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1959 Kincy and I had a war with Billy, Paul and Chris. Billy and I played football. Bobby, Chris and I played tag.
1960 Billy and I worked on our football plays. Called Kincy and we talked for an hour.
1962 W - High = 64°F. Watched Armstrong Circle Theatre.
1963 Gave an oral report on Carl Sandburg biography to Brother William. Rode bike to Daniels. Ran plays with Kincy, Terri, Bill and Judy. Bill, Sandy and I played basketball. Met Mrs and Bonnie Johnson [ed. - moved into Fair's].
1964 Watched Gilligan's Island first episode Two On A Raft.
1966 Drove Tom and me to first day of classes. Ran out of gas while in line to the parking lot, which was already a long slow shuffle without a stalled car. I walked to Dinkytown and bought a can of gas. Tom sat in the car the half-hour it took. Bought "Palisades Park" by Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon 98¢.
1969 Dad gave me $100. Watched "Brady Brunch" first episode The Honeymoon.
1970 Went to Hargrove's to see if his hot water was on and discovered five "stolen" library books. He came back today from hospital and picked up his parrot.
1972 Pups are at playful stage - can sit and shake. There is a Fijian teacher filling in for Pam while she is in hospital (we had hoped Gail would get the job). Postcard from mom. Akariva and Jesoni trimmed the bushes by the walk. Bob, and the Hayson boys came over with a cake from Mitchell's.
1973 Kay Byford volunteered to be the 4E garbage man [ed. - but typical of her, she never did it]. Gave out a lot of lines in 3Maths. We got pay rise - I'm now at $5052 and Gail is at $4772.
1974 Contest on average and row 1 won easily. Malcolm Catchpole, Sterling Imports, gave me another pen. Staffroom being torn apart. Did sine rule with 5ths. Maths meeting after school.
1975 Watched final Jackpot. Finished painting a wall. Played tennis in the heavy wind. Fuel pump leaking badly.
1977 Determined that the record player with headphones connected doesn't have enough juice to pump the speakers. A little rewiring and we were on air. Creative Publications books arrived, as did a tape from mom.
1978 Fired Julie Breeze from textbooks. Went to Benson's to celebrate Robert's 6th birthday. Hayson and Carolyn, with dogs, Pablo and Melanie dropped in for a visit until 8PM. Three tapes from mom, one a letter and the others were Vikings games.
1979 W - 4U's BODMAS contest was interrupted when 8 cartons of books arrived. Had Benson unload them. Frank Bailey stayed after school to wash 4 desks. Bought me FM album for $2.50.
1980 F - Watched Letterman: tape.
1981 Sa - Letter and slides from Steve. Tried to fix bathtub faucet again. Got the dryer going.
1982 Su - Target where we got pom poms for Ne to go with her baton. David got Raiders of the Lost Ark record/book. Menards looking for faucets, then C.O.M.B. next door (liquidators) where I bought some tools. Sears where I got a battery for the LTD - they weren't interested in the old one, so I kept it even though I got $3 off for a trade-in. Back to Target to get a fish pole for David. Final stop at Farmer's Seed to pickup 3 lilac bushes. Put faucet in.
1983 M - Cliff Swynigan started today and for the first time I don't have to train the new guy. Al back from hospital. Wife has left him and he is going to accept job offer from Post Office. Kids harvested our peanuts and it was a very successful crop. Jerry's for supper. Waitress made many mistakes.. Watched "AfterMASH" episodes September of 1953/Together Again.
1985 Th - To work early to set up for the Burroughs terminal training sessions. Alan told me they had it with Harries and that we were going to give them a DWR and do PCs for Personnel. Ended up talking to Dennis Gadd until 5:30PM.
1986 F - Wiri after lunch to spend 2 hours to determine that there was a faulty printer cable. Manurewa and bought Adidas lawn bowls shoes to be my casual wear [ed. - was still wearing them in 2006]. After supper David and I went to get him a school bag [ed. - back then stores only open evening was on Fri]. Bought 2 Goofy caps. Ran into the mayor of Papakura, George Hawkins. George [ed. - went on to hold positions in cabinet, mainly Minister of Police] glad to see me and wanted to get together with him and his brother [ed. - a future mayor of Papakura] for some wine tasting. My David quite impressed by it all.
1987 Gail went to Val's funeral. Ne had a special one-on-one lesson with her dance teacher, who is worried because Ne is her best pupil but has not adjusted well to the new music score. Letter from Angi with photos. She is hooked on classics. Lesser called. Twins five up and he has playoff tickets. Spoke about job situation and their January visit.
1988 Watched Recruits and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
1989 Was going to give Jill a brief run through on sub-directories only to find that she didn't know much and needs alot of help (she is supposed to be training others!) QA'd a couple computers and gave James a lift to Papakura at 7PM. Postcard from Atmores who only lasted four months in Australia. postcard
1991 Up to the water tank to get photos of actinea and cliff rose. Bought a pair of hiking boots at Payless for $31 [ed. - still have them in 2018 - had them re-soled in 2002]. Bought grenade water ballons at Coronet [ed. - still have some in 2018]. Went to Thumb Butte park and walked a trail. Many people sitting in the shade on their lawn chairs, reading or snoozing. Mike came for coffee.
1992 Betty off to Napier for two weeks so we went over to get her keys and instructions on watering plants. Walked up to veggie place (nursery part closing down) to get carrots and onions. Shopping then Manurewa heated (29.5°C) pool for a 30 minute soak. Ne and I went to three video places and couldn't find anything so we played cribbage and pinochle.
1993 Ne and I to Clark's. Mike helped her with her financial studies. Sarj and Jan there. Sophie and Alex have chicken pox so I put on red stickers. Helped Kathy do her resumé while Mike and Gail played Upwords.
1995 1. Bali's laptop missing config.ini and had two virii. Luckily, I had a backup and it was an easy fix. 2. Distant Suns won't run comets, so rest of day in B1 fixing that. 3. Don Rolle wanted a new computer, so I processed one for him.
1996 Th - Whites over for Portuguese Grand Prix. After supper it was 3 rubbers of bridge.
1997 F - Day 81 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 Sa - Whites over for bridge.
1999 Su - Senad out with his computer - its all in German so that made it difficult. He told me about the breakdown of his parents marriage that is going on. Whites over over for French Grand Prix and then some bridge.
2000 T - Thangamani's to work on their computer and ended up having lunch. Installed Mavis Beacon after their "genius" son had said it couldn't be done.
2001 Gail bought a used aluminum table and chairs for by the pool.
2002 Walk with Dad and pancakes for brunch. Bank, post office (postcard to Doug and 'thank you' gift to Lundholms). Another walk when we got home and I also walked with Lavonne to gas station to get milk before a chow mein supper.
out west
2003 Stephanie gave us gifts from her and her mother. Lovely bottle of Alsace Pinot Noir and Steph's very own Disney tin lunch box (with Goofy) that had been hers as a child.
2004 Ian took me for a walk. We checked out the houses on Jenny Lane and Awaroa Stream Rd. All established with big trees and bushes. Missed Gail's call - back from Branson. Cribbage with Ne. Our internet phone line down, so I replaced the jack box with no improvement. Ne made chili for supper. We watched Lord of the Rings Pt.1.
2005 email from Angi saying she survived hurricane Rita with only little damage in Houston. PAG where I helped Sandy with her computer and managerial problems for four hours. Brought in Ne's portfolio as Sandy wants to try to sell some to an office in Botany Downs. Checked out The Warehouse to get glitter paint for Ne who is exploring its use in her paintings. Couple hours with David A trying to get his ipad going - couldn't. Skunked Gail and watched Bend It Like Beckham and Johnny English.
2006 Met Christine Lawrence (now at Waiuku College) at dentist where Brent filled a couple teeth. Dick Smith (ran into Christine MacLeod) to get a printer and wireless ADSL for Clarks. Installed them with a little help from David. Had a fantastic 2004 Monkey Bay Merlot Cab and was on my way home.
2007 Gail got me out of bed, I downed a bowl of Hubbard's Caramel Cashew Crunch Muesli and we were off to Mike's funeral at St Mary's in Papakura. Met Jacky Brown, Waiuku librarian and friend of Kathy. There was a Mass and people spoke but we couldn't hear them. We left immediately as Mass ended so Gail could go off with Diane Whitehead and Tony for their Tiritiri adventure. Woody sent a link to photos of US QVS OB party - he appears to be the only white dude. Here's George Kwong.
2008 Ne and Bonnie back from house sitting at Yri's. Spoke to Trish, who cleaned her father's house and now he can't find anything. Watched A Thousand Apologies.
2010 Su - Brought Gail to Ascot Hospital, taking the long way through Cornwall Park, where the car (not me) lost a hubcap on the narrow roads. Dr Sillars, then the anaesthetist and the nurse, Fedzai spent two hours telling Gail what was going to happen and filling out forms. Watched Superhero Movie.
2011 M - Got the garage organized for us to begin filling with our "stuff". Ian and Susi over for bridge. They brought a long a sweet Matua '09 Pinot Noir and Ukranian Crazy Bee candy by Roshen.
2012 W - Ian called. Coming tomorrow, so I got Scotch, Wild Turkey and aquavit. Garage door has stopped working.
2013 Th - Up at 8AM to watch NZ lose the America's Cup. Scrabble here with David and Anna. Games at Jamie's - biggest TV I have ever seen and two lively poodle crosses. Played Small World, Dominion and San Juan with Martin, Carl and Canadian Max. Martin Wallace brought his latest game for a trial run.
2014 F - Scrabble at Anna's. After fish n chips we played Plethora.
2015 Sa - 3B to weed and put the security light up (again). Facebook message from Patrice Breth! Watched Stoker.
2016 M - More wet carpet by washing machine, was Gail's fault but in moving the machine out I screwed up the sink drain pipes, so need a plumber. Bora Bora, supper and Dominion.
2017 T - John removed the scraggy rhotodendrum and the Japanese Privet. 3B to weed for a couple hours. Clayton picked us up (I gave him a box of Persil Sensitive hopefully to stop his clothes from reeking detergent perfume). Today we raced sunny Valencia. It was a team race with Red Bull 1st and 2nd, McLaren 3rd and 4th and Renault 6th and 7th. Clayton sat in for Kurt and in typical form didn't finish. BA had pole (again) but finished toward the back with the yellow team. Meanwhile, Penelope and Kryptkicker kept alternating the lead the whole race with KK eventually winning. Argent thought he had a shot but had to settle for 3rd. I'm in first and Gail is 2nd - Malleys rule.
2018 W - Terraforming. Had a Ben Burger from BK. I won TTR-Eu. Offer from Honda to trade in our Jazz which we have only had for a month, for a HR-V. email from Jim with photo of new lady, Rose.
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