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1959 Shelly over and we got up batting practice at Elliott with Pete and Zilka. Don ate lunch over, then we played softball and Monopoly®. Helped Mr. Knoss do Rich's paper route and he gave me 50¢. Doctor about my sore thumb.
1960 Typical day when everyone is at camp: Burn papers, hang out clothes, clean house, hoe gardens, water gardens and lawns. Played golf, took shots at Jerry's, draw cartoons and watch television. Babe Ruth - beat Pharmacy 18 - 1. Pitched striking out 6. 3 RBIs. Gary hit a homer and came over after the game for a Coke®. The infield was muddy, so we went back with rakes and shovels to fix it up.
1961 High = 80°F. Kincy over for cards: 500 rummy and black jack. Babe Ruth - beat Korner Plaza 5-4 on White's home run. I played short.
1962 Sa - High = 82°F. Babe Ruth - beat Legion 29 - 8. Played short for 4 innings. Stole a base and drove in one. We sent 20 men to the plate in the 4th and the game was called because of darkness. 24 walks including 6 in a row.
1963 Su - Saw Rollins and Roggenburk at Mass. Finished The Magnificent Female by Cecil Saint-Laurent. Worked Twins - Senators and made $3.00. Lent Mike Evans $10 [ed. - 3 days wages]. Brought Gary home and got his tent. Cards at Steve's. Tom, Dick and I lost 4 - 1 to Frank, Bill and Carl at the park.
1964 Bought a shirt ($4.90) and a tie ($1.50).
1966 Bought an electric guitar for $75 from Mike (in band with Tom M of Holiday Inn). Des Moines Holiday Inn North called me (because she, Margaret, was intrigued by my wit as shown on my teletext messages).
1967 Poor Souls first concert, in Olson's basement. I sat with Lyle and Lynn. They were tremendous - got to be the best band in Minnesota. Their showmanship is better than I expected. They turned on the whole audience.
1969 Larry Berhow, a friend of Darrell, has been a roommate at the (3143) Chicago Avenue apartment for a couple weeks. He is funny, cocky guy with majorily thick lenses.
1971 First day of Dining Hall Supervision (taking over from Woody) and so I no longer need to do MOD or prep. First official Formula 1 races. I won the first (So Africa) and came 2nd in Spain, so I am in first place overall.
1972 Murph and I sorted two boxes of magazines from a Rotary in NZ. Watched More Dead Than Alive at Kaci's.
1973 Painted legs on the Fijian table. Won at billards and lost at cribbage. Letter from Woody who seems upset with US politics.
1974 David Dickson picked me up and we went to Rosehill to meet the girls team. Had to give Lyn's car a push to get it going. Frances and Merran Grayson had to suffer through our rantings on Women's Lib and babies on the way to Aorere College for the Under 15 Tournament. Beautiful gym. Girls lost 2 - 19 to Edgewater. David and I gave them a good ear burning and psyched them up enough to beat Papatoetoe 12 - 8. Boys lost lead at end of game to Edgewater 15 - 20. Stayed close to Auckland Grammer at 17 - 21 before losing 17 - 28. The reffing was terrible. David was talked into sponsoring the girls team. Breezes were visiting when I arrived home.
1975 Made breakfast and a lunch for Gail who left at 7AM for her uni course (discussion groups today). PO and ran into Shelby's mother there. Finished priming Klyber's rental.
1976 Brought Te to basketball and he stayed with Fran while I played the first half against the Cagers and coached them the 2nd. We beat them 54 - 14. I had 6 points. Jack Gillan brought the transformer [ed. - scrapped in 2011]. Te drew a bunny and a ball and knew it. Brought Te home and Kathy gave me a lift back to the Y. The boys only scored 4 points in the first half and then lost 20 - 24 to Rovers. Leighton gave me a lift home and offered me more sponsorship money.
240 ==> 110
1977 Vikings pillow from mom. Taped David. Taped Ne.
1978 F - Aldersons over after supper for slides.
1979 Sa - Finished reading David: Warrior and King. Julia Carey babysat. We went to the Joneses with the Sanders where we had drinks and met Vicki's sister, Bobbi. Went to Boodles, an upsatirs restaurant in Parnell, with them. I had Alaskan Crab Claws, then veal maison which was great. Chef played guitar and sang for us at the end of the evening.
1980 M - Took shots with Jeff. Luverne and bought David a bow and arrow set (Gwen in action) at Pamida and bubble sets for the girls at Ben Franklin. Picked Jeff up from swimming in Beaver Creek. Played hide and seek and once David hid behind a tree by the road and we never found him. Jeff and I hid under a boat once. Had sunfish and sweet corn for supper. Went to indoor pool in Luverne. Stopped at A&W.
1983 Th - Went for a family bike ride. Lesser asked me to be his best man.
1984 Sa - Watched the Minneapolis Aquatennial Parade (photos). We got to a spot at the end of the route at 2:30PM and the parade got to us at 3:15PM. I repaired a camp stool only to have the other one rip when I sat on it. It started to rain toward the end so we moved into an entryway and stuck it out. Got home in time to have burgers and play croquet at Schwitters.
1986 M - Ulu changed his order and buying from another vendor, so that made more work for me. Then everything Graeme said, did or didn't do got me upset.
1987 Spent whole day making foils for JV for the meeting. First hour was JV doing his 10 minute review. Then he dropped his revised IC policy statement and upset them. Blair's paper seems to have everyone into an anarchist with everyone saying let anyone do as they wish. Had a long chat with Dennis Gadd about the meeting. Stayed with Steve until 8:30PM. Peter Wilkins called while I was at work and he had a chat with Gail.
1988 Did a birthday card for Susi and an anniversary card for Eliasons. Gave David his birthday gifts: tramping hatchet, tamborine, ore rocks from Coromandel and a Rolling Mills patch.
1989 Aldies (video) for James. "Biff the Bozo" (video), post meal fun which we had with a Matua Valley '88 Chablis. Then Play School cake that we made (cake and gifts. David got the usual Garfield items. Gave James pipe cleaners and he loved them - made acrobats that spun on a rope. Gave him the squirt rifle and the guns to David and Doug. David set up water games in the bathroom - e.g. soak a sponge that caused a rocket ship to rise (video). Gave Doug Stranded in Paradise for dental work. Played pool.
1990 Sa - Gail, Ne and I went to Aoteora "garage sale" and got $200 of gifts. Got all summered up with zinc, sun hat, Budweiser shirt and togs for our "beach party" with Aldies. Only ones at the Manurewa pool. Spent an hour in the heated pool. Our place for a meal. Drop the peg in the bottle from ladder (video). Cake (plastic soldiers to go with our GI Joe party hats). Pin the Ear on Mia (video). David got Garfield things and we gave James the NASA truck set (helicopter and space shuttle). "Alderson Go Home" at 7:15PM (video).
1994 Picked up cut tiles ($10). Most of the day trying to get Des' CD ROM to work with Windows. Doug over with McD's, then we played R'nR Trivial Pursuit.
1995 TP at Pam's.
1997 M - Day 14 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 T - Frontier Pools for first time in Takanini and spent $136 getting a vacuum head and two brushes. Two hours at school: found an AFS magazine in library and an article by Fab, in which she thanked "Mr Male".
1999 W - Winchester's for a Works spell problem. Lightning frightened Chardy. Night class - first time with datashow.
2000 F - TP at Emery's.
2001 Gail spent day at a Bed & Breakfast seminar at Karaka Lodge. Dad called and we talked for 90 minutes. Postcard from cousin Steve who is in Australia with family. Long chat with Fab until the Whites arrived for a birthday meal washed down with a French Baron d'Arignac 1995 red (musky) and a 2000 Saints Gewurtztraminer (very sweet). Matthew showed us photos of his stay with Leah. He is dead keen to move over to Australia. Played Cluedo (I won - a rarity) and Chinese checkers. Ne gave Susi Ben Hur, I gave her a chess CD and Gail is shouting her to the C&W finals next weekend. Finished Poetic Justice edited by Ellery Queen.
2002 Called Mom and Dad to tell them. Angi called - looking into orphanage jobs. Just made it to the mall in time to order our Chinese meal, before it closed at 6PM. email from Gail (Gran Prix with Whites) and more photos from David. email to Oberg and he replied telling me that he had a stroke 2 weeks ago!!!
Room 5
2003 email from Hoffsis saying that Schiffer is now in Sacramento. Ne clipped a nail too deep on Bonnie and there was blood everywhere. Watched the Silver Ferns beat Australia 47-45 to become World Champs thanks to Temepara Clark's blinding speed and boundless energy at center.
2004 Afternoon on Brundell's computer - Lyn has resigned. Watched Matrix: Revolutions. David A called for help with his computer. Finishing touches on Russell's old computer.
2006 F - MacFadyen's to get their broadband going. Home to be skunked. Brundell showed up with his new Toshiba. Watched Committed and The Closer.
2007 Brundell arrived soon after I got up at 10AM. Photo from David. Watched All Blacks beat Australia 26 - 12 and Silver Ferns do the same in 4 overtimes.
2008 Gail got me up at 7:45AM to wait for tilers, who never came. Had to cut down the shelving unit that goes next to the fridge because the new tiles are thicker than the old ones. Finished dust removal for the kitchen and began on the dining room. Chatted with Debbie about her dad. email from Harlan advising that Lavonne died hours ago.
2009 email from Vitu (now has his own consulting company). Spent a couple hours with Graeme Webb and his dead hard drive. Bank - Val told me about her son's troubled 21st last year. Listened to the Twins 3 - Rangers 5 in 12 innings. (first home run video replay for Twins reversed a Texas' homer that wasn't).
2010 W - Skunked. WOF, oil and tune up for car = $222. Watched Castle. skunk
2011 Th - Listened to the Twins 2 - Indians 1 in walkoff by Valencia. Simon Brown did a building inspection.
2012 Sa - Gail and I visited Trish and David (who now looks like Doug) at the new place in Papakura. Met sweet Gable. Gave Trish gifts including a cup with: "Life is short, talk fast". After a soup meal Gail brought me to Emery's and she had a look around (fancy door and loaded lemon tree). Got to Mt Smart in time for the start of the Under 20 game which we won. Heard how Alice and Bruce got together and Alice's life story. Meanwhile the Warriors zipped out to 19 - 0 after 18 minutes. Half-time had a TNT Couriers race. Game was given away the usual way: errors, poor defense and the refs: 24 - 19. Gail stayed the night at Aldies' and I stayed up until 1:30AM talking to Ann and slept upstairs.

2013 Su - Cleaned my window trim while watching Your Hit Parade (Feb 27, 1954). Burger King for supper, then Alhambra. Watched Devious Maids.
2014 M - Got a new food processor. Skunked. skunk
2015 T - Saw Dr Saunders and he is happy, so I just need to wait for the eye to heal. Mount library to get a couple Large Print books. Ne over for L+C and Kingdom Builder.
2016 Th - Mahjonng here. After listening to the Twins' Santana shutout the A's and watching The President's Lady I had a nap. Lost cribbage game. Susi called and I also spoke to Ian.
2017 F - Terrraforming Mars and Castles of Burgundy.
2018 Sa - Sinuses killing me. Eight Minute Empire - Lost Lands.
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