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1959 We left the farm. Little League to watch championship games. Kincy and I played catch.
1960 Chris, Angi and Lynn went to Southdale Circus. I carved a seal in soap. Dan, Steve, Bill, Signe, Debbie, Sandy and I had an apple fight. Steve, Bill, Jerry, Dan, Chris and I played marbles. Steve, Bill, Kincy and I played flashlight tag.
1961 High = 90°F. Signe dropped her bike in the middle of 66th street, so I gave Karen a buck [ed. - ride on bike]. Chris and I tied Bill and Karen in whiffle ball. Bill and Chris went swimming and were splashing me. Schindler dropped in and I rode home with him. Attended Babe Ruth Awards dinner with Brudeli and sat with Gunther.
1962 F - High = 77°. Watched "Charge Account" aka "The Jan Murray Show". Listened to the Twins 7 - Red Sox 3 and then a 4 - 9 loss. Postcard from Steve.
1963 Made $6 at Twins game. Mom brought me to Richfield and we a had club meeting. Played canasta with Kincy.
1965 North Star Lake: We brought Steve's cousin, Dale, back to Marcel and had a meal at his uncle's restaurant (Lakewood Cafe & Laundromat). Stayed late helping Dale babysit before heading back to the tent.
1966 As I was leaving work (11PM) I saw a car parked around the back. I got the nightman and we went down there with a flashlight. It was Norm (night auditor) and travel agent [ed. - agent strike at Mpls airport, so a few came from No Dakota and stayed at Holiday Inn for about a month. Norm had an affair with one - even drove to ND to see her one time after she left]. He paid me $12 to do the audit for him.
1968 Steve, Kincy and I spend whole day fishing on North Star - I caught a rock bass and 2 blue gills, so I was the champ, again.
1970 Teachers all dressed up, with the boys smiling and giving us compliments. QVS puts on a full blown traditional welcome ceremony for the Minister of Education, Jonate Movoa. Read about the ceremonies at my QVS website. Tovata House is in grass skirts, garland leis and leaves around their wrists. Matereti (the head boy) has met the car at the gate and runs in front of it down to the school. Mesake offers the tabua, Isimeli K offers the yaqona and Penaia makes up a tanoa of the stuff and Bola does the delivery of the bilo. Napolioni was great in the meke. I took a movie from the library. In the staffroom over cakes and cookies I am introduced to the Minister and then get into a conversation with the assistant director of Education. Movoa walks around the school as we teach, leaves and the principal cancelled afternoon classes and prep.
1971 Cagi acting headboy. An Indian boy, that I don't know, asks me I would help get him into the States.
1972 30 eggs broke, took me half an hour to clean it up. Basketball pump "stolen". Dominoes with Breeze until Birches and Linda Liow arrived. Great "pantyhose - Penthouse story".
1973 Painted Sam Ervin portrait. Letter from Gurmit inviting us to visit. Smithers brought over some books and the Trigmate after school and we discussed the 5th form exams.
1974 An hour's practice with girls. Photos of David. 2 hour practice with boys. Johnny Taylor upset because we were using the leather ball [ed. - very expensive and rare item back then]. Babysat Breezes (off to Mitchells), Chris cut Julie's hat and he was sent straight to bed. Watched The Pumpkin Eater.
1977 Had Susan Smith and Georgina Denny outside stationery room at lunch. Parent interviews from 4:30PM.
1981 M - Began training on how to use the Datapoint. Curt back from Mexico - Paul won. David read to me. Ne began lower-case alphabet recognition.
1982 T - 3 hours of Jan Wiening mumbling on about VS COBOL that we will be upgrading to. Gail bought a Coleman cooler [ed . - still have it in 2013].
1983 W - Bought 18 LPs at 50¢ each at a massive clearance sale in Met Centre.
1984 F - Gave Dieffenbach our spare croquet rods. Van to downtown where I had a new ID photo taken. Letter from Delwyn with wedding photo. Took shots.
1985 Sa - Kids bought balloon powered cars (Ne is doing balloon experiments at school). Ran into Simon and we talked about computers. Across the street to get 4 bottles of wine and a case of beer. Foodtown where the wine expert and I had a long chat about the Abels '84 Cabernet-Sav I tasted and interesting conversation about NZ wines. Robbie Burns to buy Kahlua, Drambuie, Beefeater and Glen Fiddich (for Jim M). $120 on booze today. Brought David to Steve Karl's and they went to see Star Trek at the Papakura theatre. Ne and I played kickball until I kicked it into Dent's yard. Letter from Ian announcing Jackie's birth. Sandy, Mike and Sofi over. Gave them a tour of the house (they had rented it from '80-'83). Creole, wine and Music Trivia. Corbans '83 Cab-Sav/Merlot, the '80 Hill Smith Estate Cabernet Shiraz from Australia that mellowed.
1986 Su - Ne had her Iron Badge exam. Excellent and passed. Tried to put old sink back into place in washroom.
1987 Had an appointment with Doug but he was sick. So I stopped in at Aldies to make sure and he was in bed. Heard about all the illness stories for all the family including Mia who was hit by a stock truck. Work where I helped Karen Bacon sort out keyboard extensions. Graham Joyce trained Norm on ICC installation.
1989 Leszek and James took me to lunch at cafeteria. I told the cashier that all the meals were together. She said we look like a family group. So I said: "He's my couzie from Poland" and she believed me. Two hours interviewing Jill Butler.
1990 Called mom before we checked out. Gail always turned wrong way when getting out of the elevator. So for our last time she couldn't get it wrong, one way to the car or other way to the front desk where I was paying the bill. She got off at the wrong floor! Stopped at Oceanside (video) to walk the beach, breathe fresh air (smog from LA down to Mexico) and browse the shops (bought postcard and postcard and postcard) and get lunch at a Del Taco. At the San Diego Zoo, I noticed water under the car, so I popped the hood (just air conditioner overflow - something we don't have in NZ). That delayed us long enough so as we walked away and I turned back I noticed smoke in the car. Video camera cable (plugged into cigarette lighter socket) shorted and scorched the carpet. Very lucky to catch it in time and not when we came out of the zoo to find no car and all our belongings gone. Spent 3 hours in the zoo, but only a small portion - monkeys, rain forest aviary and tigers (video). Found a room in Chula Vista Travelodge - bit of a dump - others enjoyed the pool and spa while I suffered with a migraine. We had a pizza delivered. Watched Carson and Letterman. Tried to call Gail's cousin, Carol, but only got an answer machine.

1994 Had to clean "Elle" off computers again. Errol Greaves wasn't interested: "Wrong gender". Made supper: Mrs Quick Deep Steak and Vegetable pie with potaoes and beets from our garden. Watched All Blacks lose to Australia 16 - 20. Jeff Wilson made two good moves but lost the ball when diving for the goal line with 3 minutes to go (video).
1995 Got to school and 4 people waiting in my office. Two Powerbooks to load. Non-stop, busy busy. Fish n chips for supper. Doug over with a tool box for David, so I gave him James' gifts. Gail moderated as we played RnR TP.
1996 Sa - Introduced myself to neighbor lady in front of McClune's and all I got back was "hi". Went to Whites'. Short walk, Upwords, supper and bridge.
1997 Su - Day 41 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 M - My replacement, Chi, started today and I spent 3 hours with him - he knows nothing (e.g. he re-installed Win95 because a floppy drive wasn't working. I told him there was a piece of metal in the drive. He didn't know how to remove the drive!). I was copying stuff onto the file server when Bali came down at 5:30PM to tell me that I had a visitor at home. Turned out to be Lamorna, on her way to Canada and US. She stayed for supper and we caught up, but I couldn't invite her to stay the night because of her perfume. I wanted her out of the house.
1999 Audrey: install printer but trouble with scanner. Sandspit: Rm 12. email from Mary B (off to Germany for 9 months).
2000 Th - Couple calls from Brundell while he was at TLS. Couple hours at Berthe's getting her onto XTRA. Met her daughter Nikki and grandson Justin.
2001 Photo from Fab. Harvey Norman's to pick up laptop - only to be told that they had sold it - so I put on a scene and guess what, they found one. Poor Matthew, I was probably his worst customer ever. Emery's to find Chris on crutches (injured knee playing soccer). KFC with them. Bert's for TP.
2002 Up at 12:45PM and Lavonne forced me to eat eggs. Back to bed until 4PM. Chris, Celia and Angi came over. Angi had a shirt made up for dad tauting his website She gave me a MAD 50th anniversary book. Went to Mandarin Buffet at Riverdale and stuffed ourselves. Angi attempted the crab legs while regaling us with dining out stories. Home to visit and gossip until 10PM. Chris used to have to beat up Rodney Brooks when he went over there (the old knee-on-ear trick).
2003 Listened to the Twins 0 - Indians 5 in 14 innings. My question (how many times was Dan Gladden ejected from a game?) was used and got a good reaction (listen). So I get a $50 gift certificate to Kincaid's, a restaurant in Bloomington. Ian and Susi over for bridge - once again Susi and I do well.
2004 Paid the lawnmower repair bill ($107). Brundell's. Now he is crying all the time, so I spent day with him until Deb came for the night and tomorrow Raewyn will be with him. We edited the China clivia video. Met Sonny, from down the road. Stopped at Bells and showed them how to download pictures of their latest grandchild, Ryan. email from Angi - Jim attacked by dog and hand torn. email from Jackie who is going to see the States now that her job is done.
2005 Gail's new suede recliner arrived after 4 months. Brundell's for a few hours on the computer. Brought a couple cartons to Clark's so they can ship old computer down to Sophie. Mike and I played For the Record while downing a very good Brown Bros 2002 Shiraz. Told me that when I had invited them over in 1985 I said "we meshed" - first time he had heard that term used that way. Also reminded me that I had brought a Sauvignon Blanc thinking it was same as Cabernet Sauvignon.
2006 Picked up the Echo (sans floor mats) and said farewell to the van. Skunked Gail at cribbage.
2007 Postcard from Steph. Brundells where I picked up a migraine. Skunked Gail. Watched The Musketeer.
2008 Ian and Susi over in afternoon for bridge with Corned Beef Flavored Crackers.
2010 T - Dee's where we got all the latest problems sorted.
2011 W - Got skunked. Ian over for Dominion. skunk
2013 Sa - email and a photo from Lesser. David and I ditched petanque and tried Golf Croquet. Barrie and Bev gave us some advice but didn't play. Split cribbage games.
2014 Su - Gail, Ne, Muppet and I went to Colleen's to taste the result of her first go with her new slow cooker: Bulgarian chicken. We had an a very good Draytons Bellvue 2013 Merlot and a light weight Ara 2011 Pinot Noir.
2015 M - Desli (with Belgium cookies) set a new high with 424 in Kingdoms. Then it was Kingdom Builders.
2016 W - Brought Yaris into Bridgestone for the nail in tire - needed to replace tire, so I got two new ones for the front. Lost the cribbage game.
2017 Th - David arrived at the usual time complaining that he had to carry the power supply and hurt his back. He put it into my computer and that fixed things. We had burgers from Pronto then taught him Terraforming Mars. Ice cream and then Castles of Burgundy until 1AM.
2018 F - Was cleaning the Colt in the garage when I discovered that the carpet was wet. Found that the inlet valve was leaking, so Peter (last day) came to check it 4PM and organized a plumber for Monday. Built a bits and pieces catchment to drain out the door. email from Irene (Judy died yesterday).
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