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May 25 2008. Mt Smart vs Roosters Loss 12 - 38
Let's put it this way: this was the very first time that the crowd (11,000) emptied the stands way before the game ended.
May 18 2008. Penrith vs Panthers Loss 22 - 46
I turned the game off after 15 minutes. Then the next day I watched a tape of it and though it worries me that they have no idea what they are doing at least they don;t seem to give up.
April 27 2008. Robina vs Titans Loss 36 - 24
Welcome to the Warriors version of the soap-drama "Home and Away". The team played a mighty game, but stoopid mistakes by Wiki and Lawaki cost us big time. I am so worried whenever hot head Epalahame gets onto the field looking for a fight. Bad ref calls gave Titans two tries and cost us a couple. So it was a game that could have been won. Its over, so no point worrying about that. What we need to worry about is Manu's leg injury. He was up there with the league leaders and without him we have lost firepower.
April 19 2008. Townsville vs Cowboys Loss 48 - 22
Even though one expects the worst, it is nevertheless, so painful when those fears come true. We are talking embarrasingly bad by one and all. And this wasn't even a Monday night game.
April 13 2008. Home vs Bulldogs Win 36 - 16
Magic start with two quick tries and several opportunities. But come half-time we were down 12 - 10 and there was a sense of doom in the crowd. Somewhere in the 2nd half a flame was lit and the whole team went into overdrive. Charging, bullying runs wore out the Dogs who seemed to lose heart as the 16,000 fans spurred on their boys to try after try.
April 6 2008. Home vs Knights Win 26 - 20
Bit of an unusual game in that the ref favored us for a long while. New boy, Shortland, played brilliantly and scored two tries. Witt missed the easiest of kicks. And our usual bumbling made it a tense game right up to the finish.
March 31 2008. Manley vs Sea Eagles Loss 52 - 6
Can you spell "SUX"?
March 23 2008. Home vs Eels Win 30 - 16
Ref Haine's calls all one way against the boys until towards the end. Manu was his explosive best and also his dismal worst.
March 17 2008. Melbourne vs Storm Loss 18 - 32
We looked like the proverbial tortoise, but then it was the Storm who looked like they could have played a second game immediately after winning the Premiership. You aren't going to win if you don't have the ball. And when you do have it - you have to hold onto it. And when you kick you keep the ball in the field of play.

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