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wadekick 1 - Wild

Mckinnon is a wild man with the ball, try to tackle him and your bound to get a stiff arm. Too early to say if he's the new Webb, but the man is fast. If anything, I'd worry about his defense.

Worry rating: 2

bryneTodd 2 - Afterburner

Back from injury he soon fit right in, scoring the first try on his callup from the Lions. Based on one game I'd say we still have no worries with him this year.

Worry rating: 0

martinTM 3 - Smartin'

Trained in the "Meli Defence" he exposes the sideline and is easily beaten off with his "flaying" attempts to tag - this ain't touch, Tony. Defence can be overlooked if he maintains a high conversion rate.

Worry rating: 4

VatuveiVatu 5 - Votatry

Came out blazing his rookie year and showed all kinds of talent. Second year he settled in the mold and and can make mistakes with the true Worrier flare and consistency. This year he is just plain stinks.
Worry rating: 8

Ropati    6 - JR

No longer a rookie who dropped the ball every game. Seems to be carrying too much weight - Who filled JR?
Worry rating: 2

Rovelli    7 - Ravioli
Mr. Enthusiasm. Has his ups and downs, especially with his kicking selection. Hoping he can unravel some magic, so opponents won't take him for Granted.
Worry rating: 3
Rube    8 - Wicked
A legend can only cause worry if he a) gets too big for his shoes or b)plays longer than he should. I'm beginning to worry.
Worry rating: 1
Nathan    9 - Fiend
Began season trying to fill the big shoes left by a guy named Jones. His kicking wasn't there so he was moved over to 9. And the prize for the worst hair ever goes to....
Worry rating: 2
Price    10 - Pricetag
Pricetag is Nice. Therein lies the problem. Think about it. Have you ever seen him work up a sweat, ever seen him get steamed, ever see any fire in him?
Worry rating: 1
Biggest worry team player-wise would have to be who is going to kick. Webby, Fein and Lance can probably do the field marshalling, but what about shots at goal. It has been a weak spot since Cleary left, though Stacey did a reasonable job last year.
webkick 1 - Spiderman

Sound defensively, very few get past him. Tends to lose his cool that leads to penalties.

Worry rating: 3

bryneTodd 2 - Afterburner

Following on from last year he continues to show that he can read what's happening and is always ready to make some solid one man tackles. Given the ball, he shows an agressiveness that sees him score tries at a decent clip.

Worry rating: 0

toopiToops 4 - Two Step
If only he could turn that little dance of his before he runs forward into run forward and then side-step he would be so much more effective. Not so solid on defence but his offense more than makes up for that. 5th all-time points scorer and 2nd highest try scorer. Worry rating: 2
awen    11 - Gootwitball
Mr Reliable. He doesn't look like he has played almost every Warrior game ever. He doesn't look like he should even be in there with that slender figure, but he must be tough as nails.
Worry rating: 0

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