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1956 Watched Milton Burle Show.
1959 In Music we had a paper wad fight. Fooled around with Billy, Danny, Bob and the girls.
1960 Kincy, Angie, Signe, Sandy, Billy and I played catch and swung on Breth's set. Kincy, Signe, Angie, Karen, Debby, Rene and I played badmitton.
1961 High = 62°F. No school as it is St. John Baptist De La Salle day. Played catch with Billy and took shots with Steve. Signe, Sandy, Angi, Billy and I played croquet.
1963 My GPA is 3.45 and I am 26.5 out of a class of 410. Mowed the lawn for first time and it is a huge yard. Did clubhouse trim. Bill and I beat Kincy and Sandy (basketball).
1964 Bought "Glad All Over" LP by Dave Clark Five ($2.79), and "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet" by the Reflections (77¢)
1971 Whites for cards. Susi and I lost. John and Pam McIntyre came to have a shower.
1973 Mike Gawel went into Auckland to sell his cassette player and get airline tickets. He came back feeling low because his NZ love rejected him. During supper he told us about his hitchhiking around the country. Lynn brought me to the basketball meeting. Stayed up into the wee hours consoling Mike drinking the Peter's Vinyards blackberry nip that he had bought.
1974 Won billiards and that meant Gail had to do last night's and the breakfast dishes. Simon brought over a wire brush attachment for the drill and I finished removing rust for the metal stand. College had a poor game and lost 18 - 32 to Workshop. Rudy sprained his ankle. Vernon had a good game.
1975 Dougie calls David "Daven". Gail and I went to Nukulevu Island with Whites on Ian's boat. Once there Gail and Susi went out in the boat to do some fishing (video). Men and boys swam. I tried Ian's fins and ended up scraping my knee on the coral. So I decided to swim out to the boat using a life jacket but ended up cutting my toe. Back to the beach where we built a fire. Cooked the fish and had lunch in the shade. Paddled around the coral and Ian went snorkeling. Hargrove showed up on his boat. Played bridge under candle light until 12:30PM - I had to throw in a 7C bid on a misdeal.

1976 Watched Bilko. Practice. Morris Jones brought over a load of dirt which we dumped out front. Michewskis over for supper with an excellent Cook Chasseur and visit until 10PM. Mitchell called to say they were in town.
1977 Su - Doug and I finished listening to my 45's. We taped "Silly Night Show" (tape).
1978 M - Put together the Jekyll-Hyde model. Built a large shelf at back of garage so car can fit under it (got the idea from Breth's garage). Went to Aldersons to get some albums (including America's Greatest Hits) to tape.
1979 T - Letter from Bob Hayson with his Bob Marley concert stub. First fire of the year.
1980 Th - Garage sales: toy iron with board and Grass Roots' album Golden Grass ($1). Took kids to park. Beat Gail and Mom in 500 Rummy.
1981 F - Watched Ed Sullivan re-run: tape, Fridays: 3 Stooges and SCTV: video and audio.
1982 F - Watched SNL.
1983 Su - Wards at Phalen where we got drapes for Ne's room. Sears Surplus for pants. Labelles for a canteen and back pack. Frank's for garden stakes and fertilizer.
1984 T - Brought Tom, Doug and Frank to Twins game. Had front row seats just beyond 1st base. Hrbek scored in 1st and it was 1-0 until 9th when he dropped the ball allowing a run in. Lost 5-2 to Boston in the 10th.
1985 W - Meeting with Varney, Alan and Bill C about what Info Center should include - many lively discussions. Watched "Time Bomb", which got across many points about using proper procedures in DP. Had a run through on Displaywrite2 and an Epson printer by PowerWorks people. Gail and kids went with Breezes to Stern's bach near Leigh. Bussed to Manurewa and picked up car which had a tow part installed. Met Terry Shannon (Heather was HomeEc at Rosehill in '70s). He's in charge of Rolling Mills.
1986 Th - Warren out for what I thought was a very curt interview with Typing Pool. After lunch brought him to meet Rose and Gary at Purchasing. Ne dressed up as a clown for a parade at YMCA. She has been very busy with all the planned activities there for the school holidays. And David is creating his own "which-way" book on the computer.
1988 Road to Hunua blocked so we tried Ponga Road that brought us up past many nice homes with great views. Hiked up to the Wairoa Dam lookout - bit of a huff for Gail (video). In evening Gail and I went to Mark's to meet his new lady, Corinna, play some 500 while downing a good '86 Stoneleigh Chardonnay and a very dry red. Watched Club Paradise when we got home.
1989 Took day off. Saw Dr Perriam and though only a small change to prescription I ordered new frames. Dropped off empty beer bottles and bought a rum, Southern Comfort and a rosé at Green Bottle. Got a trellis and lumber at Benchmark. Discovered wheel well in Sigma full of water. Watched Shaka Zulu - excellent.
1990 Train with Whites to Henderson. Transferred at New Market. Crowded - many people standing. Went all the way to Waitakere so we could go through a tunnel - 15 minute wait for the return. Off at Henderson so Whites could go to K-Mart for the first time. I got Robert Palmer's Addictions and the Exposé album Exposure there. I found a Goofy banjo player. Got Yeastop at Devcich Pharmacy, but no Rosalie. Played bridge on train back.
1991 KFC for supper. Played Game of Knowledge.
1992 Letter from Steve who is off to Jakarta. MCC where I got a book on cocktails. Picked up the lounge suite at Farmers. Had to do a lot of talking to get the price back to what it was when we ordered it (and not the new May 1st price) and I got a cash discount so we ended up spending $1861 ($550 for one chair). Get it and the material wasn't Brussels Navy, but a more pinky color. I wanted to say "No" but Gail said that it would be okay.
1994 Su - David did his first tax return. We played Reminiscing and Sorry.
1995 Met Ne at Sizzler's for Mother's Day meal.
1996 W - Steve Colville and his mother came to tell me that he is now in Access program and will be doing computer work at a warehouse. We met David at Sizzler's where you now pay at the end of meal.
1998 F - Spragg's to buy a dishwasher and VCR. Tracked down a burning resistor smell to be fuse in Des' office. Don Rolle repaired it. Ne came to clean B2 computers. Scanned a mangrove picture into Farida's Word document.
2000 M - Couple hours at Laurie's.
2001 Talked to Chris about the new digicam he purchased. email from Angi who begins at her latest job tomorrow and word that Dad has pnuemonia. Night class - Raylene brought in an old broken IBM laptop for us to look at. Looked at disks and Explorer. Read "City and Suburban" by Frank Sargeson.
2002 Fire (called Indian Creek Fire - 2 others going nearby also) began this afternoon south of Prescott and headed north, so we kept an eye out the window and the other on the TV. Chat with Helen (off to Hawaii next month). Prescott declared state of emergency, fire out of control, 1000 firefighters, 7 planes... Chatted with Daph and Zipmyster who sent a photo of his hog.
2003 Chat with Fab. Ngaire called to say computer won't start (again). Gail left van lights on at school and had to wait 2 hours for AA to show up - so she got home at 6:30PM. Meanwhile 5 emails from Audrey confused over her new computer and Denice called to say her computer can't hook to Internet. So I fled to Doug's where we spent the evening sorting out his new Canon A45 digicam. Gave him PaintShop Pro 7 as partial payment for the tooth reconstruction he will be doing next week. Got home at midnight to be greeted by PudPud, who pretty much stays around the house 24 hours now.
2004 email from Jim F. - Brenda has bradycardia and has returned home from Poland. email and photo from Ian. Note and card to Jessica, getting married.
2005 Warriors with Ann where we had a pic taken with Monty Betham and Clinton Toopi. Russell came from work. Bought a TAB bet for $5 - I would win $150 if Wiki was 1st try scorer. Was a rugged game and loss to Roosters 6 - 10, thanks to ref Shayne Hayne. Watched Species.
2007 Grad photo from Derek Elbers. Listened to the Twins 2 - Tigers 8 (Morneau broke his nose).
2009 Up at 6AM to bring Steve to airport and see him off to Australia. Emery's where Gail crutched up to the back of the house. Wendy's (Buffalo Sauce burger for Gail) on their new dining room table before going to Paul's for TP.
2011 Su - Skunked Gail. Played Dominion. Watched Warriors beat Knights 25 - 16. skunk
2012 T - Pruned flax on side fence and found a palm tree within it. Skunked Gail. skunk
2013 W - Good game of petanque with David and Anna. Introduced David to Heather and chatted a while. Watched Mr Sunshine.
2014 Th - Gail had the ladies over for Mah Jong so I was restricted to my room. Watched This Means War and Sullivan and Son.
2015 F - Anna over for Scrabble. Split the cribbage games.
2016 Su - Up at 11:30AM and flu is hurting me big time. Watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
2017 M - Up at 11:20AM. Out for a little yardwork.
2018 T - Bayfair for the Tuesday fruit run. Regan over and we tried rolling two dice and choosing better result - perfect rolls and I won by a very large margin. Found out that he might buy Seriously Board.
2019 W - Tim drilled down and found that the roots are okay, so no canal. Stopped at New World to get Gail a mint&cookies ice cream.
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