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2006 Season
June 22 2007. Mt Smart vs Panthers Wins 54 - 14
Mckinnon's fantastic try
May 20 2007. Mt Smart vs Tigers Win 26 - 30
Short and simple. The better team lost clearly because of Clark's bias. I know that it in the wider scheme of things its just a game of footie. But impoverished demand justice. At one point I actually hoping that McKinnon would run over Clark, damn the consequences.
May 12 2007. Newcastle vs Knights Loss 18 - 24
Can you say "kicking"? Can you say "kicking sux". I'm sorry but young Ravioli just has no command or control of the offense. The old second half blues. You have to worry when the refs' calls favor us and we can't win.
May 5 2007. Mt Smart vs Sharks Loss 20 - 22
Bring out the worry beads. We seem to be back to Jeckyl and Hyde. Never know which team is going to show up. Tonight it was the team that couldn't do much right except defense. Three on report of highshots. Just plain flat. Ordinary one-off straight up the middle for minimal meters with rare linebreaks.
April 29 2007. Sydney vs Rabbitohs Win 18 - 16
Reffing decisions are the never ending worry. This game should have been salted away in the first half but for dubious calls. Warriors score - okay let's go to the video ref and see if he can find a reason to negate it. At least we won the game, eh?
April 15 2007. Home vs Cowboys Win 34 - 14
Vaimutu Strings played before the game, setting an island mood. I expected a close defensive game, so I wasn't worried when it was 10 - 10 at the half. What I was worried about was the Cowboys were getting so many offloads. That island mood seemed to rub off onto them as they played like a bunch of wild wariors. Sooner or later things had to happen for them. It was just a matter of when, eh? But the relentless defense of the Warriors caused many turnovers. And then this 40 minute team finshed the Cowboys off with 3 tries in the final 5 minutes. Price led from the front and was inspirational and Logan picked up his game. I was worried that a guy named Corey Lawerie wasn't going to do much off the bench, but I was wrong. I wasn't even worried when Lance went off with half an ear. An age old worry is still there - side line kicks only going 10 meters.
April 8 2007. Manly vs Sea Eagles Loss 10 - 13
Should have, could have. Just like the old days, this is one game that was there for the taking. Just couldn't finish off when they got near to the try line. Too many misguided kicks. And FLAT. The whole team aside from Martin, Hohia and McKinnon weren't running angles. Offloads only came in a panic. Defense was brilliant but the score was closer than seemed as Manly could have easily had another three tries allowed.
April 1 2007. Melbourne vs Storm Loss 30 - 12
Worries, where do I begin? They didn't have the correct footwear for the long slippery grass - that's a management problem. But the team had the worst case of butterfingers in many a year. It was painfully embarrassing to watch.
March 25 2007. Home vs Broncos Win 24 -14
Wham, bam thank you ma'm. All of the Warriors' try scoring was done in the space of 5 minutes. Luckily, it was enough to hold on for the win. But a worry has arisen. Warriors have been out-played and out-scored in the second half in both games so far.
March 17 2007. Home vs Eels Win 34 - 18
Black Seeds played a good set and even tried to get the crowd worked up. Pre-match phoney wrestling in a ring before the real thing on the field. New cheerleaders, but the wrong colors makes you feel like your at an away game. What is wrong with Management? This is such a glaring mistake. Money talks, eh Vodaphone? It should be about the team not the sponsor. At least the game was an excellent contest. One does have to worry that one has entered the Twilight Zone when all of the refs calls go the Warriors way. Maybe there is a little bit of Irish in the team - besides Guinness. But we no complain - a win is two points.

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