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1959 Music voice test: I am a bass. Ken, Dave R and I went to the 7th grade dance and movie.
1960 Chris ran over the neighborhood picking up our newspaper. Went for a ride around a lake. Squeaky [ed. - squirrel] got out and I chased him all over the trees and when I finally got him, I put him into the garage. Terri and I rode up to Jr High looking for Kincy at a football game. Billy and I played football.
1961 High = 80°F. Instead of Religion we had Gym. Foss, Smith and I won 18-16 over Stowell, Mathison and Howard in volleyball. Made the A-Honor roll. Art Club set up our displays in the gym after school. Donna Lee and Debbie came over and were bothering me. Steve N and Steve R joined and I showed them my artwork.
1963 Joined Benildus club.
1965 Sa - Watched Atom Ant episode Gem-A-Go-Go, Precious Pupp episode Bites and Gripes and Hillbilly Bears episode Going Going Gone Gopher.
1969 Peace Corps staging in San Jose. Details in Peace Corps Journal.
1970 Missed first couple classes as I HAD to get some sleep. Sigston taped the dogs last night. Talatala offered me a young mongoose (we had talked about how they can be trained) but I turned him down.
1971 Card from Mom in Bern (closest she got to Austria since she left in 1947). Printed photos and played solitaire until lights out.
1972 Assembly where Sir John Grace, NZ High Commisioner to Fiji, presented books to the school from the Rotorua Rotary. Levani and I put them away and I found a 1912 stamp in one of the older books. Kalaveti, Saiasi and Timoci spent the whole afternoon removing one root from basketball court. Three skunks playing cribbage.
1973 Nelson Sopar was given the "Most Improved Team" trophy at assembly.
1974 5ths saw movie on Computer and Data Processing. Short bridge club meeting. Meteors beat College C 6 - 4. Cagers lost 22 - 24 to Merkins. Graeme Spurdle looked good. Roadrunners lost to Workshops 20 - 15. Bill got nine points.
1975 Picked up Gail in Granite Falls and went to the cities. Gail told her mom we are going back to NZ and Joyce moaned and cried all day.
1977 Su - Aldersons stopped in with scales for Gail.
1978 Mrs Dent asked me to turn the "laser beam" off of her. Laid Chendrah's carpet in Ne's room and put everything back.
1981 F - Skunked Paul and he threw the skunk into his waste basket. Met Chris' husband, Bill and their son Billy Jr. Picked up Ne from Learning Tree for the last time. Bird feeder on deck has chickadees visiting it.
1984 T - Attended a SAS awarness talk. Paul and I played canasta at lunch. Rain hard - 3" in past two days. Home all flaked out. Supper at McDonald's since house was being shown.
1985 W - Whole day with John Rayner and Brian Vickers in Varney's office. Took them to lunch on the company which included my meal. Dennis Gadd asked for a rental computer. Graeme showed up to say that the computer we transferred all the DWR files to had bunged up and he was bringing it to his shop. Gave me a lift home. Price of petrol up 20¢ to $4.55/gal ($1.18/l).
1986 Th - Chris called - he brought mom, MaryAnn and her mother to Chicago (stayed at Palmer House) and blew $2000. Got rolled by two hookers when he went to get ice. Had me talk to his friend Leon who didn't believe I was in NZ.
1987 I walked while others (Steve and Doug stayed home) drove to Breeze's. Dropped off Lia's birthday card. Gail picked me along the way. Was a good time. Had a very good Babich '87 dry red. Asked Chris about working for me over the summer.
1988 Ne went to St Mary's netball social. Watched V - The Final Battle.
1989 Sharee now Cleary's secretary and he wanted her in the walk-in. I talked him into using our reception area. Changed my last day at mill to 10 Nov so I'll have time to use up my lieu days and I left at 12:45PM.
1990 John Nuttal asked me to help Linda Simmons set up a way to automate the bottom line calculations for union demands at negotiations. I was able to print out the new procedure format on the LaserJet III using a Postscript cartdridge. Nice chat with David Keppel who is now doing WANG rentals. Finished reading Tactics. Billboard's 1989 Music and Video Yearbook came.
1991 Letter (pg 1 pg 2) to Gail. Watched Dinosaurs episode Endangered Species and Seinfeld episode "The Library": audio and . Watched Letterman.
1992 Gail and I walked around block. Doug bought a joystick to find the PS/1 has no port.
1993 Betty over with another doll that she knitted.
1995 M - Chardy had front teeth removed and was spayed, so she she just lay about all night. Ian and Jackie stopped in. They had taken Susi and Doug to airport - Susi's mother died yesterday.
1996 W - Chadwicks where I was served by Madelin, from night class. I swear that Minister of Justice, Sir Doug Graham, was in front of me at checkout. Countdown where Steven Munro packed for me. Gave Ramsay a lesson on Excel.
1997 Th - David came in and spent day on Webwise. I had to leave early to rescue Gail who had locked keys in car at Foodtown. Doug over for RnR Trivial Pursuit. He is all in a tizz over Geddes mobile dental van being at Rosehill this week. He brought along a John Denver album to play, since JD died this past week.
1999 Sa - Ne won a meat pack at Sandspit gala. Needham's to soak in hot tub and then share a Canadian Thanksgiving meal with an average '98 Jacob's Creek Reisling and a very good Corbans '98.
2001 First Web Design session and I know 6 of the 10 students. Geraldine managed to work her nude 50th birthday photo into the discussion, again. Seems like most of them want to set up an eBusiness site. Long email from Wally telling of their experience of flying in from Ireland during the terrorist attack.
2002 Woke up to snow! Judy and I managed to merge our Malecek family trees. Des stopped in so was able to our goodbyes. We left around 3PM, stopped at the Renville library to say goodbye to Ester - found out that she was PCV and taught English in Thailand. And as we were talking about NZ, grubby fellow (migrant doing beetroots) at computer chipped in that he had worked his way around NZ - mainly picking apples. Next stop at Danube post office where Tom Rauenhorst gave me instructions to Haubrichs. Arranged visit next Monday. New Ulm around 6PM. Sorted Joyce's photos.

2003 Mike came out for an evening of chat and catching up over a bottle of 2001 Moelleux that was sweetish. Sandy called at 11PM with a request that Michael come home and take care of their problems (cat ate a dead bird that Charlotte brought in) - but he stayed until midnight.
2004 Exchanged gifts with Steph - I now have a 2002 Bordeaux, Gail a radish towel, David chocolate and Ne Hollywood Chewing gum and a deck of cards. We gave her a notebook and a emergency battery starter for her car. After a delicious trifle we watched Lord of the Rings Two Towers and I played backgammon with Ne. Hoffsis sent me Frank's son's email so I could get off 100th greetings.
2005 Exchanged gifts with Steph - Monique gave us a tray and Steph gave us a Dufy calendar. Watched Pluto Nash and The 6th Day.
2006 Wrights where the computer freezes - so I brought it home (found sleep.exe trojan).
2007 Ne went for her first ride on her new bike. Hasn't peddled for about 20 years and says she needs to find somewhere flat to bike. Elaine and Louise visited Gail.
2008 email to Lamorna and she replied. Watched Outrageous Fortune.
2009 F - Sympathy card from Tracy. Brought the business card files over to Melanie, and met little Brooklyn and her brother. Emery's, where we found Christopher recouperating from pnuemonia. Russell and I got the food and after the meal we went to Mike's for TP.
2011 Su - Movers here at 9:30AM, but without Ne's bed! Had Ian bring chainsaw to bring down a pohutakawa branch so could get truck in. Three hours to load truck and then no room for the bed. I had a final burn in the veggie garden. Ian back with trailer and saw. We brought the load to the back paddock fire area and then couldn't get back up the wet tall grass. Unhooked the trailer and pulled it as far as we could. Got Ne and Gail to push and we were able to get it to level spot in front paddock. And Ian was able to get the car back up. Fairburns came and I gave them all of the documentation and keys. Gail left while we were chatting. Ne and I left about 15 minutes later. Had a snack at Matamata McDonalds, but no Gail. Figured she tired of waiting for us and left. But as we were driving out we saw our car, so we went back in and there she was. She had stopped in Pukekohe and then Bombay for a coffee and muffin. Got to our new home around 6PM. Found a couple cockroaches in the place. Found an albino one in the garden shed. Card from Trish. After unloading we went for fish n chips which we had at Ne's flat. Short visit with Colleen. Gail stayed the night there. Ne and I slept at 106.
2012 T - Newsy called (Plantar fasciitis hurting - remembered "The Ranch House" 78th Lyndale). Jill had a shot into her eye and it didn't look good. Took the cane couch in sunroom to pieces to give it its first clean in years. Found a brace needed repairing. First day of 2-out-of-3 cribbage games and I was the winner.
2013 W - Couple games of Smallworld around supper.
2014 Th - Usual chores while Ian was biking about Papamoa. Beat him in a game of petanque. Couple games of Dominion. After supper Ne came and we played Euphoria and Smallworld and then it was Eight Minute Empire until 2:30AM. Ian treated us to Bluebird Stuffed Baked Potatoe chips and Marmite Crisps.
2015 F - Chatted Russell, Ann H and James after the race, which Russell's horse won. Met up at RSA where it was a long sign in before getting inside. I paid $1 more for my fish n chips than Gail's roast meal. Then it was Trivial Pursuit around the table until after 11PM. Russell declared me a Greek god because Gail makes ambrosia for me. James had many stories about his fishing days.
2016 Su - 100 minute walk. TTR-Ned. I brought her home and did some yardwork there before sanding washroom walls. Won the cribbage game.
2017 M - 3 hours painting windows at 3B. The ladies came back from Bombay with 12 week old phantom poodle and named him Kismet. Clayton gave me a lift to Max's for the Suzuka race. He played for Gail and finished in front of me who came last (not a single lucky roll the night). Kim did his magic and came first with the two Renaults getting podium spots.
2018 T - Up at noon (hit). email to Akariva. Papamoa where Annette remembered the man who tears book pages out. Mitre 10 for garden supplies. Countdown for food. Pruned. Had a Luminary 2017 Pinot Noir to celebrate 7th anniversary at 106.
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