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1957 I was chosen to be Captain of the School Safety Patrol, which meant supervizing the others who would do the flag work before and after school. I got to wear the special officer's sash.
1960 I did some target shooting and helped Grandpa pitch hay into the loft. Ralph brought a bull over and killed Pal. Gary and I golfed - he got so mad that he threw and broke his club. I caught two roosters. Rose and I played cards. Gary and I picked plums for Grandma. I made friends with bull "boy". Postcard from mom.
1961 High = 63°F. Drew a picture of a two-headed man and Bob Allison. Wrote Signe a "Movie Titles" note [ed. - using movie titles to tell the story]. Threw darts.
1963 Worked game. 4000 in attendance and 6 hot dog vendors and I only made $1.50.
1970 Worked in library. Tawa College students staying in dorms. More fat, white girls - man, New Zealand looks like a bad scene babe-wize. David Silberstein and Peggy Czaplicki stopped in for a few minutes.
1971 Rode into town from Mark's with Vicki. Bussed back to QVS with Tomasi Q. Loruama got on bus at Natovi. Stayed on the bus down to the school to get my mail. House full of fleas. Gave Ghetto a shower and mopped my room. About 4000 ripe bananas in the garden. Over to see Spotty's puppies.
1972 Murph let us use his car to shift to Jemesa's. Sean and Bruce help us. Lunch at White's followed by bridge - Susi and I won. Walked to Murph's in the rain and had supper there, followed by billiards and chess.
1974 Finished May This House Be Safe From Tigers. Gail went to post-natal class with Heather while I took care of David and diapers. Biked over to feed Kelti. Kathy and Mike came by to pick up the calculator.
1975 Mrs Echendahl came with Martin. We went to hardware store and bought a light fixture for the kitchen. Over a cup of tea she asked me if I would paint the house. Installed the light fixture and we can see! I cooked a chicken curry. Watched Rich Little special. Watched Tonight Show: monologue and Everything...TV Pilots. Letter from Trish with a card from Doug.
1976 WEREwolves beat Tigers Yellow 45-20, Wayne scored 26 points. Rebels won handicap round beating Tigers 58-12. Made my first shot and then was kneed in my left leg and had to sit on the bench until Paul Shaw fouled out forced me back in. So I just played defense for the last 6 minutes. Watched Joe Walsh on Grunt Machine.
1978 Su - Father's Day. Te made breakfast for me (listen). Kids helped me lay concrete under outdoor tap by the back door. (video). Gail's card - David's card
1979 M - Mailed mom's marle table ($12.60 postage). Mrs Reisterer filling in at Opaheke P.O. for the term break. Drivers strike: No garbage picked up for past three weeks, no butter for 11 days, and now no sugar.
1980 Watched Johnny Carson.
1981 Th- Skunked Paul who was real upset. Gave Tim a James Taylor album for all the rides home. Packed up livingroom. After supper we went to Town's and Dick lent us $1000 and a lawnmower. Linda Lundholm called from SD.
1982 F - We all went to Rolling Stone to celebrate Faust's new Chevette and Frank's new truck. Extra large fish pieces. Letter and map of Saudi Arabia from Steve and Roxane. Colored with kids.
1983 Sa - Shopping for tennis shoes. Winchell's to have doughnuts for lunch. Made a wedding card for Mehus.
1984 M - Train to Auckland where Mike Bentley show me around the Challenge Computers setup. He said they could only go to $1000 for relocation, so looks like they are out. Walked into town and got souvenirs and took bus back. Card from Gail 9kids).
1985 T -Gail drove Ian to visit friends while I had all sorts of rubbish heaped on me at work - everyone has a crisis, and I have to solve it. Went to the Fiji High Commissioner's (Ilaijah Damu) for a drink, lovely Fijian meal and a terrible wine. We adults sat upstairs chit-chatting while the kids watched videos. Curry banana chips. Brought Ian back. He bounces Super Balls everywhere he goes and is crazy about Billy Joel's "You're Only Human".
1986 W - Drew up the "List" Christmas card.
1987 Town & Country day. Ran into the Varneys manning the Sea Scout stall. Also met Morris Jones, Liz Osbourne, Maureen and Sarah, Kathy and Mrs Yearbury. Leighton C did a splendid job on the PA. Kids put foam above the main bedroom ceiling. Fellow from Australia called me as a reference for Graham Joyce.
1988 Up early and packed only to wait for Ian and Doug. We headed out at 10AM to Broken Hills in Coromandel. Drove far as we could and parked at a farm, waded through Third Branch of Tairua river and then spent an hour climbing straight up until we found Golden Hills Mine. Put on the hard hats and made our way through Collins tunnel. Needed the helmets as we did bump our heads even though it was high enough to stand most of the way. Water was dripping and the floor was a sea of mud. Glow worms all the way. Since the shortest way back to the van was the way we came, it was back through the 500m mine tunnel (video). Had lunch while watching farmer feed his calves. Arrived at Rotorua just as it was getting dark. Did a tour of sites. Supper at MacDonald's and then long drive to Taupo in the dark. Up and down the lake front a few times - everything full. Found Sun Court and introduced ourselves as "two gentlemen" requiring accommodation. Checked out two rooms and took the one with three single beds (video). Ian and I went for a soak in the outdoor spa - not very hot. Ian dove into the cold pool twice. Ian has a story about the young boy we met in the spa - "my uncle is from around here, perhaps you've heard of him"

1989 Su - Father's day - Goofy patch from Gail and wrestling gum cards from Ne.
1990 Met Bob's grandson, Brady, just in from New Hampshire and working at Menard's. Drove to Jessie and Gloria's cabin on Sugar Lake (video) and met up with Candy, Jim's family, Donna Mae and Leroy. Crowded 14 of us onto a pantoon boat and a hour going around the lake (video). Wind blew floats overboard and Gloria panicked, so Brenda jumped in and swam for them (video). After a meal Ne and I went out fishing with Jim and Leroy in a small aluminum boat. Jim used a depth finder to get over a sand bar (video). Then it was time to hook on leeches and pull in wee sunnies (video). Loons weren't only in the lake (video). Gail had slept in the car the whole time we were there and went home with Mom. When we got home she was sleeping on the floor. Packed Gail's stuff and her dolls (from mom's attic) to go into storage at Town's.

1992 Gail and I found place mats to give to Lori as a wedding gift. 3 Guys which was empty even with 8% off everything. Everyone at the newly opened Countdown.
1993 Walked to veggie place with Gail. TP at Emery's.
1994 Buckets with David. Ian (and kids) dropped off Tracy. I made supper.
1995 Four kids showed up with bags to fill with our citrus fruits. Whites came for Belgium Grand Prix, supper and a couple rubbers of bridge with bad '90 Mirassou pinot noir.
1997 W - Day 58 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 Th - Repco to get an air compressor. Last day at Rosehill, so I took photos. Nice chat with Rose and Ong at lunch. Spent afternoon training Chi. Both Ian and Doug over for RnR Scattergories.
Kathy - Fay
1999 F - Sandspit. TP at our place.
2000 Su - Hungarian Grand Prix.
2001 Walked to pick up the van ($3180 rust removal), but indicator lights wouldn't work, so Lance dropped me off at home and took it in to Autoelec. Skunked Gail. Picked up Megan's computer and worked on it the rest of the night.
2002 Up at 7:30AM to bring car into Tim's for its 30,000 mile checkup and to fix windows. Shuttle ride at 8:30AM took me all over Prescott from Williamson Valley on west to The Ranch in the east, so I got home at 9:10AM. Bad news - brakes $$, window motors $$$$ and car will need to be in until tomorrow. Ne made blueberry pancakes for brunch. Inds did the final walkthrough at 4PM. After supper we visited Purnie and Mollie. Usual good stories from Purnie. Mollie ever active with that non-stop tail.
2003 email from Suzy Cato about Jasmine. Skunked (almost a double) Gail at cribbage. Read Heinlein's "Searchlight". email from Marge - they are off to Minnesota for 50th high school reunion and a wedding.
2004 Gail and I stopped in to visit Trish before going to Bert's where only Ian (in a kilt suit) showed up for TP. Ne got an orange Justine Pratten coin purse from Titania who is flying off from OZ to France.
2005 email from Lynna back from the Alaska trip. Gail bought a tillandsia that she just had to have.
2006 Watched Liam and School of Rock and then Spain demolish Greece in Basketball World Championship final.
2007 Town to pay water bill ($169) and get masking tape (first visit to the expanded Mitre 10).
2009 Th - Sandy on the phone, who was shot down over the emails we sent for DUST. So I did some research on having attached pdfs opening automatically. Ian dropped in for a cuppa. Watched Bandits.
2010 F - Dee's where I met Mary, a Yank, who has been in NZ for 20 years. Put memory into the laptop and showed her how to get photos onto the computer. Skunked. Ann and Russell over for a meal (with a Hardys Sauvignon Blanc) and then TP. skunk
2011 Sa - Listened to the Twins 1 - Orioles 6. I was skunked. skunk
2012 M - Bank to arrange funds for the house purchase. SuperGold 5% discount shop up at Countdown. Shirley brought the contract over for our initialling and 3B Ngarimu will be ours. Dominion.
2013 T - Bunnings to get Garden Edge. New World, home and then 3B for an hour or so. Back wall of house graffitti done and also white paint over it?
2014 W - Skunked Gail. Watched Undateable. skunk
2015 Th - Mah Jong here so I spent the afternoon in bed. Watched Grantchester.
2016 Sa - Desli over at 3PM. I gave her a party bag and we played Fresco for the first time. Pronto Bugers, then more Fresco. Cake (with "4-0" candles) and gifts followed by Concordia.
2017 Su - Gail gave me multi-colored jalepinos for Father's Day. Listened to the Twins - Dodgers game which had a long delay due to a lineup card problem. Belgium Grand Prix. We formed teams and Kim being odd man out partnered himself and, of course, he came 1st and 2nd. I lost my brakes at the very first corner and never went into the pits. Managed to finish in 3rd when Dave spun out of the final curve. Max blew engine early out. Jamie and Regan couldn't finish leaving Penelope to be 5th even though she has no clue as to what is going on.
2018 M - Ludwig. Took bunk bed apart and gave that area a good cleaning.
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