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1958 Little League Lost to Wichita 12 - 3. Played short for 4 innings and pitched for 2 striking out 3. Went 1 for 4.
1959 Don's - we tied Lyle, Brad and Bob. Over to Lyle's to read comics. Bowling in Don's basement (he has real pins) - beat Karen 101 - 69 and tied Don at 121. Had lunch there and then we played a game of tennis baseball. Little League - Lost to Red and White 4 - 1. I played first and went 1 for 3. Played with Signe, Angi, Sandy and Bill.
1960 Teamsters Union picnic at Eagle Lake (past Medicine Lake). Free pop, ice cream, popcorn and Popsicles. Pony rides, merry-go-round and a whip ride. There were races and Daddy competed in the Tug-of-War which his Blue & White Taxi team won. They also won the softball game.
1961 High = 86°F. Squeaky back to normal weight so I let him out. Basketball at Kincy's then we watched the Pharmacy - McClay game with Slater and Mattson.  Whiffle ball at Daniels' with Kin, Deb and Signe.
1962 T - High = 82°F. Watched the All-Star game which was won by the National League 3 - 1. Three Minnesota Twins played: Earl Battey at catcher, Rich Rollins at 3rd and Camilo Pascual pitched the middle three innings.
1963 I got a tooth filled and picked up Kincy, brought him over for catch and Home Run Derby. Worked the Twins 7 - Boston 4 game and made $3. Finished reading Murder After A Fashion by Spencer Dean.
1966 Herman's Hermits ate lunch at Holiday Inn and I was their personal waiter (the only time I ever waited). They arrived followed by many screaming girls and I had to set up a barrier to keep them out of the dining room. [ed. - Keith Hopwood sent a letter from San Francisco that I still have]. Didn't get a tip from them! Went to tell Kincy but he was sleeping, so I spent an hour with Judy at her place. Then I visited Breth's until it was time to bring Kincy to work and I stayed the night at his place.
1969 Got new glasses ($38.45).
1970 Taking 5B for Mitchell while he is on leave and it is the worst class that I've ever run into. After school I watched Eric parade around with cadets. Gave Murray and Peter their first taste of popcorn and marshmallows.
1972 Joined Norm and Win for a tour the Rakiraki sugar mill. Stopped at M-H's for a coke®. Walked to the school in Vaileka. Ran into Peni who showed us the short cut back to hotel through the sugarcane fields. Ping pong with Win, Norm and an Aussie fellow. House girls did a meke in the evening.
1973 3ROS started reflection with Brian being my image.
1974 Moved desk and book shelf out of the second bedroom and into the lounge, so David can have the room when he gets home. Went to see Gail at 2PM - she can't walk yet. Telegram from Trish. Audrey Dickson called to wish me well and invite me over for supper on Sunday. David Benson called to invite me over for a meal. Went to visit Gail at 7PM. She is in a room with the "Singing Cowboy"'s wife. Ray Dutton and his wife came in to visit. Drew a cartoon.
1975 Estate sale on Minnehaha. Got art supplies, a broom and mop. Closed my account at Richfield St Bank [ed. - had it 22 years - sent me monthly statements costing more in postage than what the account held]. Four hours at Holiday Village. Trish sent a multi-colored sweater that she knitted for Te. Towns' where I talked to Helen about education. Drove to Dawson.
1977 Went to Auckland's first McDonalds (converted Queen Street bank) with Aldersons. Seemed so weird as they left the 1884 style unchanged inside and out. Then we checked out the Art Gallery where Ne was squealing to hear her echo. Back home for cofee and birthday cake with us.
1978 M - Letter from Joyce who says she has a lung tumor.
1979 T - David's first day at Opaheke Primary and he was quite excited about it at the end of the day. His first homework is to read a book Mother Is.... Evan, from School Supplies, was out with a book display and I had a few chats with him during the day. Sara and Lyn worked on their pyramid while Karen and friends did texbooks. Mr Long (inspector) came to visit during my 6E class. He was impressed with the quantity and quality of the tests.
1980 Th - High = 98°F. Set up Willy Water Bug and the kids, including grandma play in its wild spray. Had David read a book to me and Ne, then he worked on a letter to Aldersons. I had Renee try to write the letter "R". Went for a run.
1981 F - Meeting: Cathy gave us her user presentation for MiscMed. Connie Jones called and organized Sunday to look at houses. Dropped kids at Towns where they gave David bike streamers, odometer and socks. Gail and I went to Red Lobster, then we all went to Dairy Queen for dessert. Cake and coffee on deck until mosquitos drove us in.
1982 Sa - High = 65°F. Gail worked 3-10PM. Made a birthday card for Lesser. Ne lost her first tooth.
1983 Su - High = 92°F. Mini-golf course in CG (behind the raquetball club in a farm field). Nothing fancy, just plain holes but large and long fairways. Played catch with kids.
1984 T - Began coding Optional Quotes. Mehus upset with how Cliff is messing up and making work for the rest of us.
1985 W - Won a Hauraki contest (click to read about it). Finished the ATI Framework tutorial. Steve Peddie and I went to Galv Plant and discussed their PC needs with Pat Dwyer. Afternoon with Alan, Dave Clarke and Bruce Stuart going over the contract line by line. Got a ride with Varney.
1986 Th - Graeme and Warren out all day. Brought them to lunch (prices have doubled to $3+)
1988 OZ trip: Sydney. Go to Trip Report
1989 Bought an orbital sander at Chadwicks for $99. Cabbie shivering, so off to the vet. David and Michael bought power squirt guns to use in the war games. Sanded sun room ceiling.
1990 Ian called - claims the optic flashlight he bought from us at the garage sale brought luck - they won $80 at Lotto. Asked me for a letter stating his adult teaching at mill so he can get a raise for his night classes.
1991 Checked out of Colonial Motor Lodge ($117/night). 5.5 hours on the East Coast road. Very scenic. Stopped to look at White Island which is an active volcano (video). Went across a bridge that caters for the highway or rail traffic (video). Passed by Mt Edgecumbe. Ended up in Kawerau where we got two motel rooms at the Thermal Motel. Long soak in the heated pool, then takeaways followed by billards in the motel lounge.
1992 Letter and card from Marge. ACC says they will pay for Ne's shoulder operation. Brought David and Michael to see Alien 3. Gail and I watched Wild Orchid.
1993 Went with Mike C and Alex to Glengarry where I bought two rosés. Then over to his partner Joe's place to look at his computer. We went past the Stebbing studio. Called Doug to see if he wanted to sell his printer. Trish is over the moon about the thank you note I sent. Played Hollywood Squares with Gail and David.
1994 Su - Aldies over at 2PM. Visit, snacks, gifts. Caramels for our anniversary. Pair of socks for Te. Played charades - 1st time for them. James had no idea how to communicate an idea. Cake and basketball. Doug really not that much better after playing almost everyday. Watched Thunderball.
1997 Th - Day 3 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 F - TP at our place. Christopher played on David's computer while David and Matthew played Magic.
1999 Sa - Susi and Ian over for bridge. Listened to the Twins game (first time via Internet).
2000 M - Colleen R didn't know how to use the CD player. Figured out how to use her pedigree program. Ian took our bike rack (over rear wheel) for Jackie's bike as she begins delivering papers tomorrow.
2001 Brilliant anniversary card from Berthe. Gave David his gifts - very old Monopoly® game, shirt and cereal. Ne gave me a Goofy drummer as an anniversary gift. Ian and Jackie joined us for a game of Risk Ne won thanks to Ian wiping out Jackie. Gail who probably had too much of the excellent Montana '98 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot forgot to turn in her cards and failed to attack David. Put in 128Mb more RAM into my computer so I could install Web Funnel only to decide I didn't like it.
2002 Moved furniture from Bill's room and setup my office in there. Shranko lent me a drill bit and I was able to go through the concrete walls and bring a phone line in. Completed the final 2001 MalleyGram! David sent my music database - been years since I used it.
2003 Card and letter from Joyce. Person's to install new computer - didn't finish in the 3 hours. Nils' 7 year-old granddaughter impressed me as she can read so well. Quick supper and to Doug's for rock 'n roll Trivial Pursuit in their newly decorated front room (unfortunately, old musty pieces made me ill).
2004 Played Scrabble with Gail and Ne. Then watched Warriors lose to the Sharks.
2005 Ne and I went to Barry's for a walkthrough of the place. We drove separately so I could carry on to Emery's and from there to the Warriors game. It was an excellent tight game and they could have won it in the last minute. Ann had a pain down her left arm and she went to Emergency at 8:30PM for a barrage of tests until 1:30AM - not heart.
2006 Gail up early to get Needhams at airport, back from Cairns. They gave us a bottle of wine. Dropped off gift vouchers to Dee, then returned a 500 deck of cards at PaperPlus, Chinese owner, Jefferson, didn't want to give me a refund and then short changed me 5¢.
2008 Thighs had me up until 3AM. Sections of front fence being pushed off by bushes. So did a major prune. Listened to the Twins 5 - Red Sox 6.
2009 F - Judith Webb's - decided to wait until after she has broadband. Finished digitizing reel-to-reel music tapes.
2011 Su - Won two games of Dominion before I brought Gail to airport (off to Alaska). Watched Lonely Hearts.
2012 T - Postcard from Cathos on Corsica. Got skunked.
2013 W - David and I were heading out the door for petanque when hail hit. Was searching Holy Rosary when I found a page for Amanda's wedding in Feb. And found a Frank Malecek lived and died in Wellington in 1966. Skunked Gail.
A + Josh
2014 Th - Gail had Mahonggers so I spent the afternoon in my room. Skunked. Couple games of Carcassonne. We had Tiramisu Magnums as a treat. skunk
2015 F - Bunnings to get braces for 3B shelves. Plastic Box gone so no bags to be had. Slippers at Hannah's were coming apart. And no pineapples at Countdown!! Too cold to be out and then failing to get what I wanted. Kingdom Builder. Crashed after supper, so in bed listening to Twins. Meanwhile my computer froze again losing Thunderbird settings and email folders.
2016 Su - Boys over for Hungarian race. During the goulash meal that Gail made we had a rules meeting. I won the German race when Clayton crashed out on the final curve. We had a mud cake that Kim bought (supposed to be Black Forest).
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