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2009 You have to worry when everyone expects a Grand Final based on pre-season. There's a small matter of 24 games on the way just to the Top 8. Super Sub, Hohaia, came on to win the first game for us, but then wrecks his knee. And the ancient Jones won game 2 from the bench. But you only have to watch game three to see all the weaknesses and, pop, goes another knee (Tate).
2008 Pre-season game against the Knights and Witt missed two shots at goal... worried? Then McKinnon hobbles off with a bung knee... worried now? Well, let's talk about the first real match - there's Manu doing what he does best.
Management must have high hopes for 2007 as they organized a bunch of girls to cheer. But why the Vodaphone "red and white" - we're not the Knights!!! The first two games and we did have something to cheer about - victories. But I'm worried. In each of the games we were out-played and out-scored in the second half. Top eight requires being able to play the full 80. I'll be there for the full 80, hope to see you there too.
Is the 2006 season over before it begins?. As I predicted at the end of the 2005 season, our biggest worry is MANAGEMENT. Just in time to show where they went wrong we are releasing the new Worries $alary Cap. See you at the game.
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