California    26 Sept - 1 Oct 1997
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Fri 26th - Lake Tahoe/67°F
We got up early so we could avail ourselves of fresh doughnuts for a change. I used the ice bucket to load up and bring back to our room. Another couple thought it was a brilliant idea and went back to get theirs. We went through a few tourist shops on the lake and then drove up to Emerald Bay where we did the Eagle Lake hike (video). Gail and I left the trail and we scrambled our way all the way around the lake in about an hour or so (video). Arrived in Sacramento and found Hoffsis' place on Windward Way with no trouble. Immediately, we drove the car to Alamo at the airport to drop it off. We had a meal at the lively Ernesto's Mexican Restuarant. I tried a green Iguana (tequila and Midori) and carnitas (pork).

Eagle Falls

Eagle Lake
Sept 26 Diary
Sat 27th - Sacramento/80°F
We called Thomases - Jim and I talked to them and Bette was ecstatic. Jim and I biked to a grocery store which was an adventure for me. Jim cooked up supper which we ate outside with a Banfi '95 Chianti. Looked at our trip slides and their Switzerland ones.

Our hosts: "Let us remember why we are here"
Sept 25 Diary
Sun 28th - Kit Carson Pass/62°F
Up early for the two hour drive to Kit Carson Pass where we then did a five hour hike to Frog Lake and finally up to Round Top Lake. We made it up to about 9600ft and snow (video). I picked up a migraine on the drive home and had a much needed coffee when we got back.

Winnemucca Lake

Frog Lake

Winnemucca Lake

Round Top Lake
Sept 28 Diary
Mon 29th - Sacramento/90°F
Jim and Wallis went to work. Gail and I walked to the store and got supplies so she could make supper. We waited around with Hoffsis until the "arborist" came to work out details, before we could have the lovely Indian meal and hear good stories from Jim's past while sipping a Gallo '96 Chardonnay. Jim and I looked at Fiji slides.
Sept 29 Diary
Tues 30th - Sacramento/91°F
We all walked to Las Casuelas in the Riverside Plaza Shopping Center where I had shrimp rancheros - delicious. Jim's brother informed him today that he had arranged for their mother to visit for a couple days and she would be arriving at 3AM! (not tonight - in the future so Jim had time to change flights for her).
Sept 30 Diary
Wed 1st - Sacramento/82°F
The tree fellers' chainsaws woke me up. They were finished by 12:30PM and I videod them in case Jim needed evidence of negligence or damage. They did a marvelous job and probably only left one dent in the lawn. Gail and I walked to the Nugget drugstore only to be told for the third day running that our "over-night" photos still weren't back. Bought twine and tied up our sleeping bag boxes and cooler. I wanted to dump them, but Gail insisted that we keep them. Got a photo of a "Rainbows End" store for Ne [ed - she worked at Rainbows End amusement park in NZ]. A neighbor, Kate, a veterinarian and her daughter Rebecca stoped in to look at the tree removal results. It was back to Las Casuelas and this time I had chili verde. Another evening of slide viewing.
Oct 1 Diary
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