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Unfortunately, players and coaches are not allowed to criticize these guys no matter how much they interfer with the bad calls. All things being fair one would think that "bad" calls would even out over the years. But apparently there is something about being a New Zealand team that upsets these guys. When I coached basketball I instilled in the boys the idea that the team had to beat the other side and the referees. The best teams do that. You take the game away from the whistle blowers.
sc Steve Clark

Misses opponents' forward passes.

Sux rating: 3

shSean Hampstead

We are talking blatant calls with this guy. And he keeps a straight face. If refs' performances are reviewed, how does he keep his job? He more than any other one makes the wrong call in critical situations that completely affect the result.

Sux rating: 8

psPaul Simpkins

Very even handed. The others can learn from his marshalling. Most of calls are accurate, but no one is perfect so he still has to suck.

Sux rating: 1

rsRussell Smith

I really liked him when he first came down-under but he has been in Australia too long and now acts like the other refs. To be fair, in the only Warrior game he has done in 2006 he made equally bad calls against both sides.

Sux rating: 3

gbGavin Badger

New ref on the block. A generous 10m but to both sides. Catching on and learning how to make bad calls like a pro.

Sux rating: 1

jroJason Robinson

Pretty good standard if you like your one-eyed type.

Sux rating: 7

jmJarred Maxwell

A youngster who still believes in fair play. He'll learn, eh? Made a few bad calls in his second match.

Sux rating: 1

bcBen Cummings

Another newcomer who seems have a liking for the game and the players.

Sux rating: 0

shayShayne Hayne

One too many "y"s in his name, eh?

Sux rating: 3

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