World with Gail and we ran into Susi buying a wine cask (what else!). David spent evening, including supper, at Hickford's getting their modem going (I couldn't).
1999 T - Wrights where I got large files to print by detaching the scanner. Jim Botto over for a meal. Very good '95 Brown Brothers Everton and a good Corbans '98 Muller-Thurgau.
2000 Th - Made a map of Bechyn. Doug over for Rock Fever. Finished at 8PM so we watched Monty Python.
2001 Stopped at panelbeaters to show Lance photo of Trish; but he doesn't remember her since he was four at the time she helped him. Installed computer at Daphne's. Trish's to help her password a document. She was pleased that the computer has declared her attributes normal. So we got to TP at 9PM to find we were the only ones.
2002 Day two and more rain; Trip Report
2003 Three trivia books, Goofy stickers and a measuring tape from Ne for Father's day. email from Hoffsis back from two weeks in Alaska. Gail and I painted in loft. Ian dropped in for a cuppa. Read Heinlein's "The Green Hills of Earth".
2004 Disney notebook from Berthe who dropped off check for her computer. Ne worked at New World 3-8PM. She got a card and letter from Joyce. deV's to check out the computer. Painted the upper ceiling/wall in my room.
2005 Out my window - many wax-eyes darting into the plum tree which is in full bloom.
2006 email from Angi describing her Bechyn visit. Skunked Gail. After countering Mike's Brilliant Idea (driving to Hamilton) with Brilliant Idea 2 (get a friend to take a photo of the petrol station), he came out for an excellent Selaks 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon and RnR Scattergories using books.
2007 email from Newsy with more Richfield neighborhood photos. Backed up Wright's computer and worked on Gardenza database. Gail woke me so I could get to Russell's by 6PM. We crammed 6 of us into the car: Russell's brother, Ross, Mike, Dean and Chris. Ross and Mike from the country said that they wouldn't see as many cars in two years as we had on the motorway to Mt Smart. So the 29,000 fans may have the biggest crowd they had been in. We got there two hours before kick off so we watched the Barter Cup game, then Papakura youngsters beat Te Atatu South. Main match was scoreless at half-time, the Warriors were hard done by ref Archer and lost 10 - 12, in what should have been a win. Then we waited in parking lot an hour to get out, which meant that I got home at 12:30AM.


2008 Got a first contact from Akarvia, in Perth. Trish, David, Karen and dogs came for a visit and Ne's birthday. David's perfume zonked me out, so I went to bed for an hour before I joined the ladies and shared stories. David's left hand in cast (broke thumb in a seizure). Ne and Bonnie headed out to Yri's for three weeks. Watched Friends and Identity.
2010 T - Pukekohe to pick up the Home Movies DVD (unfortunately I had taped over "Married with Children" and that got converted, too). Got a pair of gray Rivet track pants ($16) at The Warehouse and checked out the new Liquorland (ugly green facade).
2011 W - Finished 61 Hours. Ian over for Dominion with Cornucopia. Completed first Trade Me sale - our big tent for $218.50 ($203 after TM's share).
2012 F - Gail picked Colleen up to drive her to our new house. Colleen wondered why Gail continued around the island... Brought her here for cappucinos. Spoke to laywer to get house action moving. Ne over for a couple games of Dominion. She gave us a couple Kool-Aids that her friend sent from States.
2013 Sa - Vicki and Morris came for a couple hours of catching up. Watched Babylon A.D..
2014 Su - Finished re-reading Māori Legends. Listened to the Twins 3 - White Sox 6 in 10 innings. Skunked.
2016 W - Farm Street to get B12 and have blood taken. Parcel (x's laptop) pick up across the bridge, then bank for cash, Life Pharmacy for med refill (Amy actually happy to see me). Countdown - left book by glasses. Skunked Gail. Crashed. x overfilled her slow cooker which caused it to blow the circuit and then the cooker.
2017 Th - Watched Graves.
2018 F - Up at 12:30PM (Sinus/chest). Pruned. Watched Uncharted with Sam Neill.
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