Lake Superior    11 - 14 August 1997
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Mon 11th - Wagon Wheel Campground/70°F
I rode in the 28' 1992 Isuzu Safari motorhome with Bob (
video) and dogs while Gail went with Lynna in the LeBaron convertible (top down). Stopped at Hinkley's Grand Casino for lunch and really stuffed ourselves for $7.79. Got ourselves a spot right on the lake (video) and Bob is master at manouvering the big thing. We went for a walk along the road. Checked out Breezy Point Lodge. Roasted "brats" for supper over a fire. Sat outside until 9:30PM talking - no mosquitos!

...3 hours later
August 11 Diary
Tues 12th - North Shore/70°F
We went to Split Rock Lighhouse (video)where we for a six mile hike (map) along the shore (video), on rocks, on trail (chip stop), got lost found the trail again (video) and eventually made it to the top of Day Hill for a late lunch (video). Found wild raspberries. Back to camp to rest. Hamburgers for supper followed by a Yago Sant'gria.
August 12 Diary
Wed 13th - Gooseberry Falls/70°F
Walked along lake and climbed up a cliff face to hit the Gitchee Gummee Trail to the lower Gooseberry Falls (video). Had lunch and then crossed the road to hit the trail (video) to the upper falls (video). Put our feet onto the Superior Hiking Trail, but didn't walk any of it. Met a lady walking a "Weinmater" dog. After supper (video) with Sangt'gria I talked to Lynna about her family until 11:30PM.


Aug 13 Diary
Thurs 14th - Duluth/70°F - rain
Drizzle stopped us from exploring Duluth. But we did go to the Enger Tower on Skyline Parkway. Stopped at the Grand Casino at Hinkley for a late lunch at 4PM. Back in the cities we said our thanks and farewells to the Schauers. Stopped at an outlet store where Gail bought jeans. Watched Rob Roy.
Aug 14 Diary
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