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1959 10 o'clock Mass then Charlie Malecek's store. Tree had a long horizontal branch that was perfect for riding like a horse by making it go up and down. This time I was clinging to it from the underside, when I fell down about 3 feet landing on my back and knocking all the air out of me so that I couldn't move or breathe for what seemed a long time. Mama took us to 71 Drive-in to see Elephant Gun (everyone marries everyone).
1960 First day at De La Salle. I got up at 5:30AM and took the bus in with Bruce Nihart and Mike Schindler (in all of my classes). We were given information and books and paid our fees. Took the 10:05AM bus home. Went bowling at Luxury with Kincy and Gary - 97, 145, 95. Mr. Peterson (Lyle's father) and Venita Garland were there.
1961 High = 75°F. A sports reporter brought me to the Twins game. We visited coaches prior to game and I get autographs from Twins coaches George Strickland and Ed Fitz Gerald.
1964 Terri had gone to St James to stay a few days with Debbie Jameison. Kincy and I drove to Mankato to bring her back. We had a meal with the two families at Happy Chef. Then the four of us spent the day going through the University campus and the zoo. [ed. - last time I saw Debbie]. Was a great ride back to Cities with Terri by my side.
1966 After work we had a poker game and I made 70¢.
1967 Took Signe to The Cooper Theater, which was quite a drive, to see "Grand Prix" ($5.15) - surround screen and it made an impression upon me.
1968 Brought Darrell up to Les and Judy's cabin, then Steve and I continued up to North Star lake. We got there at 2:30AM and found the lock off, but inside seemed okay.
1969 Sa - Gail (53,53,61) and I (45,50,48) went to Putt-Putt.
1970 Hoffsis called from Levuka. Took Fran and Bryce down for a tour of the school; ran into Jemesa and Lusi on the beach. Murray had pulled a dead shark from one of the ponds by the school office - apparently it was stinking up the place but I couldn't smell it with my cold. Hargrove bought a VW. He was cleaning his outboard because it had ripped right off of a boat. Hoffsis arrived via a cab from Natovi. I gave all of them a tour of Woody's home brew factory. After dinner it was a night of pinochle.
1971 Letter from Kelera with interesting observations of life in the States.
1972 Up early so I could get the egg order onto the bus. Books from Desai's and my Racoe order came I so I began a register in the library. Had Luke put a new lock onto it and had him board up louvres. 1971 Rock n Roll book arrived and a tape from Woody. Got a call from Fatiaki in Ed Dept asking us to send a covering letter for Gail's application. Brought tape down for Whites to hear while we played bridge. Gail and I lost badly.
1974 First Basketball Coach newsletter arrived. Biked over to feed Kelti. McGhies' with the Findlays (taught John's brother, Mark, last year) for a meal with a Pinotage. Highlight probably Barry's non-stop chatter and a great story about their flight through an African sheikdom. Home about 1AM.
1975 Sa - Watched Ghost Busters episode Maletese Monkey. Watched Sigmund and the Sea Monsters episode: "Cry Uncle". LR Prairie Wagon commercial). Watched Land of the Lost episode Tar Pit. Watched Isis episode Lights of Mystery Mountain Watched Shazam!. In the News. Fruit Brute commercial. Watched Far Out Space Nuts episode Its All In Your Mind. Record Research books (Pop 1940-1955, Pop 1974) came. Put the basket up onto the garage with help of Don's drill. He sold me a ball for $2. Watched tennis on TV, then Gail and I went out to play a bit ourselves. Watched Miss New York become Miss America 1976. (tape).
1976 Sent off telegrams about Ne's birth. Te washed the dishes. Simon came at 11AM to pick up the tape deck. Mary Benson sent over a sharp steak meal for me and David and a blanket for Renee. Doug brought me to the home and watched David while I visited Gail at the maternity home. I think they danced the whole time I was away.
1977 Packages from Mom: clothes for kids, newspapers and blank cassettes and a map of St Paul. I was talking to Mrs Thorsing about lambing until Mrs Dent interrupted with a request to hide her shovel so Mr Dent couldn't put chicken manure into the garden.
1978 Gil Epps rehung back door so it opens to the other side and make entry easier. Met Mrs. Thorsing's neighbor, Mr Anderson who is 87 years old. Colin brought Kelvin Mills over to get Hawkins' work schemes. Taped Ne and Te.
1980 Sa - Garage sales: desk for $5 [ed. - sold it in 2011] and a couple lamps. John and Diane over with gifts for Ne. They played Pin the Tail, other games and had cake. Watched Bob Hope Special. Watched Miss America without Bert Parks after 25 years. Watched Saturday Night.
1981 Su - Brought a carload over at 9AM - we decided to remove the basement carpet - I almost heaved while we rolled it up, from the cat urine smell. Picked up the truck at noon - since it was a manual Gail did the driving. Mom and Chris joined us at the townhouse and we brought a load over. On our second trip the Towns and kids were waiting. Rollie Schwitters introduced himself and his daughter Jennifer. Third and final load after a KFC supper. Brought Chris home at 9:30PM and then final stop at townhouse to bring last of our stuff to Cotttage Grove at midnight. We all slept in the basement.

1983 T - Van downtown for meeting with Rempert and Breyer. Fran found Dr McNeil a waste as I did. She has iritis and made many emergency visits over the weekend.
1984 Th - Mike drove me to Glenbrook where I had a physical exam. Nurse's aide had lived in Utah for 8 years and the doctor was a good friend of Helen Bold. Passed the exam. Personnel officer (Geoff Crowley) was at university for the day and Varney could not be found. So Mrs Archibald brought me the letter of of offer. It was not signed, it did not have the salary mentioned and it stated that the flight would not cover the kids. So I got onto the phone to Doug White who got into action. Varney soon showed up all apologetic and sorted everything out (they upped the shipping by 2 cu/m for my troubles). He brought me to meet my boss, Alan Dougal who brought me to the brand new computer building and showed me my office. Kathy picked me up and we went to Manukau City to price things. Called Gail and wished a sad Ne "Happy Birthday". Trish came over with an excellent bottle of McWilliams 1980 Cabernet Sauvignon to congratulate me. Walked over to Croucher's at 6PM, had a quick look at the yard and then spent the evening listening to Martin go on about how great he is at his job. Had another McWilliams, Marque Vue, with supper and then an excellent 1980 Selak's Private Bin claret for afters. Had a look at the 24' boat he is building in his garage.


Kathy, Lia & James A.
1985 F - Brought Ian to airport at 10AM after buying the stereo system for $140. Met Heasley there. Just like that he was gone and Heasley went away too. And our umbrella stays at Iliatia's. Lesser sent 1985 Twins yearbook with lots of clippings, but no letter. Went house looking with Ross Appleton - found 3 nice ones. Talked to Doug and found out about his rats/offal pit problems.
1986 Sa - Garage sales - table lamp. Foodtown and 3 Guys to load up at pre-GST [ed. - General Sales Tax 10%] prices. Jones and Sanders over for a boring evening of chit chat, an okay Villa Maria '85 Riesling Sylvaner and a very good R&B Artillery 12 year old port. Ne and Paula played. David tried to avoid Lia and Bronwyn. Ne got socks from Jones and a book and fingernail set from Sanders.
1987 Father's Day. Jet Spray washer, block and tackle gizmo, car visor wallet, fancy key-tainer from the gang. Ne made me breakfast. David left shortly thereafter for Mark's where the spent the night in a tent in a barn. So naturally Ne had Natsha over to sleep in the garage. Tried the pressure sprayer and it does a good job.
1988 Chaired Micro Policy Group meeting. Meeting with Gary McSpadden to plan purchase of their PC-Explor items.
1989 Peter Bates informed me that John Cleary (new operations manager from BHP) would be using my office. Within minutes 8 men arrived and tore everything out including a wall making a much larger office. Birthday cards, money and letters from Joyce and Eva - 40 or so photos from mom.
1990 Dad's - he had Cindy play a special doorbell he rigged up for her (video). Took them and Chris to Red Lobster. We were the only ones there. I had a summer sling with Admiral's Feast. David had a Ninja Turtle drink. Chris had a very small swordfish done "black" which is the rage these days. Back to Dad's to try to flush out gophers (video). Best Buy where Ne got a portable cassette player. Stopped at The Source so David could buy D & D stuff. I found two Goofy comics there. Finally Lesser's to see their slides of their trip to NZ in 1988 and show them our AZ ones. Doug Seims stopped in. Kathy was upstairs with a migraine. I went up to talk with her and she said they wanted to move to NZ. White Castle on Snelling on way home. Watched Carson.

1992 Bowling - 151 and 174. Gail bought a ball for Cabbie and he goes crazy over it. Walk with Gail. Ian dropped off Matthew and food.
1993 Gail and I walked to get the car (WOF and tuneup). Letter from Mom. Bob got a hole-in-one. Couple games of Upwords. David back to Uni.
1994 Brought prunnings to Aldies. Steers eat it as fast as we can get it out of the van. Gail visited with Dot while I watched Tony Vincent muck around on the 586. Car in for WOF (George Motors) - steering wheel drop arm cost $75.
1995 Gillans. Made startup disks and got into Windows. Was leaving, Andrew asked me to change window screen. System hung up and wouldn't install driver. I eventually found a backup system.ini and fixed things.
1996 F - Caught Roseanne Emery eating an apple in B5. Letter from Mom with photos of Angi's latest, Gene and card for Ne. Met Willie, who was driving Ne, Tracy and Jackie around. Brought a group out to Waiuku for a TP contest at the College. Came in 1st which made up for a harsh Montana '96 Riesling Traviner. Chatted with Ian Johston and Dennis Gadd (now in IS at mill).
1997 Sa - Day 61 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 Su - Father's day: Ne gave me a Goofy wind chime, David gave me a broken cup and Gail gave me a pair of socks.
2001 Read Dostoevsky's "A Gentle Spirit" (read online). Trish's for another computer lesson and chat. Heavy downpour caused a river to run through the paddock and one steer stood right in the middle of it apparently deep in thought as to what it was while the others headed for higher ground. Countdown where I met a very flash Noeline Brown. Doug arrived for a night of musical challenge. He had doused himself in perfume so needed a shower, change of clothes and a wooly hat before I let him into my room.
2002 Today we left Prescott, AZ and began our journey to New Ulm, MN. Trip Report.
2003 Drove myself to the last Warriors match and checked out Christopher's bruises from his go at paintball. Was 28-0 at half and 32 - 16 over Tigers in front of largest crowd (20,300) that was into the Mexican wave.
2004 Spoke to Titania for awhile before handing phone over to Ne. An hour with Michael doing math.
2005 Roger C and I shifted Steph's stuff from Trevor's place to ours. He drove her car back. Bonnie was whimpering, thinking that it was Steph in the car. He gave me a bottle of Jackson Estate 2004 SB that has some of their grapes in its making.
2006 Got a report from Paul in England. Roché dropped in with his latest tale of woe since Shirley's parents have moved to Waiuku from So Africa.
2007 Brundell's doing database stuff. Helen's to pick up the computer, have a cappacino and listen to Helen tell me the same stories and see the room above the garage again.
2008 When Gail and Ne got back from shopping we put the remaining front fence half-rounds back up. We had a Cheesecake Shop cake for Ne's birthday.
2009 Su - Gail and I joined the TPers at Cock and Bull in Botany for a send-off meal for Dave and Colleen (who gave me The Big Book of Kiwi Trivia). Skunked. skunk
2010 M - Brought Ne to Cock and Bull for lunch. Women upset that their quesidella had curry in it. Picked up coffee and went back to her place to open gifts (camera, shoes and wonky thermometer). Had baba cake and visited until 5:15PM. Picked up filet-o-fish at McD's.
2011 T - Ne and I got the ride-on cleaned up. Lost cribbage game. Played Dominion after supper. Ne gave me a cranberry/lime cordial as Father's Day gift.
2012 Th - Was suppose to have my first go at indoor bowls but a fashion (for sale) display was in the way. So I ended up at Ash's where I met his wife, Doreen, and daughter, Diane and visited for a long time.
2013 F - Scrabble at Anna's where we met the cleaner, Margaret. Watched Mars Needs Moms and Death in Paradise.
2014 Sa - Yardwork (finally after about 6 weeks). Stone Age and Carcassonne.
2015 Su - Finished reading Death Is A Dream. Guys over for Singapore and I did poorly on both races. Kim supplied a great butter chicken meal. Watched The Legacy of Reginald Perrin series on DVD.
2016 T - 100 minute walk. Found a golf ball, met up with Gail coming out of Mahjongg and met Tony, another player. I added Ocean Downs Reserve, on Glouster, to the walk. Won the cribbage game.
2017 W - Terraforming Mars.
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