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2007 Season
June 18, 2006. Mt Smart vs Knights Win 30 - 18
We are.... Worriers. Yep, even though we are ahead 30 - 6 with only minutes left, admit it - you were worried. After all, this is the team that can drop balls (and Vot-a-try did) and throw the ball away. The ref and linesman did everything they could to help Johns' boys, but let's face it, the Knights played like they were the Warriors and when you think about aren't Knights and Warriors pretty much the same thing?
June 11, 2006. Sydney vs Roosters Win 22 - 12
No worries, mate. Aside from Sam Rapira who seemed to be in over his head and made many nervous errors.
June 4, 2006. Mt Smart vs Broncos Loss 18 - 23
New Zealand land of the flip-flops (aka jandals) and should we be surprized that they played their very best and were in the game to the end. We continue to worry whenever Sione decides to offload. Anyone will do - doesn't even have to be a Warrior, eh?
May 27 2006. Sydney vs Sharks Loss 20 - 34
Yeah, that's what I thought... last week was a dream. This week the nightmare returned. Can't even blame the ref. Too many sideways off loads before someone moves forward with the ball. Kimmorley demonstrated what a leader can do for a team. Second half was ours 16 - 10 so not all bad news. My worry remains the same - where is our leader? Oh Lord, send us a general.
May 20 2006. Mt Smart vs Tigers Win 34 - 12
Now I am really worried. I have just seen a TEAM. Not just players, but a TEAM of players. Maybe riding together on a bus works. I am worried because I have just watched a Grand Final calibre team come onto the field and play for 80 minutes of in your face, WE ARE THE WARRIORS! I am worried that it was all a dream...
May 13 2006. Wollongong vs Dragons Loss 16 - 22
This is a real challenge - trying to describe a Warriors game, when we have the same play, the same errors, the same bad calls and the same result. A game that was theirs and they blow it. I'm just glad its over, but now I worry that, just like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day", I will have to relive this over and over again!
April 30 2006. Mt Smart vs Bulldogs Loss 16 - 30
David Bowie sang "Fashion", maybe Fien should be thinking more "Passion"; or was he sending a signal that he wants to head for the Roosters? I was worried that the ARL boys would figure out a way to rule Wiki out of another test game. But we out smarted them, eh? Strained muscle. Once again, same old same old. Let's see Dogs down to 12 and they still outscore us. Geeze, stop the needless off loads. Another game that we could have won. Now I know why Suburban Unit do that routine - they can't doing any others. Bring back cheerleeaders.
Look at what they are doing with Tookey's uniform
April 22 2006. Mt Smart vs Rabbitohs Win 46 - 14
Positively Warriors all the way with a mild let down at the start of the second half. This was an impressive win because the ref and linesman were a big hinderance. The big boys showed some leadership scoring 3 tries between them. Only team worry was the the amount of offloads the Rabbits were allowed to make. But a bigger worry in that the "Suburban Unit" performed pre-game and it was the same song and dance as last time - please if these kids come back let them have a new routine.
April 15 2006. Canberra vs Raiders Loss 14 - 18
How did they do it? Nice lead with ten minutes to go. A lead with 5 minutes. How did Byrne let himself get run down? Slow down, do a side-down and walk across the goal line. Can't even blame the ref who did a good job. When will they learn to control the ball, use all rucks and then kick the ball out and use the clock. Same dumb play of the ball as they were doing years ago. Its so bloody simple. Eat up the clock, don't pass the ball, take the tackle!
April 9 2006. Mt Smart vs Sea Eagles Loss 8 - 22
I reckon that Prozac should be given out to the fans who show up for the game. If you weren't depressed when you arrive you will be by the time the game ends. For Pete's sake, this is the land of "No Worries". By all rights this site shouldn't exist. But for a few errors, way too many "Hail Mary" offloads and a one-eyed linesman and video ref we should have won. Something positive? We outscored Manley in the second half - basically keeping them scoreless.
March 25 2006. Christchurch vs Tigers Win 26 - 10
A friend wished me a good weekend. I told her it was impossible because I am Warriors' fan. Sometimes, Toto, if you wish really hard your wish will come true. The A-team showed up this week playing like they were the premiers and the Tigers played like they were the cellar dwellers. Only worry was an absence of a dummy half that turned the ball over and a few passes to the opposition. Guttenbiel scored keeping his average at one per 10 games. Few errors + good ref + weak opponents = WIN.
March 18 2006. Waikato vs Eels Loss 14 - 22
I sure didn't spend two hours getting to Hamilton just to watch the Auckland side lose. No, I went to see Australia's version of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. They weren't there! Mind you I think we ran into a few retired ones hanging outside of the local KFC, eh? So instead I watched a security guard worry about people smoking in the "Brian Perry Stand". Why do they call it a stand when you actually sit? Why do they call the Warriors a professional team when they play like amateurs? Russell worries that the island boys are brought up to be polite and to help the other team win. I have always worried that Price doesn't offload - ever. He tried it once tonight and butchered it, so now I have to worry that he might attempt it again some time. Then he bungles a pass with his shoulder that accidently turned into a try for his side. I wonder if Aunt Betty has been feeding the boys butterfingers. You have to worry big time when Vatuei can't hold onto simple kicks made directly to him. And when Webb isn't dropping the ball with no one near him he's scrambling around on the ground trying to pick up the ball. Each instance led to a try. So just like last week, a couple lapses cost the game. I am worried and I am worried mad. Not a single leader on or off the field. And since I don't want to be completely negative let me say how great it was to see Byrne playing. His defence was brilliant as usual.
March 12 2006. Home vs Storm Loss 22 - 28
Bit of a worry that more than half of the Western Stand didn't know who or what Fat Freddy's Drop is. I have always worried that they seem to be highly over-rated for a one-hit wonder (just like Meli, eh?). Then there was the conspicuous absence of the Cheerleaders (I've Got the Wandering Eye). Now I am worried that I have paid for a season ticket and only have the game to watch. I figure in order to pay the salary cap fine some things needed to be axed or reduced. But no cheerleaders? Does this imply that Worriers fans don't have anything to cheer. The return of the island drums had me wondering whether they were live or a tape that just kept looping. One would think that there would be particular moments when a burst of drums would be appropriate. And that brings me to the game. Same old players playing the same old way. Some new set play patterns that almost worked. Okay, but for a matter of an inch here or there (ouch - Tony Martin each time) and the game should have been tied at full-time. Heck, if we had won, it would so easy to forgive Toops for giving the pill to someone in a white top. Having viewed the boys throw away a game that they should have won my biggest worry is whether we can ever get into positive realm on the points ladder.
enlarge FFD
Fat Freddy's Drop

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