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Most of my friends are worried. They wonder why I am a season ticket holder and even travel to Hamilton for the Eels games. I tell them everyone needs something to worry about outside their own miserable lives. It's a salve that makes my problems look a lot smaller. Watching games on TV is a completely different world to that of being in the crush (okay, maybe not a crush) of a crowd. I now believe these people aren't exactly faithful fans. They seem to be forever bellyaching and bitching about the team in general, or a particular player and especially the referee.

Here a few people who are true Worriers.

Russell - Worrier Number 1. He is the one who taught me to worry. I used to think it was just a game and you get enjoyment watching the battle of two teams, appreciating the skills displayed. It was Russell who showed me that there was a dark side; one in which you inflict immense pain upon yourself each time a kick goes awry, a pass in dropped, a tackle is missed.
Ann - This is one tough lady. She has had to ride home with Russell after the matches for ten years. She seems a bit more balanced and worrys mostly about who's on the bench. We had to move our seats up to a level where she could see the back of non-playing guys - go figure. Otherwise, I believe she is a very level-headed Worrier concentrating on real problems such as our kicking game and the biased refs.
Christopher - Former Worrier. He has a low Worry-quotient and would often want to leave and go home to his skateboard as soon as the team got behind. Luckily for him, he has discovered girls and now has bigger things to worry about.
Ultimate - You guessed it, when he isn't in the ring fighting for his life he is in the stands downing a brewski or two with his mates and moaning and groaning. Take a closer look and you can see where management got the idea for the team logo.
Peter - His main worry is that the uniforms don't get too dirty or soaked with blood (article).
Bruce - One of the more level-headed worriers in our group. He even manages to smile.
Alice - Another one of those silent sufferers, she will be found to be bound up even at autumn games. Why? She is from Curaçao

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