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May 29 2007Warren Smith: "Has there been a more painful viewing experience than watching Warriors winger Manu Vatuvei fumble his way through the Monday Night Football clash against the Eels?"
Just plain ugly. If I were playing the Warriors I would have my team kicking to Vatuvei every time. It's one year since the previous quote, and he gets worse instead of better. Move him to the forwards.
May 13 2006. TV Commentator: "Vatuvei! Mr Fumbles, Mr. Tarzan grip! Drops the ball at dummy half. Somebody get him some glue!" and "If the ball is on the ground he's lost". and "Manu Vatuvei must be allergic to grass".
Mar 18, 2006. Russell: "Pathetic" and "Disgusting".
Feb 27 2006. Kidd: "Basically new management identified there was a problem, we fronted up and cooperated fully with the NRL - and yet the team is being penalised into the future for issues that occurred in the past."
Who are you kidding? Where there's smoke there's fire. What other shinanigans will be coming to light Maurice? Maybe we should rename the team "Benson-Pope Worriers".
Feb 27 2006. NRL chief executive David Gallop: "We can't have a system whereby clubs can gamble on breaking the rules, knowing that they can solve the issue at the end of the year by simply writing a cheque for a fine,"
That's fine with me. For Pete's sake, salary cap helps the financially poorer teams, such as the Worriers, be competitive. I think we should extend salary caps to cheerleaders, maybe then the best ones won't all end up at Paramatta.
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